Auctions close at 222,750 euro - 21,500 EURO for Runner Up Ace of Wendela Wiersema - PIPA Elite Center gets average of 8,350 euro/bird

A total of 100 pigeons were sold last Sunday, raising 222,750 euro in total. This results in an average of 2,227 euro per bird.

Wendela Wiersema (NL) - 10 pigeons - 3,235 euro/bird
The most expensive pigeon of this upcoming talent was Runner Up Ace, which was sold to China for 21,500 euro. This top class bird was 2nd National Ace Pigeon YBs NPO in 2017. The ten pigeons were sold for 32,350 euro in total. They will soon be on their way to China (6), The Netherlands (2), Belgium (1) and Mexico (1).

Jos & Lars Vercammen - 11 pigeons - 2,473 euro/bird
Jos and Lars sold 11 young birds from 2018 for 27,200 euro in total. The most expensive bird was a son of Mustang, winner of a 1st National Chateauroux 22,818 pigeons. This Son Mustang was sold for 6,800 euro. He will be transferred to China, along with another son of Munstang. The remaining birds go to Poland (7), Germany (1), and the United States (1).

Performance Pigeon Auction - 24 pigeons - 653 euro/bird
A collection of 24 pigeons with an excellent list of achievements were put up for auction; they raised 15,675 euro together. The most expensive pigeon was Andreas Drapa's Joker 168, winner of three first prizes as a racing bird. He has a price tag of 2,500 euro. The 24 pigeons were sold to fanciers from Japan (7), China (5), Taiwan (3), Spain (2), the United States (2), Germany (1), Belgium (1), The Netherlands (1), Romania (1) and Sweden (1).

PIPA Elite Center (BE) - 12 pigeons - 8,350 euro/bird
This is a fantastic average for 12 pigeons from the PEC, with a total revenue of 100,200 euro. The most expensive bird was Last Daughter Lieve, the last daughter of stock hen and top breeder Lieve; she goes to China for 15,600 euro. The pigeons were equally divided across three countries: China (4), Belgium (4) and Germany (4).
Thanks to this average sale price, the PEC will be joining the top ten for highest averages ever in a PIPA young birds' auction a second time:

FBIBF (BE) - 24 pigeons - 509 euro/bird
Frédérick Philippe offered for sale a group of birds related to the bloodlines of Roger and Nick Thys; the 24 pigeons were sold for 12,225 euro. As for the most expensive pigeon, there was a tie between Daughter Portier 816 and Son Guéret Duivin; they were both sold for 1,400 euro to China. Ten other pigeons were sold to Chinese fanciers as well, and the remaining birds went to Belgium (5), Poland (5), Thailand (1), and The Netherlands (1). 

Dirk van Dyck (BE) - 8 pigeons - 3,025 euro/bird
Dirk sold eight pigeons in auction, and they raised 24,200 euro together. The most expensive bird is Young Niels 389; this is one of the last birds from Olympic Niels to be offered for sale. This hen is moving to The Netherlands, with a sale price of 7,200 euro. The other birds are moving to France (2), Egypt (2), Japan (1), Germany (1) and China (1).

Geoff & Catherine Cooper (UK) - 11 pigeons - 991 euro/bird
Geoff & Catherine Cooper sold 11 pigeons in auction, raising 10,900 euro in total. The title of most expensive bird went to two pigeons: New Farmer George 486 and New Farmer George 487 were sold for 2500 euro each. They are a full brother and sister, and two youngsters of the team's international winner Farmer George. The pigeons will be transferred to the United Kingdom (6), Taiwan (3), China (1) and Trinidad & Tobago (1).