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Scheele Brothers (Terneuzen, NL) have already won three victories in the Entente in 2019, including Roye, where they claim a provincial win as well

The 2019 racing season, which is just five races old, sees the Scheele Brothers claim as many as three victories in Entente Midden. And to add to that, they also take a provincial first prize in Roye.

Adriaan Scheele beholds one of his favourites

Off to a great start

The ever-changing weather conditions that seem to plague the pigeons this season, has caused several lofts to make a false start. However, judging from the impressive arrivals of Team Scheele, pigeon fanciers Jaap and Adriaan do not appear to have had any struggles at all. They delivered some tremendous overall results in recent weeks, and we would like to zoom in on the races in the Entente (Entente Midden, Province Zeeland '96) where they took the win, just to give you an idea of their excellent early season.

20 April  Peronne   2600 p.  166 km  1-5-18-19-24-33-40-49-53-64-66-etc.(44/78)
27 April  Roye      1828 p.  194 km  1-2-4-16-43-48-49-74-78-80-etc.(16/29)
4  May    Roye      1664 p.  194 km  1-4-5-6-7-13-14-19-21-37-etc.(44/76)

We introduce you to the winners of this team, and where else to start but with their provincial winner from Roye?

Nicki - provincial winner from Roye

NL17-3711251 Nicki, 1st Roye 7278 p. province Zeeland'96

The Scheele Brothers claimed their first provincial victory of the season with the two year old hen NL17-3711251 Nicki. Nicki carried quite a bit of speed (1870 m/min), thanks to the southeasterly wind. She already had a decent palmares, including a 5th Quiévrain (2093 p.) and a 6th Arras (2066 p.). Nicki's pedigree, which you can find here, features such stock breeders as Jeroen Jr., Hanny, Sonny, Cher, and lastly Superboy, which is almost obvious. It is remarkable that the sire of Nicki was himself the fastest pigeon in Zeeland one day, in a race from Quiévrain (1st of 1516 p.).

Ariana victorious in Peronne in Entente Midden

NL18-3828082 Ariana, 1st Peronne 2600 p. in entente Midden

One week before Nicki's provincial first prize, the Scheele Brothers were already victorious in entente Midden. They competed for victory in Peronne, against 2600 pigeons. You can tell from the winning speed of 1254 m/min that the wind came from a different direction that day (northeast). Their race winner Ariana is a daughter of stock pair NL11-1742421 Jeroen Jr. (a direct Willem de Bruijn, Reeuwijk (NL)) x NL13-1308215 Hanny (a granddaughter of Superboy). This stock pair has also bred Timo (6th national ace pigeon young birds WHZB 2014). Click here for Ariana's full pedigree.

Sonny Junior - winner from Roye of 1664 birds

NL18-3828088 Sonny Junior, 1st Roye 1664 p. entente Midden

While racing bird Nicki did a perfect job in the race from Roye, Sonny Junior was slightly less successful in the same release station. He did claim victory in entente Midden of 1664 pigeons but he had to settle for second in province Zeeland '96, claiming a second place of 6647 pigeons. Sonny Junior is also related to one of the team's stock pairs: his sire NL12-3254959 Sonny and his dam NL13-1655026 Cher have bred quite a few stars over the years. To read more, check the full pedigree here.

Scheele pigeons prove their worth in other lofts

The season has only just started, and yet the Scheele breed has already shown its potential in other lofts as well. Take for instance Gert and Dries de Hoogh from Oosterhout, their most prominent satellite loft. They claimed a first prize from Melun against 3387 pigeons last weekend, as well as a 9th Provincial of 17,305 birds in Brabant 2000. And their direct Scheele bird NL18-3832107 Adriaan claimed a 10th provincial of 17,347 pigeons the week before that. Click here to browse through Adriaan's pedigree. Meanwhile, A. Molenaar & Son from Herkingen have not been sitting still either: they bred a first prize winner against a large group of birds (1st of 9606 pigeons) from a hen of Jaap and Adriaan Scheele.

The tone is set

The fanciers from Terneuzen are again eagerly anticipating the one-day NPO races, the first of which takes off next week. The pigeons are clearly ready for the task at hand.