Auction Rudy Van Reeth (Herenthout, BE)

Rudy gained an international reputation with his renowned 'Pitbull' dynasty. The descendants of Pitbull have achieved some phenomenal results in many loft both at home and abroad, and they will now be sold in a top quality PIPA auction.

Sold in this auction:

- 2 direct youngsters of ‘Kittel’

- 1 son of ‘Broer Goede Rode’ x ‘Olympic Rosita’, Dirk Van den Bulck

- 1 daughter of ‘Broer Goede Rode’ x ‘40000 duivin’ ‘Golden Lady’

- 2 direct youngsters of ‘Broer Goede Rode’, Dirk Van den Bulck

- 3 direct youngsters of ‘Goede Rode’, Dirk Van den Bulck

- 10 direct youngsters of ‘Pitbull’

- a half brother of ‘Pitbull’

- grandchildren of ‘Pitbull’, ‘Kittel’,

- 2 full brothers of the dam of ‘Lincia’, Stefaan Lambrechts

- 1 half sister of ‘Olympic Bolt’, Stefaan Lambrechts/Kas Meijers

- a full brother of the sire of ‘Goed Grijs’, Gebr. Leideman/Gebr. Van den Brande

Auction starts: 09th of December 2019

Auction ends: 22nd of December 2019

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