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Peter Janssen (Kleve, DE) has another fantastic start to the early season

We have the first NPO races coming up, and Peter Janssen has already made clear that he has plenty of talented birds in his racing team. He won a 1st and 3rd Charleville of 22,503 pigeons and a 3rd and 8th Laon of 20,235 pigeons, and these are just a few of several top results in recent weeks.

Peter Janssen leading the race, it is starting to become a common sight, but that does not make his achievements any less impressive. He amazes his opponents time and time again with marvellous results, and he has had some very successful races again this season. We take a look at the first six races of 2018, taking into account only his very best results:

14/04/18 Heusden-Zolder Prov. 9                 138 km 24,560 p.: 2-3-20-21-41-47-71-etc. (34/66)
21/04/18 Bierges        Prov. 9                 161 km 26,032 p.: 1-4-9-17-18-25-32-51-53-
                                                             69-etc. (33/68)
28/04/18 Charleville    Prov. 9                 249 km 24,437 p.: 10-35-36-56-etc. (31/60)
05/05/18 Laon           Prov. 9                 299 km 20,235 p.: 3-8-35-79-81-82-etc.(46/56)
12/05/18 Charleville    Prov. 9                 249 km 22,503 p.: 1-3-13-23-25-31-46-etc. (37/50)
19/05/18 Chalons-en-C.  Prov. 9 (Distr. 3 cc 3) 342 km  1,570 p.: 1-2-3-4-5-6-9-17-18-21-30-31-36-
                                                             44-55-69-72-etc. (43/50) 

We think there is a lot to be expected from this team in the upcoming middle distance and one day long distance races. We now take a closer look at the pigeons that have had their share in the team's most recent top results. These are just a few examples; we expect this list to become longer and longer as the season goes on.

NL15-1451880, 1st Bierges 26,032 pigeons and 3rd Laon 20,235 pigeons

The 880 won a 1st from Bierges of 26,032 pigeons, and a 3rd from Laon of 20,235 pigeons two weeks later. The sire of the 880 is Euro Junior, a direct son of Euro of Heremans-Ceusters. Euro Junior (a son of Euro x Mysterious) follows in the footsteps of his illustrious sire here in Kleve: he is the sire of NL14-0147131, 5th National Ace Pigeon YBs NPO 2014, and of NL15-1451972 (1st Rethel 4803 p.). Click here for Euro Junior's best descendants. The dam of the 880 is a daughter of Bender, winner of 7 first prizes. Click here for the pedigree of NL15-1451880.

NL10-1274919 Euro Junior, a son of the renowned Euro

BE13-5108638 Daughter Bender, the dam of a 5th National Ace Pigeon YBs NPO 2014

NL16-1288821, 1st Charlesville 22,503 pigeons

The 821 has not missed a single prize this season, which means he has already six prizes to his name, including a 1st Charlesville of 22,503 pigeons. The sire of the 821 was inbred to 1st As-Vogel (D-1274-10-272). This 272 became 1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance in the Nitra Olympiad 2013. The dam of the 821 is a super class breeding hen and a direct daughter of Lord Lohengrin. Click here for the pedigree of NL16-288821. Gandfather Lord Lohengrin became 1st Ace Pigeon National One Day Long Distance Fondspiegel 2013 and he won two first prizes NPO in the one day long distance, along with a few other top results:

1st   NPO Bourges     2013   3073 p.
1st   NPO Salbris     2014   7138 p.
7th   NPO Bourges     2014   5132 p.
19th  NPO Châteauroux 2013   3778 p.
20th  NPO Salbris     2013   5946 p.

NL17-1032925, 2nd Heusden-Zolder 24,560 pigeons and 4th Bierges 26,032 pigeons

The last pigeon worth taking a closer look at is the one year old hen NL17-1032925. She won a 2nd of 24,560 pigeons in the opening race from Heusden-Zolder on 14th of April, as well as a 4th from Bierges of 26,032 pigeons the following week. The dam of the 925 is B16-6220902, and she is a breeding hen that comes straight from Dr. F. Marien (Tielen, BE). The sire of the 925 is the NL15-1451962 (from Best Kaasboer Son Ever), and he is a full brother of Müller (1st National Ace Pigeon Fondspiegel 2013-2015). Click here for the full pedigree of the NL17-1032925.

Breeding bird BE09-6358797 can be rightfully considered the Best Kaasboer Son Ever. He is the sire of the following prize winners in Peter's breeding lofts:

1st  Ace Pigeon National One Day Long Distance Fondspiegel 2013-2015
1st  NPO Sens       6636 p.
1st  Morlincourt    8520 p.
1st  Isnes          7623 p.
2nd  Laon           8387 p.
2nd  Sourdun        1609 p.
3rd  Reims          1393 p.
3th  Charlesville   1374 p. 
4th  NPO Blois      4413 p.

Click here for a full overview of Best Kaasboer Son Ever's achievements as a breeder.

Renowned pigeons lead to great results today

A never-ending search for top quality pigeons and Peter's expertise are the foundation for the team's current top results. And time and time again we notice that his latest generation of prize winners is closely related to such renowned breeders as Son Kaasboer, Lord Lohengrin, Euro Junior, Bender, and many others. Needless to say, we expect a lot from the pigeons of grandmaster Peter Janssen in the next few middle distance and long distance races.