Lieselotte De Bisschop (Affligem, BE) wins 1. Interprovincial Blois yearlings

It's always claimed that you must learn to go before you can walk, in pigeon sport it's often just like that. Once you have learned to perform on the short distance races, you can start to try performing on the loger distances. That's how it went at De Bisschop with now 1. Interprovincial Blois yearlings as a nice result.

Lieselotte, Kris and Marc De Bisschop

It was coming

The past weeks, the yearlings at De Bisschop performed outstanding! Take a look at the following results (only prices per 10 are mentioned).

15/4/2018 - Noyon:
Liedekerke: 171 p.: 1-5-6-7-8-9-11-12-13.... ( 15/23)
Hoppestreek: 1146 p.: 1-18-21-24-25-28-31-42-93-98.... (14/23)

5/5/2018 - Chevrain:
Liedekerke: 211 p.: 1-3-4-9-11-13-14-16-18.... (19/23)                         
Pajot: 2655 p.:2-24-32-64-73-87-94-118-153 …. (16/23)

12/5/2018 - Chevrain:
Liedekerke: 255 p.: 1-6-7-9-12-13-15-19-23 …. (17/23)
Pajot: 3008 p.: 11-33-37-60-83-97-124-157-221-268....

19/5/2018 - Chevrain:
Liedekerke: 240 p.: 1-3-4-5-6-9-10-12-13-14-15-18....(21/23)
Pajot: 9-19-27-29-60-78-82-100-107-114-125-153-172-201..(19/23)

26/5/2018 - Chevrain:
Beersel: 205 p.: 1-3-4-5-6-11-15-16-18-19-20....(15/22)
Pajot: 3-12-14-20-23-29-52-60-68-76-82-94-142-155....(16/22)

23/6/2018: Chevrain:
Liedekerke: 189 p.: 2-12-18-19 …. (13/18)
Pajot: 1118 p.: 7-46-62-63-65-65-67-74-87-103.... ( 13/18)

21/7/2018 - Blois:
Moerkerke: 111 p.: 1-2-3-4-6-8.... ( 7/14)
Interprovinciaal: 757 d.: 1-7-27-30.... ( 7/14)

28/7/2018 - Orleans:
Moerkerke: 109 p.: 1-2-3-7-8.... ( 7/14)
Interprovinciaal: 3-4-5-31-41-73... (8/14)

9 times the first prize and every time a high prize percentage. What else can a fancier wish for?

Gradually push the bounderies

In the past, father Kris only raced his youngsters on the short distance races. Since a couple of years they also started racing the yearlings and old birds. Daughter Lieselotte is taking care of these pigeons. They also try tot test these old birds on the middle distance races. Through the contribution of, amongst others, the pigeons of team Willockx-Noël this new challenge is a succes.  80 % of the pigeons on the breeding loft descend from this loft.

Thanks to the good results on the Chevrainvilliers races, they decided to basket 14 yearlings on the interprovincial race out of Blois... with the result we allready know. One thing is clear: the following years the competitors on the great middle distance races will have to deal with the talented pigeons of De Bisschop.

Blois 21 July: the icing on the cake

The pigeons were released at 7.30 AM with a clear sky and a weak north-west wind and high temperatures. These circumstances made it a hard race. BE17-2001109 was the 2nd nominated pigeon of a total of 14 pigeons that were basketted by Lieselotte. He arrived first on the loft at 13:15:26 PM. With 1218 mpm he left behind all the 756 other pigeons.

Not a coïncidence because BE17-2001109 already won a number of good results:

Noyon: 8/171 & 25/1146
Chevrain: 6/205 & 23/1671
Chevrain: 12/255 & 83/3008
Chevrain: 14/211 & 99/2655
Chevrain: 12/240 & 100/2057
Chevrain: 17/141 & 65/674
Blois: 1/111 & 1/757

7 times per 10, that's quite something...

When we take a look at the pedigree, the victory is not really a surprise.

Father: BE13-2066015: a son of the old base breeder of Martin De Roover x a daughter 'de Sterken' (team Noel-Willockx)

Mother: BE14-2273326: this pigeon was immediately placed on the breeding loft because of the noble origin

Take a look at the pedigree here.

Nestmate 4th ace-pigeon KBDB wanted to compete wit his brother

It's a dream for every fancier to breed 2 good pigeons out of 1 nest. Kris and Lieselotte were lucky to achieve this. In 2017 the hen BE17 -2001196 became the 4th national ace-pigeon KBDB SMD. Her nestmate, the cock with the rin number BE17-20011195 wanted to do equally well this year:



Samenspel Pajot






















Here the results that made BE17-2001196 the 4th national ace-pigeon:

1e Toury 593 p.
2e Toury 976 p.
2e Toury 1.718 p.
26e Chevrainvillers 2.147 p.
181e Chevrainvillers 2.349 p.
41e Noyon 2.721 p.

Take a look at the pedigree of both pigeons here. When you take a close look at it, you just have to admit the blood that flows through the vains of these pigeons is like gold. The lines of the Bliksem of Gaby Vandenabeele, Odille of Kurt and Raf Platteeuw, Robbeken of Martin De Roover and the best of Noël -Willockx and Jean Cochet made these 2 top class pigeons.