Descendants of Jelle Roziers pigeons score high marks in Big Andy’s OLR!

A number of American and Canadan fanciers have scored high marks in Big Andy's one loft challenge. What was remarkable was the high number of prize winners that are related to the Roziers pigeon breed.

It goes without saying that the pigeons of Jelle Roziers are highly popular across the globe. It turns out that the Big Andy’s one loft Challenge will add another chapter to their extensive list of references, with several American and Canadian achieving great results in this race. Here is an overview of their achievements:


  • 1* 200 miles Weima Bill, Canada                                 (50% Roziers)
  • 2* 250 miles Semi-Final (EQ 1*) Ledet-Gurtz, USA        (50% Roziers)
  • 4* 370 miles Final (EQ 1*) Greek Connection Loft, USA (50% Roziers)
  • 5* 250 miles Semi-Final (EQ 1*) Cicio Dani, USA           (50% Roziers)

We reckoned the origins of these OLR stars would be worth taking a closer look at.

Bill Weima, Canada

Bill Weima from Ontario, Canada wins the 200 miles race (about 322 km). The dam of his winning cock, Silvercreek 229, originates from two direct Jelle Roziers birds, namely Blauwe Jelle BE13-6053158 and Jolie L BE13-6058179.

Bill Weima

Jolie L is not your ordinary breeding hen. You can tell from the many successful youngsters that she bred:

      - ‘Gigi’ (B. Weima); Dam 1. Nat. YB Canada & equal 1. prize 350 miles

      - ‘Little Blue’ (John Guiterez); Dam 3 money winners in 1. year
            Dam to 3. prize AU Cincention race – 981 birds 2018

      - ‘Lost Sister’; Winner 24. prize 358 miles – 291 birds
            Dam to ‘Gaivota’, 2. prize Algarve OLR – 1,623 birds 100m 1623 birds,
                  36. prize 137 miles 1,365 birds

      - ‘Destiny’; Sire to ‘Fireball’, 1. prize SDHC 363 miles
            ‘Fireball’ is dam ‘Spyro’; 5. champion acebird 698 birds 7 race PPPC

      - ‘King Of Blues’; 13. Grand Avg. ace SA Million Dollar race
            41. final winner 363 miles SA Million Dollar race

      -  Father to; Sigma’: eq. 1. 350 miles, 11. ace 863 birds and
            ‘Aqua’: 3. prize 350 miles 481 birds 

      - ‘Princess Leia’; Dam to ‘Kansas’, 1. prize 400 miles
            Dam to ‘Jaegermeister’, 2. prize Victoria Falls Classic 300 miles

      - ‘Spaceman’; 8. prize 350 miles

      - ‘Mr ONEderful’; sire to ‘Flycatcher’, SAMDPR 1. prize 3,323 birds
            2. prize 3,234birds, 2. prize 3,325 birds Training flights 
            2. prize US Country Challenge Hotspot 4
            2. prize US Country Challenge Hotspot 5 … 15. prize 2,198 birds

The sire of the winner of the 200 miles race is Son Diablo NL17-1056046, a pigeon of Falco Ebben.

Click here for the full pedigree of Silvercreek 229.

Ledet - Gurtz, USA

Ledet - Gurtz

The American Ledet-Gurtz combination delivered another brilliant result in Big Andy's OLR, claiming a second place in the 250 miles race (just over 400km). The dam of second prize winner 178 LEDE 18111, which arrived home together with the winner, is another original Jelle Roziers descendant. The dam comes from a pairing of Closing Bell x Alabama. Alabama is in turn a full sister of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma has quite a palmares indeed:

1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance union Antwerp 2013
1st Ace Pigeon Antwerp Flying Club 2013
1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Vanrobaeys-Duivenkrant 2013
3rd PIPA Ranking National Races young birds with 7 prizes 2013
4th PIPA Ranking National Races young birds with 6 prizes 2013
5th PIPA Ranking National Races young birds with 5 prizes 2013

Click here for the pedigree of 178 LEDE 18111.

Greek Connection Lofts, USA

The 4th place in the final race over 370 miles (just under 600km) was won by Greek Connection Lofts. This pigeon arrived home simultaneously with the race winner as well, and it is a 50% Jeller Roziers. The sire "Andreas AU 17 CHIC 11629" was bred from two original Roziers birds.

Greek Connection Lofts

The dam of Big Andy AU18 GREEK 930, the fourth prize winner in the final race, is a sister of "Who's your daddy now".

Click here for Big Andy AU18 GREEK 930's full pedigree.

Dani Cicio, USA

Dani Cicio scored a top result as well, in the race over 250 miles (400km). He claimed a fifth prize in this event, with a pigeon that arrived home simultaneously with the winner as well.

Dani Cicio

The dam of this pigeon stems from two original Roziers stars as well. She is a daughter of 'Vader Andreas' BE15-6031138 and 'Moeder Andreas' BE15-6031084. Andreas AU 17 CHIC 11629 was 8th Ace Pigeon in a previous edition of Big Andy's OLR.

The sire Andreas is a son of top class bird Seven BE13-6053078. Seven came in first in the PIPA ranking over 7 national young birds' races in 2013, and he is in turn a son of Whity Bart and Sunny Queen. The dam of 'father Andreas' is Nadine, a pure Houben bird.

The dam of Andreas is a daughter of Whity Bart BE12-6314349, an original Geerinckx bird and one of the stock breeders for Roziers. The dam is a half sister of Oklahoma, which we mentioned earlier on.