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Auction weekend closes at 540,000 euro – Two youngsters of New Laureaat X Kleine Jade sold for 70,000 euro – Van den Brande Brothers 2,600 euro/pigeon

Six different auctions closed on PIPA last Sunday, 4th of November. We briefly discuss each auction below.

Norbert Ally – 14 pigeons – 1,532 euro/pigeon
Norbert and his son Stefan Ally have been getting excellent results in the longer middle distance and the long distance for many years. 2018 was a fanastic season as well, with a 1st National Angoulème. The most expensive young bird in this auction was a half sister of this national first prize winner; it goes to China for 3,600 euro. The second most expensive bird was its nest sister, which was also sold to a Chinese fancier, for 3,000 euro. The overall revenue for 14 youngsters was 21,450 euro. 8 youngsters will be moving to China, 5 to Belgium and 1 to Italy.

Guy Nihoul – 75 pigeons – 881 euro/pigeon
It was with great sadness that we learned about the passing of Guy Nihoul last week. It was a great honour for PIPA to be entrusted with the task of organising this auction for Guy. Fanciers from several countries were interested in obtaining his pigeons, and many of them joined the auction today. The 75 pigeons were eventually sold to 14 different pigeons, raising 66,050 euro in total. The most expensive bird was sale 1, Mabida 1, which goes to The Netherlands for 4,000 euro. The pigeons will be transferred to lofts in Belgium (18), China (10), Taiwan (10), France (9), Morocco (7), Japan (6), The United Kingdom (3), Portugal (3), Thailand (3), Germany (2), The Netherlands (1), Poland (1), Romania (1), and Slovakia (1).

Gebr. Van den Brande – 43 pigeons – 2,638 euro/pigeon
Marcel, Frans & Carl Van den Brande have been a renowned and very successful sprint team in and around Antwerp for quite a number of years now. They asked PIPA to auction their old birds born in 2016 and older. The auction launched two weeks ago, and we noticed that quite a few fanciers were interested in obtaining one of their birds, even on the final day of the event. The result is an impressive 113,450 euro revenue for 43 pigeons, or 2,638 euro on average! The most expensive bird was Diamant, which goes to The Netherlands for 8,200 euro. The second most expensive pigeon is Floere, which was sold to Romania for 7,600 euro. The third expensive bird is Super Blue 401, sold to a Taiwanese fancier for 7,400 euro. The 43 pigeons will be moving to Kuwait (12), Belgium (9), Taiwan (6), The Netherlands (6), China (4), the USA (3), Romania (2), and The United Kingdom (1).

Jelle Jellema – 49 pigeons – 4,733 euro/pigeon
Jelle Jellema has been selling his pigeons exclusively in online PIPA auctions for years. Jelle had another great season in 2018 but he also had several great references again, including most notably one of Michel Dubois, who claimed the title of 1st European Ace Pigeon extreme long distance for the second time in just a few years. Both his championship winners stem from the same hen, which was a direct Jellema. The eye-catchers in this auction were the last two youngsters of New Laureaat x Kleine Jade (two international first prize winners from Barcelona) paired to each other. The cock of this pair was sold to Taiwan for 39,500 euro, the hen goes to The Netherlands for 30,000 euro. The third most expensive bird is a youngster of Zoon Miss Gijsje 430, which goes to The Netherlands for 10,000 euro. The 49 pigeons were sold to  Belgium (10), The United Kingdom (10), The Netherlands (10), Romania (9), Taiwan (6), Germany (1), France (1), Japan (1), and Saudi Arabia (1). The event's overall revenue was an impressive 231,900 euro.

Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race – 66 pigeons – 1,228 euro/pigeon
This second edition of the Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race was divided into a young birds' final (in February) and a yearlings' final (in late June). The winners in the yearlings' final were sold in an auction that ended on Sunday. The two most expensive birds were sold for 5,200 euro each: a bird of Mike Ganus (7th in the final) was sold to a fancier in the USA, and the bird that won the final race was sold to a South African player. The overall revenue for the 66 pigeons is 81,075 euro. They have been sold to the USA (22), China (12), South Africa (8), The United Kingdom (4), Thailand (3), Germany (2), The United Arab Emirates (2), Bulgaria (2), Romania (2), Canada (1), Switzerland (1), Malta (1), Mexico (1), Poland (1), Slovakia (1), Trinidad & Tobago (1), Taiwan (1), and Italy (1).

Ian Stafford – 4 pigeons – 6,900 euro/pigeon
Four pigeons of Batenburg-Van de Merwe were sold in this smaller auction: three youngsters of New Laureaat from 2013 and 1 youngster of New Witbuik. The New Laureaat youngsters were sold for 9,200 euro, 8,400 euro and 7,400 euro to fanciers from the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and Belgium respectively. The New Witbuik youngster is moving to Taiwan for 2,400 euro. The four youngsters were sold for 27,600 euro overall.