Verreckt-Ariën and Guido Loockx, Tessenderlo Surprise Chateauroux in Limburg from the 7th of June!

During the weekend of 6-7 June the Semi-National Chateauroux was on the calendar, a classic in the eastern half of our country. The weather gods put a ‘spoke’ in the wheels, because the rainclouds form Paris to the south of France, prevented the attendants from liberating the pigeons!

On Sunday it finally brightened up and the Semi-National Chateauroux was liberated at 9.15am. It was quite a smooth race with Semi-National winners Dirk Moens from Grimbergen by the 10.141 old birds, and Vervloesem & Zoon from Rijmenam by the 10.548 Yearlings. Antwerp on top then…

In Limburg the ‘Festival of Tessenderlo’ carries on undisturbed and as it were extra acts have been planted!  Because what the duo Verreckt-Ariën as well as Guido Loockx… both from Tessenderlo… pulled out of their sleeves last week almost borders on the impossible! Vicious tongues may claim that they are ‘favourably’ located, but that sounds ‘cheap’… in the end it is the pigeons that have to perform. There are definitely many fanciers from Tessenderlo and surroundings who take part in this race, but who have to be satisfied with much less. Verreckt-Ariën and Guido Loockx… that is just ‘national top’ in the Grand Middle Distance and  Middle Distance… say the classics from 450-600 Km, there is no arguing! Call it a combination, of ‘super pigeons’, ‘craftsmanship’ or ‘knowledge’, ‘devotion’ and ‘system’! And then such ‘stunt performances’ like those being put on paper at the moment in both lofts, are quite possible. It is as if the track line of the ‘TGV’ has been changed towards Tessenderlo… because so as the pigeons there land home with the speed of an ‘express train’… is unbelievable!

 Take now the provincial Chateauroux in Limburg from the 7th of June… both lofts achieved no less than 32 pigeons in the ‘top-50’ and 43 pigeons in the ‘top-100’ provincial and this against 2.938 yearlings…Together they had 99 pigeons in the race, which means that virtually 45% of their pigeons raced ‘top 100’ (wherefrom 9 pigeons in the ‘top 10’)! By the old birds the same story with 28 pigeons from the in total 63 basketted pigeons in the ‘top 100’ provincial (and 7 in the top-10)! The provincial victory in both categories was for Agy & Pascal Verreckt-Ariën…Yes, the opponents don’t even get a look in at the moment, and remain behind like strays…because at the moment it is impossible to compete with the (unique)sovereignty of both lofts. Let’s take a closer look at the performances of both lofts at provincial level.

Verreckt-Ariën, Tessenderlo

Pascal & Agy are busy with a remarkable debut season. Last year the counter stranded at 5 provincial and 1 semi-national and 1 national victory from Argenton Yearlings in August… and it looks to be going the same way this year! After they won 1° Prov Bourges two weeks ago…their 16° provincial victory since their start in Tessenderlo in 2002… last weekend they were able to add provincial victory numbers 17 and 18 from Chateauroux to their gradually rich filled honours list. The surprise at provincial level looked like this:

07 June Chateauroux Provincial Limburg
2.424old    1,4,7,8,12,14,20,23,29,31,43,44,53,54,56,76,100,112,118,131,143,144,154,205…
Or 24 x per 10 and in total 30 prizes at 43 per 4!
2.938 yearlings    1,6,11,14,16,17,20,21,22,30,32,33,37,41,42,44,46,48,50,57,58,61,65,68,83,99,122…
Or in total 35 pigeons per 10 and 42 prizes from 54 nominated per 4)
The previous 2 weeks the Verreckt-Ariën colony performed as follows:
23/5 Bourges Provincial Limburg:
3.165 old    1-3-5-19-20-33-41-57-65-72-74-87-94-105-118-149-151-181-184-205-220-222-242-247-248-275… or at provincial level 26 pigeons per 10 and 39 prizes from 48 nominated per 4!
2.181 yearlings    8-10-14-16-19-27-38-39-42-45-79-92-104-116-118-142-155-162-163-169-181-183-203-211… or 24 pigeons per 10 and 38 prizes from 63 nominated per 4!

30/5 Gien Provincial Limburg
2.221 old    12-17-22-32-39-51-99-238-326 (and so 9/10)
2.026 yearlings 4-23-35-58-59-66-79-82-108-131-233 (and 11/13)
Extremely amazing!

Guido Loockx, Tessenderlo


Guido obviously doesn’t want to be inferior to his fellow villagers,the duo Verreckt-Ariën. He also previously won National Argenton, but then in 2007 by the old birds, but is known in the region as ‘Mister Bourges’… through a recital of provincial victories that Guido has already put down on paper from this liberation place, the last dated from just over 2 weeks ago from ‘Bourges I’yearlings 2009! Last year he also won 1° Zone C from La Souterraine, and provincial victories from Argenton, Gueret etc… just to prove that this Guido Loockx is someone that deserves respect! He has more than proved that in these first weeks in the ‘grand middle distance’ of the current season 2009, take a look:

07/6 Chateauroux Provincial Limburg
2.424 old    2,3,10,11,13,15,38,40,49,67,83,210,230,316,388,466 (or 17/20)
2.938 yearlings    2,3,4,5,7,8,10,13,18,34,38,39,40,72,75,85,131,143,160,169,214…
Or in total by the yearlings 21 pigeons per 10 and 24 from 45 basketted pigeons!

30/5 Gien Provincial Limburg
2.221 old    2,5,15,16,18,31,40,82 (or 8/12)
2.026 yearlings    4,5,7,8,9,10,11,12,15,19,22,26,28,29,46,65… and in total 22 prizes per 10 and in total 25 prizes from 32 nominated pigeons per 4!

23/5 Bourges Provincial Limburg
3.165 old    10,11,15,49,60,66,70,84,97… and 16 x per 10 and 18 prizes from 24 nominated!
2.181 yearlings    1,4,9,11,15,23,25,28,34,35,36,51,59,64,85,94,97… and 22 x per 10 and 33 prizes from 52 basketted pigeons!

Guido Loockx and Verreckt-Ariën, 2 colonies against which it is difficult to race at the moment! It seems as if there is no solution to the problem of these dominating performances of their racing team in Limburg at the moment… there’s no racing against them! The opponents are almost desperate… you would be for less! Let’s see if over the next few weeks we can expect more ‘fireworks’ from Tessenderlo and/or if anybody is capable of putting an end to the mastery of both colonies…to break through this supremacy! We will be watching over their shoulders…