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Auction day ends with 344,000 euro - youngster of Jelle Jellema's Kleine Jade sold for 20,500 euro

A total of 170 pigeons were sold across 9 different auctions last Sunday, for a total of 344,900 euro or more than 2,000 euro/bird.

Ivan Baetens – 12 pigeons – 1,017 euro/bird
A group of 12 young birds from Ivan Baetens's best breeders were sold in auction, raising 12,200 euro in total. The most expensive youngster goes to China for 2,400 euro; it was a half sister of 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Rax. 8 out of 12 pigeons are kept in Belgian hands; the other birds are moving to China (2), and France and The Netherlands (one each).

Maarten Huijsmans – 35 pigeons – 1,817 euro/bird
Maarten had another fantastic season in 2018, and he reckoned it was time to offer for sale a group of youngsters from his best racing and breeding birds. The auction raised 63,600 euro in total, and the most expensive bird was a daughter of Miss Universe; she goes to China for 11,400 euro. The second most expensive pigeon is a son of Miss Universe, which goes to Japan for 7,600 euro. The 35 pigeons will soon be shipped to The Netherlands (12), Taiwan (8), Belgium (4), China (3), Germany (2), Kuwait (2), Morocco (1), Japan (1), the United Arab Emirates (1) and Poland (1).

Dimitri Houfflyn – 5 pigeons – 845 euro/bird
A smaller auction with just 5 young birds, including two eye-catchers: two youngsters of top class bird Geronimo. These two youngsters were sold for 1,300 euro each, to a fancier from Taiwan and Germany. The 5 youngsters were sold for 4,225 euro in total, and the other 3 birds were sold to Belgian lofts.

One Loft Race Special – 53 pigeons – 2,225 euro/bird
This auction attracted a lot of attention, which shows that there is still a growing demand for One Loft Race pigeons. The most expensive youngster in this auction was a son of Sun City of Mike Ganus. Sun City is the sire of two different Million Dollar Race winners. This youngster goes to the United States for 9,400 euro. The second most expensive bird is a daughter of that same Sun City; she goes to South Africa for 7,200 euro. The 53 pigeons sold in auction raised 117,925 euro in total, and they will be going to the USA (11), China (7), Kuwait (7), the United Kingdom (5), Taiwan (5), Germany (4), South Africa (4), Qatar (3), Croatia (2), Belgium (1), Switzerland (1), Spain (1), Ireland (1), and Mexico (1).

Tom Van Gaver – 8 pigeons – 3,150 euro/bird
This was the very first PIPA auction under his own name for Tom Van Gaver, and his debut was quite a success: an average sale price of more than 3,000 euro for young birds only. The most expensive youngster was sale 1, a youngster of super class bird Charlie, paired to daughter Nadine. And she was in fact the first grandchild of Nadine ever to be sold in auction. This hen was sold to Japan for 7,200 euro. The 8 youngsters were sold for 25,200 euro in total, and they will be transferred to Belgium (3), Taiwan (2), China (1), Germany (1), and Japan (1).

Jelle Jellema – 20 pigeons – 3,540 euro/bird
This is another fantastic result for the 20 young birds of Jelle Jellema. Sale 1 was the most expensive pigeon, as was to be expected. This bird is a youngster of Kleine Jade. Two fanciers from the United Kingdom showed particular interest in this bird, which eventually went to Dean Pallett from the UK, with a winning bid of 20,500 euro. The 20 youngsters raised 70,800 euro in total, and they are going to the United Kingdom (8), The Netherlands (3), Romania (3), Germany (2), China (1), the Czech Republic (1), Japan (1) and Taiwan (1).

Vermeerbergen-Wilms-Mostmans – 6 pigeons – 1,375 euro/bird
This prestigious sprint loft auctioned 6 wonderful youngsters from their best breeders; these were sold for 8,250 euro in total. The most expensive youngster is a daughter of Invincible Wonder, which goes to China for 1,900 euro. The 6 youngsters were sold to fanciers from China (3), Belgium (2), and France (1).

FBIBF – 15 pigeons – 650 euro/bird
This collection of Gebr. Van den Brande pigeons, offered for sale by Philippe Frederick, was worth 9,750 euro. The most expensive pigeon was a full sister of Diamant, which goes to Romania for 1,300 euro. The 15 pigeons from this auction will be transferred to Romania (5), the USA (4), Switzerland (3), Belgium (2) and Morocco (1).

Arie Dijkstra – 16 pigeons – 2,059 euro/bird
The auction weekend came to a close with Arie Dijkstra selling 16 youngsters of his best breeding and racing birds. The auction was quite a success, with an overall revenue of 23,950 euro for 16 youngsters. The three most expensive young birds were sold to one and the same fancier from Kuwait, for 4,400 euro, 4,000 euro and 3,800 euro. The 16 youngsters were sold to fanciers from Kuwait (11), China(4) and Thailand (1).