Homma Brothers are off to a brilliant start

The Homma brothers from Steggerda have gained national and international recognition over the years. These two men have shed their youthful spirit, and they are now competing with some of the big guns on a weekly basis.

The oldest brother Ydo (28) works for Denkavit Netherlands, and he specializes in young cattle. He races in a combination together with elco (25), a logistics specialist for Agrifirm. 

Ydo Homma (r) en Elco Homma (l)

A solid foundation that continues to deliver top quality descendants

The combination has been relying on mainly the same bloodlines for many years now. Their most important bloodlines include pigeons of Arie Dijkstra (namely Maldini), pigeons of Eijerkamp, and 'Ippon', which stems from the Aantjes-Sonneville combination.

The most important breeder today, and in the past several years, is NL11-1107067, better known as Maldini. He is a son of Arie Dijkstra's Okidoki, which claimed the title of 2nd National Ace Pigeon one day long distance as a yearling. He stems from the world famous pairing of Leonardo x Tinkelbel.

Over the years, the team from Steggerda invested in several pigeons from the Eijerkamp combination. These pigeons have been doing really well, and they have played an important role in the team's successes in recent years. 

Maldini, the number one breeder for the Homma Brothers

You can tell from his descendants in recent years that Maldini is quite a special breeder. Today, we will only look at the top ten of his best references. Have a gander at this:

The references of the Maldini descendants both at national and provincial level.

This bloodline scored again last weekend, with a first prize in the entente of 3,253 pigeons, which was won with a grandchild of Maldini. That same racing bird also won a 6th of 16,314 pigeons last year!

Heusden Zolder on 4th of May, a 2-6-7-8-9-13 etc. of 16,314 pigeons!

The team delivered an absolutely brilliant performance, and the only point of note would be the fact that they missed the first prize. But take it from us, both fanciers will be determined to try and clock the fastest pigeon in the province in every single race now, right until the end of the season.
The pigeons showed excellent strength in numbers, with an 80% prize percentage. It would not be feasible to discuss each of their prize winners in this race, so we picked out a few, starting with NL16-1052016 Nadien. She finished in 9th place of 16,314 pigeons, and she was also the first pigeon home from Quievrain during our visit. This resulted in a second place of 19,843 pigeons! While publishing this article, she takes the lead in Province 11 over five races, and she is 1st pigeon in the sprint and 4th pigeon in the middle distance across the entire province! Click here for her full pedigree.

Ippon, one of Nadien's predecessors from her father's side

An NPO victory in three consecutive seasons 2016, 2017, 2018)

Nothing happens by coincidence in this team. This pigeon family gets better every season, and this has led to a series of prestigious victories over the past three seasons, even at national level! In addition, they have been close to another provincial first prize twice this season, in a race with more than 16,000 and 19,000 pigeons respectively. They have the first one day long distance race of the season coming up next weekend, with a team of 14 birds waiting to be released. One of them is Amber, winner in the first one day long distance race of last season.

Would you like to know more about the pigeons that have excelled in the various NPO races? Click on their respective names to discover their pedigrees.

Amber, 1st NPO Troyes.

Ice Queen, 1st National Sector 4 Morlincourt.

Sophie, 1st NPO Niergnies.

The power of this combination

Ydo and Elco started keeping pigeons simultaneously, and together they developed their own ideas and strategies with regards to racing pigeons. Despite having a full-time job, the two fanciers have been able to compete at the highest level. They are only racing a team of hens at the moment, with the cocks only being raced as a youngsters. They have two different sections for the hens, which enables them to look after the sprint and the long distance pigeons separately. The cocks are not shown before the race but they await their partners upon arrival.

The two fanciers will be targeting the upcoming one day long distance races NPO in the next couple of weeks. And we reckon it's a question of when rather than if the combination will deliver another stellar result.