Get ready for the 'Derby 16', the latest One Loft Race in Bursa (Turkey)

Pigeon racing has welcomed a new One Loft Race in a beautiful setting and with excellent accommodation: the Derby 16 Bursa in Turkey has its first edition this year, and there are plenty of prizes to be won.

A magnificent One Loft Race

Let's not beat around the bush: there have been quite a few new One Loft Races in recent years. This means that in order to really stand out, a One Loft Race needs to be either professionally organised, needs to have a large prize pool or a fantastic final race. The Derby 16 - One Loft Race appears to to tick all the boxes. The founder and organiser of this OLR is none other than Recep Ozturk, our PIPA agent for Turkey. He is the driving force behind this new project, which has all the ingredients to become a magnificent event.

The loft was constructed in Bursa, a city with almost three million inhabitants, about a one and a half hour drive or 150km from Istanbul, which is to the north of Bursa. The two cities are separated by the Sea of Marmara. Bursa sits in a forested and mountainous area, with Uludağ as its highest peak, with an elevation of 2,500 m. Add to that an average temperature of between 33 and 37 °C in the semi-final and the final, and you will agree that this event will be quite a challenge for even the strongest of birds.

Uludağ, a mountain with an altitude of 2,500m; it will be one of the main obstacles in this race

The loft accommodates 1,700 pigeons, which is also the maximum number of pigeons that will be allowed to participate. The organsation is responsible for paramyxo and smallpox vaccination for all competing pigeons. The organisers will be 100 procent transparant towards the fanciers, and you can follow them on their website:

The Benzing clocking system will be used in all training flights and during the races, and you will be able to track all competitors in realtime through the Benzing website.

The pigeon lofts of the Derby 16 - Bursa One Loft Race 2019

A look inside the fantastic lofts

One of the loft's separate sections

Entree fee, collecting the pigeons and race schedule

The entree fee per pigeon is 80.00 euro (+ 30 euro shipment fee). If you send in five pigeons (400 euro), you can send in one bird for free. For more information, head over to the event's official website, or contact them through one of the telephone numbers on the brochure below.

Pigeons will be collected in Europe on three occasions:

1st moment: late February/early March

Great Britain - 28.02
Belgium - 01.03
The Netherlands - 02,03.03 Houten
Germany & Poland - 04.03
Austria and Hungary - 05.03
Romania - 06.03

2nd moment: early April

Great Britain  - 04.04
Belgium & The Netherlands - 05.04
Germany & Poland - 06.04
Austria & Hungary - 07.04
Romania - 08.04

3rd moment: late april

Great Britain - 26.04
Belgium & The Netherlands - 27.04
Germany & Poland - 28.04
Austria & Hungary - 29.04
Romania - 30.04

There will be nine training flights (10km-20km-3x 40km-2x 50km- 2x 70km), three races of 125km, 175km and 225km respectively, a semi-final of 260km, and then the big final on 28 July 2019, in which the pigeons travel all the way from Akpinar (450km). The first prize in the final is 15,000 euro. The second bird wins 7,000 euro, and the third pigeon wins 3,500 euro. A full overview of the races and the prize money can be found below:

(Click on the image for the full size image in a new screen)

All pigeons will be sold after the final race. The fancier who sent in the pigeon receives 30% of the sale price (50% if a pedigree was provided).

Take part in this new challenge

Are you up for a new challenge? Would you like your stars to excel in the demanding race conditions in Turkey? Would you like to know how your birds cope with the Turkish mountains? Do not hesitate to join this fantastic new One Loft Race. Who knows, perhaps you will be the proud owner of the 2019 Derby 16 - Bursa One Loft Race.