Pigeons of Vermeerbergen-Wilms (Mol, BE) show their potential in other lofts as well

Nothing pleases a fancier quite as much as getting great results with your team in your own loft. Nonetheless, it can be even more satisfying to see other fanciers get great results with your own pigeons.

Mol and Rijkevorsel

Luc Vermeerbergen and Robby Wilms have been racing together as the Vanmeerbergen-Wilms combination for a few years now. Their loft in Mol is the home base of their first round of youngsters, which are raced up until the national longer middle distance (sometimes even the long distance). The second round of youngsters is raced in Rijkevorsel by Kris Mostmans, with whom Luc and Robby founded the Vermeerbergen-Wilms-Mostmans trio. This combination focuses on the sprint races. The descendants of the world famous Grizzly's are raced mainly in the sprint in Mol and Rijkevorsel, whereas the other youngsters are basketed for longer distance races.

Robby Wilms (l) and Luc Vermeerbergen (r)

Strong results in other lofts

We reckon nothing beats the feeling of seeing other fanciers excel with your own pigeons. Many fanciers understand that it is better to invest in pigeons from bloodlines with a proven record than to obtain birds randomly. It explains why the pigeons of the Vermeerbergen-Wilms combination are in high demand. And if those pigeons or their descendants turn out to be excellent performers indeed, then everybody's happy. And there have been quite a few of those in the case of Luc and Robby:

1. 1st Final Mira FCI Portugal 2017

50% Vermeerbergen-Wilms

2. Van Goethem Patrick (Oost-Eeklo) 

1st Nat. Argenton 12,190 pigeons: 50% Vermeerbergen-Wilms
Purchased on PIPA through Geert Couvreur

3. Thijs Nick & Roger (Hallaar)

7th Nat. Chateauroux 14,995 pigeons: 50% Vermeerbergen-Wilms
10th Nat. Chateauroux 14,762 pigeons
21ste Nat. La Souteraine 16,613 pigeons
168st Nat. Tours 24,097 pigeons
2nd Prov. Blois 2,661 pigeons

4. Poul Staerker (Koge, Denemarken) 

2nd of 1,822 pigeons

5. Van Gorp Donnie – Mauro (Mol)

1st Chevrainviliers of 678 pigeons, fastest of 1,038 pigeons: 100% Vermeerbergen-Wilms

1st Noyon 341 pigeons, fastest of 573 pigeons: line of Lucky Luc
2nd Noyon 341 pigeons behind a loft mate: line of Lucky Luc
32nd Interprov. Vierzon  3108 pigeons

6. Stassen Ettiene (Dilsen-Stokkem)

1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Hafo Limburg 2016: 100% Vermeerbergen-Wilms
1st Marne 477 pigeons: 50% Vermeerbergen-Wilms
1st Montargis 427 pigeons
1st Reims 360 pigeons: the line of Lucky Luc
1st Melun 279 pigeons
1st Laon 561 pigeons
1st Laon 1391 pigeons
1st Reims 495 pigeons
1st Reims 1302 pigeons
1st Marne 477 pigeons
1st Reims 266 pigeons
1st Laon 411 pigeons
1st Chimay 155 pigeons
2nd Laon 381 pigeons
2nd Sourdun 1024 pigeons

7. Wilms Robert (Meerhout)

50% Vermeerbergen-Wilms: the line of Lucky Luc
1th Souppes 518 pigeons: fastest in the province of Antwerp 
8th Momignies 1,284 pigeons
6th Nat La Souteraine 3,207 pigeons
58th Nat. La Souteraine 18,588 pigeons

8. Erik Limbourg (Brussegem)

Pigeons purchased on PIPA
1st Souppes 180 pigeons
18th Nat. Chateauroux 18,499 pigeons

9. Geert de Clercq (Sleidinge) 

Full sister, line of Nat. Wonder
Co-winner of 1st Nat. Champion KBDB 2017
6th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Middle Distance 2017: purchased on PIPA
1st Fontenay 808 pigeons
1st Fontenay 281 pigeons

10. Huysmans Gert (Balen)

75% Vermeerbergen-Wilms: line of Lucky Luc - Nat Wonder
1st Prov. Vierzon 2196 pigeons: fastest of 3,772 pigeons
1st Prov. Bourges 2,663 pigeons
1st Momignies 674 pigeons
1st Momignies 505 pigeons
2nd Nat. Chateauroux 14,955 pigeons
3rd Nat. Argenton 11,506 pigeons
9th Nat. Bourges 18,864 pigeons
9th Interprov. Vierzon 9,004 pigeons
17th Prov. Vierzon 4,639 pigeons
24th Nat. Bourges 8,005 pigeons
30th Nat. Bourges 21,522 pigeons
46th Nat. Bourges 14,496 pigeons
89th Nat. Gueret 16,262 pigeons

11. Wilms Eddy (Mol)

50% Vermeerbergen-Wilms: line of Lucky Luc - Nat Wonder
9th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Longer Middle Distance 2016
31st Nat. Bourges 19,736 pigeons
51st Nat. Chateauroux 5,939 pigeons
1st Noyon 273 pigeons

12. Van Haute Andre (Moerzeke)

50% Vermeerbergen-Wilms: line of Lucky Luc - Nat Wonder
1st Prov. Chateauroux 4,702 pigeons: fastest of 8991 pigeons, purchased on PIPA
2nd Pithiviers 351 pigeons
3rd Toury 213 pigeons

13. Johnny Franken (Guitrode)

50% Vermeerbergen-Wilms: the line of Lucky Luc - Nat Wonder
1st Sezanne 3,058 pigeons
1st Chimay 1,109 pigeons
6th Vervins 1,882 pigeons
6th Laon 687 pigeons
7th Chimay 2,113 pigeons
8th Laon 1,203 pigeons
3rd Chevrainviliers 459 pigeons

14. Dick Vogelzang (The Netherlands)

50% Vermeerbergen-Wilms: line of Lucky Luc - Nat Wonder
2nd Ace Pigeon NL16-4789083: province 10 +/-  14,000 pigeons
NL16-4789084: nest brother wins 17th of 11,040 pigeons

15. Jorgen Larsen (Denmark)

1st Section Emmen 472 km: 148-15-0310: 50% Vermeerbergen-Wilms 

16. Robert McNally (Ireland)

1st club Barledcove 172 pigeons (201 miles)
2nd National Baredcove 5719 pigeons: (201 miles)

17. Keith Kernohan (Ireland)

10th National
33rd National King's Cup

18. Darren le May Junior (England)

BE17-6075523: 116th Nat. 7,000 pigeons (line of Lucky Luc)
BE17-6075530: 1st club (line Nat Wonder)
BE17-6075515: 1st club
BE17-6075520: 11th Federation 1,985 pigeons (50% Nat. Wonder x 50% Lucky Luc)

19. Darren Le May Father (England)

BE17-6075519: 2nd Kingsdom (100 miles) 1,763 pigeons (line Nat Wonder)
BE17-6075522: 8st 1,763 pigeons (line Lucky Luc)

20.  John Meurrysse (Oeselgem)

2nd Prov. Saumur 1,850 pigeons (50% Nat. Wonder x 50% Lucky Luc)
46th Pontoise 18,184 pigeons
41st Tours 1,480 pigeons
6th Chateauroux 622 pigeons (50% Lucky Luc)
61st Prov. Chateauroux 5,904 pigeons
35th Nat. Limoges 14,679 pigeons
123rd Nat. Tulle 6,817 pigeons
400th Nat. Chateauroux 25,263 pigeons
65th Nat. Brive 5,286 pigeons

21. Van Empten Jos (Zonhoven)

1st Chimay 425 pigeons (50% Lucky Luc)
16th Prov. Argenton 1,300 pigeons
190th Nat. Argenton 22,800 pigeons

Stock breeder Lucky Luc: a great breeder with excellent genes

Guaranteed to deliver

This list of achievements makes it all the more obvious: fanciers who invest in pigeons of Vermeerbergen-Wilms are are almost guaranteed to win prizes, no matter where you live. We are curious to see what other references Luc and Robby will be adding to their palmares in the weeks and months to come.