Bart Geerinckx (Wommelgem, BE) wins 1st nat. zone Limoges

Team Geerinckx could not have hoped for a better start to the long distance season. They claimed a 1st nat. zone B1 of 4,551 pigeons, a 1st prov. Antwerp of 1,318 p. and a 3rd nat. of 15,783 p., which makes for quite a successful early season indeed.

The pigeons were released in Limoges on Saturday 2nd of June 2018 in a slight northeasterly breeze and a clear sky. This was bound to be a fair race. The fanciers of team Geerinckx were excited to see the pigeons arrive home. Smart Boy was their first of three nominated birds, and expectations were understandably high. He arrived home at 4:33pm, and everyone understood that this would be an early arrival. Smart Boy eventually finished in 3rd place national of 15,783 pigeons, with a velocity of 1248 m/min. It also resulted in a provincial victory.

Smart Boy, BE13-6143490.

Smart Boy was selected as first nominated thanks to his excellent result from Vierzon fourteen days earlier, when he claimed a 21st prize of 650 pigeons. And his excellent achievements in last year's long distance races had been a factor as well. Here is a look at Smart Boy's most prominent results:

  1st Nat. Zone Limoges     4,551 p. -   3rd Nat. Limoges     15,783 p.
 22nd Nat. Zone Bourges     6,869 p. - 155th Nat. Bourges     23,155 p.
 28th Nat. Tulle            7,447 p.  
 61st Nat. Zone Brive       2,757 p. - 223rd Nat. Brive        5,952 p.
 84th Nat. Zone Chateauroux 3,045 p. - 312th Nat. Chateauroux 10,933 p.
 87th Nat. Zone Argenton    2,202 p. - 341st Nat. Argenton     8,006 p.
 97th Nat. Zone Gueret      3,693 p. - 361st Nat. Gueret      12,516 p.
106th Prov. Vierzon         2,363 p.
210th I.Prov. Vierzon       8,177 p.

Most fanciers would have transferred this pigeon to the breeding loft by now; the reason he is still in the racing loft has to do with the fact that Bart did not have enough old birds in his team for the longer races. So it was decided to keep Smart Boy in the racing team for another year. And it worked out really well. Smart Boy will continue to race this season, since he might be in the running for a national ace pigeon title later this year.

Smart Boy's wonderful wing

Bart expected a lot from smart Boy, given his impressive pedigree. His sire is Elfpender Leeuw, which was a son of De Leeuw of Marcel Wouters. De Leeuw was 8th nat. ace pigeon KBDB 2004. The dam is Dark Shadow, which is in turn a daughter of Wittekop Sylvester X Iron Lady. Iron Lady is the dam of a 1st nat. ace pigeon longer middle distance KBDB yearlings. Click here for Smart Boy's full pedigree.