Gert Noels (Ham, BE): “Stock pair Claudio and Marceline are at the basis of our rise to the top, leading to many highlights"

Gert Noels (38) from Ham in Limburg is still a relatively young pigeon fancier but he has been on the rise since 2012. In 2018 he claims the title of 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Long Distance old birds KBDB with Lennert, as well as 11 provincial top ten prizes.

His many great results can be attributed to an elaborate selection procedure, using his stock pair Claudio and Marceline as a solid foundation.

Lennert (BE16-2189240) became 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance old birds 2018 KBDB for Gert Noels

Top class bird Claudio heeft een en al aandacht voor Gert Noels.

Working for the municipal council of Meerthout, Gert knows exactly how to spend his time developing an extraordinary pigeon breed. "All I do outside the racing season is make sure that my pigeons are feeling at ease, and that does not take a lot of time. The racing season is a diferent story of course: I want to have everything in order, down to the smallest details", Gert van Wal explains. About 30 years ago, when Gert was just seven years old, he actually dreamt of being a professional fancier - believe it or not. He bought himself a loft with his holiday job earnings and with the help of his uncle, and he received three pigeons from his family. But racing pigeons was not allowed; his parents did not want their youngster to go a café to send in his pigeons. However, the day he turned 18 he got a visit from a clever club member from Ham, who handed him a membership form. Gert promptly started to race, albeit with just a small team of young birds. "I was surprised about the results. It was nothing extraordinary but I did get some solid early prizes. I won for instance a 9th against almost 1,000 pigeons. That was all I needed to be completely captivated with the sport." However, Gert knew that it would not be a walk in the park. "I still knew close to nothing about keeping pigeons; I used to keep my birds together in two small lofts. And my best racing pigeons at the time, which won a 1st and 3rd in a sprint race in 2001, completely failed to deliver in the breeding loft afterwards. I was still going to school, so I was forced to stick to the sprint competition, right until I got in touch with Jos Thoné and the Verreckt-Ariën combination. I remember spending my Saturdays watching the pigeons arrive from the national races at the loft of Pascal and Agy - that was in 2009. It was then that I really started to get into the game. I tried my luck the following season, racing with pigeons bred from a cock of Jef Houben and a hen of Louis Jordens. Incredibly enough, I claimed a 2nd Provincial Montluçon right away, finishing behind a pigeon of none other than Verreckt-Ariën. And a nest brother of that second provincial was 2nd Ace Pigeon Central-east. I was off to a great start but I suddenly was forced to get rid of my entire pigeon collection due to family issues."

Jos Thoné

Meanwhile he became close friends with Jos Thoné. "Jos supported me, and he helped me get back on track, providing invaluable advice and of course a few pigeons. Kurt Platteeuw, the West-Flemish champion from Rumbeke, helped me make my comeback in 2012 as well: he was looking for a satellite loft on the other side of Belgium, in the province of Limburg. We started racing as Platteeuw-Noels, and we soon got our first major result: a 1st Provincial Argenton young birds. We then claimed a 1st Provincial Nevers Yearlings in 2013, and in 2014 we won a 1st Provincial Chateauroux yearlings as well as the Kuznica One Loft Race (Poland, 524km). We had a 52 minute lead after a very demanding flight. (the sire is included in this auction!) Kurt then convinced me to start racing in the long distance the following season, and I promptly won an 9th National and a title of 1st Provincial Champion Long Distance KBDB. I claimed two more provincial first prizes yearlings in 2016: Châteauroux and Montlucon, my first victories with racing cocks. Meanwhile I could always turn to Jos Thoné for advice or support."

His national breakthrough came in 2017 with a 1st Provincial Brivé and a 1st National Jarnac of 5,117 yearlings. "Those were two unforgettable moments, in two hard but honest races, with a velocity of 1,300 m/min for Jarnac and 1,062 m/min in Brive. The national winner from Jarnac is the soft plumed Lourdes, which originates from some renowned breeders from her father's side, with grandfather 250/12 being a youngster of Claudio x daughter Olympic Wacko. Claudio has won a 1st Interprov., 2 provincial first prizes and a 7th National Bourges, and Olympic Wacko was an Olympiad Pigeon for Verreckt-Ariën in Poznan. The grandmother comes from Joske (Thoné) x Marceline (1st Prov. Argenton with a 10 minute lead). The grandfather from her mother's side comes from a son of Paulien x the dam of Paulien, the number one stock breeder for Albert Derwa. The grandmother from her mother's side is the aforementioned Marceline, and she is the dam or great-grandmother of a 1st Prov. Montluçon, a 1st Prov. Châteauroux, a 1st Chimay and a 2nd Sézanne.


The story behind stockbreeder Claudio — which we mentioned a few times already — is that of a genuine top class bird. Gert Noels: "I called Jos to propose a joint breeding with Sachi. And since Jos and I are close friends, he decided to give me not two but all four youngsters! They all turned out to be fantastic breeders. By the way, Claudio was born in 2007 and only gave three youngsters this season."
Claudio is quite a sensational pigeon with an impressive three (inter)provincial victories to his name, so why not include his fantastic palmares as a breeding cock:

- grandfather of 1st Prov. Châteauroux 2016 (Gert Noels)
- grandfather of 1st Prov. Châteauroux 2016 (PEC)
- grandfather of 1st Châteauroux Zone B2 2016 (PEC)
- grandfather of 1st Prov. Châteauroux 2016 (PEC)
- grandfather of 1st Prov. Brive 2017 (Gert Noels)
- great-grandfather of 1st National Jarnac 2017 (5117)
- (great)grandfather of at least 11 first prize winners at club level 2016-2018

Claudio won a 1st Interprov. Bourges (6,573 p.), a 7th Nat. Bourges (22,476 p.), a 1st Prov. Chateauroux (2,424 p.) and a 1st Prov. Châteauroux (1,437 p.). He is a son of the legendary Armstrong (Nat. Ace Pigeon Ave Regina).

He originates from the Verreckt-Ariën stock pair Dikke Lowet x Lange Lowet through both his parents. His sire, Armstrong, won a 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Ave Regina, and he is the sire of a 1st Nat. Argenton and a 1st Prov. Montluçon. His sire Old Houben is in turn the sire of two provincial winners. The dam of Armstrong is Elfke Dikke, a daughter of Dikke Lowet x Lang Lowet. The dam of Claudio is Cat Eye II, a full sister of the dam of a 1st Nat. Argenton. The sire of Cat eye II was already the sire of 3 prov. first prize winners and 2 prov. second prize winners. He is also the grandfather of a 1st Nat. Argenton 6,177 p. The dam of Cat Eye II is a youngster of Dikke Lowet x Lang Lowet, and the dam and grandmother of 2 x 1st Nat., 1 x 1st Prov. and 2 x 2nd Prov.

Click here for Claudio's full pedigree.


Marceline is the stock dam for Gert Noels. She has a proven record both as a racing and breeding bird, and she was bred by Jos Thoné.
She does have an impressive palmares:

- 1st Prov. Argenton 2012 with a lead of over 10 minutes in Limburg against old/yearling/young birds.
- 3rd Nat. Zone C Argenton 2012 (6,630 p.)
- 21st Nat. Argenton 2012 (25,949 p.)
She is the dam of Brian 952-15: 
1st Prov. Montlucon 2016 (1,147), 29th Nat. Montlucon (10,753) & 3rd Prov. Fay-aux-Loges 2017 (1,871)
The grandmother of Lourdes: 1st Nat. Jarnac 2017 (5,517 p.) – 2nd fastest of 10,251 pigeons.
The great-grandmother of Milan: 1st Prov. Châteauroux 2016 (897 p.) – 21st Nat. Châteauroux (9,540)
The dam of 951-15: 6th Prov. Tulle 2017 (650)
The dam of 635-15: 16th Prov. Limoges 2017 (584), the dam of Lourdes (1st Nat. Jarnac 2017)
The dam of 634-15: 17th Prov. Châteauroux 2017 (1,425)
The dam of 237-16: 1st club Chevrainvilliers 2018
The grandmother of 244/16: 5th Prov. Jarnac 2017 (991)
The grandmother of 216/16: 6th Prov. Jarnac 2017 (991)

Click here for the pedigree of Marceline.

The future

Over the past few years Gert Noels managed to become one of the leading names in Belgium, claiming several provincial first prizes and a national victory from Jarnac. He is good friends with Jos Thoné, which means Gert has direct access to a collection of super class birds. And it appears that Gert successfully turned his Thoné bloodlines into a group of high performance racing birds.

"The descendants of stock pair Claudio x Marcine are really something else. As a fancier, I could not be happier with such a fantastic stock pair", Gert explains. "By moving all of Claudio's youngsters to the breeding loft, I can look towards the future with confidence. Claudio is really the powerhouse from 2007 and he was still able to give three youngsters in 2018. But now he is no longer fertile." 

The youngsters of Claudio sitting in the aviary - they appear to be in great form. 

An overall look at the lofts of Gert Noels.

Racing hen Lourdes wins a National Jarnac 2017 for Gert Noels. Her pedigree features both Marceline and Claudio.