Jo Bauters (Gavere, BE) wins a 1st National Cahors of 6,356 pigeons with Totti

Jo Bauters from Gavere has skyrocketed to the highest level of pigeon racing in Belgium. His results have continued to improve dramatically since winning his first provincial victory in 2012. This national first prize from Cahors of 6,356 pigeons is another highlight in his career.

Jo Bauters with his wife and kids

Up like a rocket

A few years ago we wrote an article about the wonderful results from the racing team of Jo Bauters in Gavere. We were confident at the time that Jo was well on his way to becoming a top level player in the future, competing with the best lofts at national level. Be that as it may, Jo has made some incredible progress recently, which makes it hard to grasp that only a few years have gone by since then. His achievements in recent years are nothing short of impressive, and it started with a first national victory from Poitiers in 2014, when super class bird Fabian took the win of 12,379 pigeons. Another national top result followed in 2016: Ellis became 1st National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB YBs. And they had a very promising start to 2018 as well: they had an impressive result from Bourges (7th National olds and 10th, 78th, 93rd National yearlings in the official results - click here to reread our article), and racing bird Totti put up a show last weekend as well: he beat the entire field in Cahors, winning a 1st National of 6,356 pigeons.

BE15-4143932 Totti - 1st National Cahors (6,356 pigeons)

Totti is an excellent looking racing cock, average in size, highly muscular and very sot plumage. He has everything it takes to achieve great results. And that is what he did.

National winner Totti

Totti was the fastest of 6,356 pigeons last weekend, with an average speed of 1,321.32 m/min. And that was not his first major result, since he also won a 356th National of 15,789 birds. This resulted in a preliminary 8th place in the PIPA ranking long distance with 2 races. And there is more. This talented pigeon has already won quite a few top results in his four years as a racing bird:

Cahors (16-06-2018): 1st National of 6,356 pigeons
Noyon (05-07-2015): 3rd of 403 pigeons
La Souterraine (03-07-2016): 227e National of 9,580 pigeons
Limoges (02-06-2018): 356th National of 15,789 pigeons
Brive (17-06-2017): 252nd National of 9,132 pigeons
Toury (13-05-2017): 27th of 710 pigeons
Limoges (08-07-2017): 435th National of 9,162 pigeons

Totti has an excellent pedigree as well. Ellis, the top class hen that became 1st National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB YBs in 2016, has the same grandparents as Totti: Noah x Naomi. We reckon Ellis does not need an introduction. Her palmares of 2016, the year in which she became a national ace pigeon, says it all:

5th National Zone Chateauroux of 5,090 pigeons
7th National Zone Bourges of 7,821 pigeons
7th National Zone La Souterraine of 6,702 pigeons
46th National Zone Argenton of 7,081 pigeons

And it does not stop there. The sire of Totti, Apollo, is a full brother of Fredo and Leo, two other renowned pigeons in Jo Bauters's team.

Fredo won for instance:

14the Nationaal Libourne of 3,929 pigeons
5th Provincial Tulle of 1,383 pigeons / 28th National of 6,101 pigeons
24th best racing bird in Tulle in Belgium 2016-2017

Leo has won:

15th National Ace Pigeon Allround KBDB 2017
76th National Zone Bourges of 3,387 pigeons
92nd National Limoges of 10,554 pigeons
182nd National Tulle of 9,578 pigeons

Olympia, a daughter of another brother of Fredo, Leo and Apollo, won a 10th National from Bourges just a few weeks ago, while her brother finished in 78th place national of 19,133 yearlings. This is an invaluable bloodline indeed! Feel free to take a closer look at the full pedigree of Totti.

Two invaluable bloodlines lead to new highlights

The line of Ellis, 1st National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2016 with grandparents Noah x Naomi on the one hand, and the line of Fabian, 1st National Poitiers 2014 of 12,379 p. on the other, are providing this team with generations of talented new youngsters. Keep in mind that Fabian is in fact the grandfather of Ellis. This goes to show that the bloodline of this pigeon has become a fundamental part of Jo Bauters's racing team. Jo has had a highly successful start of the 2018 season, with a great result from Bourges and a national first prize from Cahors. His 2018 can already be considered a major success, with or without other future top results. Nonetheless, we are convinced that the racing team from Gavere will continue to deliver in 2018.