Stefaan Lambrechts provides the grandparents for Olympic Nicole of Kas & Karel Meijers

Kas & Karel Meijers have the 1st Olympiad Pigeon Sprint in their collection with Olympic Nicole. The grandparents from its mother's side are two direct pigeons of Stefaan Lamrechts (Nijlen, BE), and believe it or not, both grandparents are now being auctioned on PIPA!

Olympic Nicole NL16-1176076 of Kas & Karel Meijers is quite a phenomenon. She won the title of 1st Olympiad Pigeon for The Netherlands in the sprint, based on the following results:


-1/1726p, 1/7115p Boxtel
-1/1315p, 2/6519p Boxtel
-1/1219p, 10/5418p Tilburg
-1/325p, 2/2912p Quievrain
-2/1382p, 7/6939p Boxtel
-4/735p, 5/4153p Duffel
-8/922p, 10/4564p Duffel
-3/1321p, 37/5735p Charleville
-4/901p, 12/3689p Quievrain
-5/536p, 39/3606p Isnes
-18/925p, 48/4984p Duffel
-21/1083p, 99/6179p Heusden
-22/652p, 61/2272p Laon
-26/1603p, 132/6382p Quievrain
-27/873p, 95/3414p Quievrain
-36/1109p, 84/4548p Asse
-49/1640p, 110/6634p Deurne
-62/1260p, 206/5064p Quievrain

This blue coloured hen is related to the Leo Heremans breed from her father's side, since her sire BE14-1573085 'duiver Olympic Pair' stems from two direct Leo Heremans pigeons: Blauwe Maurice BE07-6371140, a brother of Finette (Olympiad Pigeon for the Eijerkamp family) was paired to BE12-6123887.

From her mother's side we see Blauw Beertje BE15-6108377, the hen in this 'Olympic Pair'. Her sire is the last son of Donkere Bart BE13-6321373. This cock is the sire of Henkie, 10th National Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance KBDB 2018, and of course the grandfather of Olympic Nicole!

The dam is daughter Blauwe Beer BE13-6319035, which is also the aunt of Venus, 1st National Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance KBDB 2018, and the grandmother of Olympic Nicole.

Click here for Olympic Nicole's full pedigree.

As you can tell, the pedigree of Olympic Nicole boasts quite a few talented racing and breeding birds. It is no coincidence that she is herself the dam of the following prize winners:


-1/922,1/4564,1/12904 Distr. 1+2 Prov. 9 Duffel
-2/1219p,12/5418p Tilburg
-3/421p,33/1713p Dudelange
-9/918p,16/4318p Bierges
-10/1315p,13/6519p Boxtel


6/621,6/3189,12/13404 Prov 9 Quievrain
-3/704p,6/2481p Duffel
-12/922p,19/4564p Duffel
-29/1315p,83/6519p Boxtel
-46/1219p,169/5418p Tilburg


-22/621p,43/3189p Quievrain
-33/922p,65/4564p Duffel