Adrien Mirabelle (Ghlin, BE) has an excellent start to the season with a 1st Provincial Limoges and 2 x top 20 zone

He has won 13 provincial and national titles over the past three seasons, and Adrien Mirabelle started the 2018 season with great flair as well. Numerous top results were won in Ghlin but the first real highlight of the year came on 2nd of June: a 1st Provincial Limoges, won by a highly talented bird with a remarkable pedigree.

Adrien has been able to make his ambitions become a reality in recent years

'Mister Limoges' Skam: 1st Prov. Limoges 1,717 p.

The pigeons were released in Limoges on Saturday 2nd of June at 7:30am, marking the start of the first national long distance race of the season. Among the 15,783 pigeons was the four year old racing cock BE14-1073369 Skam. He had been given a week off prior to this race, in which he claimed a 1st Provincial of 1,717 pigeons in Henegouwen, several hours after his release. He also claimed a 5th Nat. Zone of 4,551 p. along the way, as well as a 14th Nat. of 15,783 p. Skam is a genuine prize winner that has stood out in quite a few races since 2015, including last year’s race from Limoges:

Limoges II 2017:  5th Nat. Zone 2,633 p. (38th Nat. 9,162 p.)
Toury 2018:      19th 2.438 p.
Tulle 2017:      15th Prov. 735 p. (47th Nat. Zone 1,913 p.)
Bourges 2016:    62nd Prov. 1,311 p.
Brive 2017:     240th Nat. Zone 2,439 p.
Tulle 2015:     100th Prov. 1,106 p.
Jarnac 2017:    137th Interprov. 1,409 p. (53rd Prov. 525 p.)

And he got an even better result in this year's race from Limoges, claiming a provincial first prize. Here is a look at the team's overall performance from Limoges:

Limoges Club           432 p.: 1-3-8 (3/7)
Limoges Provincial   1,717 p.: 1-5-38 (3/7)
Limoges Nat. Zone    4,551 p.: 5-17-75 (3/7)
Limoges National    15,783 p.: 14-65-292 (3/7)

Click here for Skam's full list of achievements.

After his 5th Nat. Zone Limoges 2017, Skam now claims a 1st Prov. Limoges 2018

Just to be clear: Skam is not a one trick pony. And he is another example of the champions breed champions mantra. His sire Fred comes from a full brother of Gaby (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Middle Distance 2008) x a full sister of 1Ace Pigeon La Colombophille Belge (with 4 first prizes). The dam of Skam is a full sister of Adil (their sire is Shogun, 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon 2015 and 2 x 8th Nat. Ace Pigeon 2016 and 2017). And she has the same sire (Gros Bleu) as the 299/19, which is the dam of nestbrothers Calvin (3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Shorter Middle Distance 2016) and Lewis (5th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Shorter Middle Distance 2016). Nicolettas dam is JM's Gift, a Thibaut-Boons dam from a crossing of the Blauwe Bliksem (Deno-Herbots) x Oude Pros (Thibaut-Boons) bloodlines. JM's Gift is dam of 802/15, 1st Ace Bird Longer Middle Distance Demer & Dijle 2016. This is an impressive pedigree, based around an invaluable collection of breeding birds. Click here to learn more about Skam's pedigree.

The golden pigeon family from Ghlin, which includes Shogun, Calvin and Lewis

The icing on the cake after an impressive early season

Did the result from Limoges come as a surprise? Not really, no. In fact, the Mirabelle pigeons did what they have been doing for weeks: taking the lead in the races. Take a minute to scroll through their achievements so far, including only their prizes per 10. The prizes per 100 are printed in bold:

14/04 Soissons (121 km) – 1,045 olds: 12-36-48-51-57-91-97-… (18/21)
21/04 Nanteuil (169 km) – 1,557 olds: 5-8-17-18-27-43-83-84-137-156-… (17/23)
21/04 Nanteuil (169 km) – 1,584 YLs:  13-35-37-45-48-52-53-71-78-79-118-138-144-146-… (19/45)
28/04 Melun    (221 km) – 1,107 YLs:  6-16-29-59-99-107-108-… (19/38)
05/05 Nanteuil (169 km) – 1,234 YLs:  9-22-59-… (4/6)
05/05 Toury    (291 km) – 2,052 olds: 2-6-7-13-24-36-48-66-69-86-110-… (16/23)
05/05 Toury    (291 km) – 942   YLs:  7-9-11-20-22-27-30-31-37-41-44-62-65-68-81-… (28/38)
12/05 Toury    (291 km) – 2,438 olds: 1-3-14-19-24-30-38-39-40-46-46-48-53-93-96-109-
                                      210-… (18/23)
12/05 Toury    (291 km) – 1,412 YLs:  6-8-12-13-14-43-53-55-100-115-… (19/24)
19/05 Orléans  (317 km) – 1,637 olds: 3-4-9-15-37-60-124-146-… (12/17)
19/05 Orléans  (317 km) – 1,001 YLs:  3-5-10-17-21-29-30-43-46-54-65-68-69-73-95-95-… (29/40)
19/05 Vierzon  (387 km) – 418 olds:   2-9-10-… (4/6)
19/05 Vierzon Iprov. (387km) – 9,260 olds: 46-115-166-… (4/6)
26/05 Toury    (291 km) – 1,311 olds: 1-5-9-47-50-52-… (11/13)
26/05 Toury    (291 km) – 1,071 YLs:   3-5-7-16-28-30-44-54-55-74-101-103-… (25/31)
02/06 Bourges  (391 km) – 345 YLs:     2-3-4-9-14-27-32-… (10/26)
02/06 Limoges  (582 km) – 432 olds:   1-3-8 (3/7)

Here we have Adrien's most remarkable top results of 2018 against large numbers of birds:

4th, 17th and 75th Nat. Zone Limoges 4,551 p.
14th and 65th National Limoges 15,783 p. (national doubles)
46th Vierzon Interprov. 9,260 p.
97th Nat. Zone Bourges 6,176 p.

Click here for the full list of achievements of 2018 for the racing team from Ghlin.

A common sight: Adrien receiving an award, here together with his girlfriend Maud

De concurrentie versterken

Adrien has developed a solid reputation over the years thanks to his outstanding results, and this is something his colleagues have picked up on as well. In fact, a handful of fanciers from around the area have already obtained some Mirabelle pigeons. It proved an excellent investment: in 2017 alone we saw Kevin Saudoyez claim a 1st Interprov. Montluçon of 3,196 p. And many of Adrien's opponents have been successful this season as well, winning the following prizes per 100:

2nd Toury 1,412 p. (Famille 3D)
2nd Toury 1,071 p. (Famille 3D)
3rd Nanteuil 1,061 p. (Gebr. Gaie)
4th Nat. Zone Bourges 6,176 p. (37th Nat. 20,284 p.) (Kevin Saudoyez)
4th Soissons 1.363 d. (Gebr. Gaie)
4th Melun 780 p. (Gebr. Gaie)
6th Toury 810 p. (Famille 3D)
13th Vierzon 9,260 p. (Famille 3D)
57th Nat. Zone Bourges 6,176 p. (Famille 3D)
88th Interprov. Vierzon 9,260 p. (Kevin Saudoyez)

Here are some more top prizes that were won with pigeons of Adrien Mirabelle. This shows that his very opponents are making good use of his excellent bloodlines as well. This will of course earn him several new references but it also means that his own pigeons will become his opponents. After all, the Mirabelle pigeon breed has been producing nothing but high quality descendants over the years.