Romein-Klein combination (Rotterdam, NL) take home a fantastic result from Pointoise with a 1st, 2nd and 7th of 39,187 birds

Cor Romein and Frank Klein have already won some impressive results in the early 2018 season. They claimed the entire top three in the middle distance race from Pontoise on 5th of May of 10,995 pigeons (and 2nd fastest of 39,187 birds). On top of that, they won a 1st prize from Peronne of 4,613 pigeons a week earlier.

Cor Romein and Frank Klein decided to start racing together in 2014, and they have been on the rise ever since. They did particularly well in 2016 and 2017, winning the following prizes in national and provincial competitions:

1st Dutch substitute pigeon Olympiad category G yearlings
2nd Superstar of the year in the middle distance series of the 'Golden Pigeon' competition The Netherlands
2nd Superstar of the year in the sprint series of the 'Golden Pigeon' competition The Netherlands
2nd-10th-13th Best sprint/middle distance pigeon The Netherlands - 10 prizes PIPA ranking
3rd Sprint pigeon national competition WHZB/TBOTB
3rd Winner of bronze pigeon in Golden Pigeon competition The Netherlands
5th-22nd Best sprint pigeon in The Netherlands - 5 prizes PIPA ranking
11th Best young bird middle distance in The Netherlands – 3 prizes PIPA ranking
20th Best ace pigeon old birds in The Netherlands – 12 prizes PIPA ranking

3rd-14th best sprint pigeon of The Netherlands PIPA ranking (5 prizes)
7th-22nd Best sprint/middle distance pigeon PIPA ranking (10 prizes)
1st Emperor middle distance rayon central (Province 5)
1st Emperor general central Holland East (Province 5)
2nd succeessor in The Netherlands in the golden pigeon competition
4th Champion sprint competition 'De Allerbeste' with 796 (Miss Perfect)
6th Champion sprint competition 'De Allerbeste' with 831 (Starlet)

Cor and Frank have continued to win great results in 2018 as well, claiming a 1st of 4,613 pigeons in Peronne on 28th of April (with the fastest of 12,975 p.). Their overall results in Province 5 Central-Holland East are quite impressive as well:

Peronne 251 km 4,613 p.: 1-7-23-24-31-69-72-etc. (36/84)

Next up was the race from Pointoise on 5th of May, which proved a difficult race: the fastest pigeon covered 362km with a velocity of 1,167 m/min. Team Romein-Klein was in great form that day, winning a 1st, 2nd and 3rd of 10,995 pigeons, with the fastest two of 39,187 birds. Here are the team's results in the different competitions (prizes 1 per 100 only):

Sam. Central-Holland East Pointoise 362 km  4,520 p.: 1-2-3-5-12-etc. (42/81)
Prov. 5 Rayon Midden                       10,995 p.: 1-2-3-8-23-etc.
Prov. 5                                    39,187 p.: 1-2-7-32-114-etc.

We now take a closer look at the champions that claimed a 1st, 2nd and 7th from Pontoise (of 39,187 p.) and a 1st from Peronne (of 4,613 p.).

NL17-1229375 New Starlet, 1st Pointoise (39,187 pigeons)

The 1st prize from Pontoise of 39,187 pigeons was won by a one year old hen called New Starlet. And it was not her first top result: she already won a 54th Asse/Zellik (3,569 p.), a 68th Pontoise (1,972 p.), etc. It is fairly obvious that she inherited her racing abilities from her parents: her sire, none other than Blue Wonder, won 13 prizes in 2015, 15 prizes in 2016 and 13 prizes in 2017. The dam of New Starlet is top class hen Starlet.

Starlet, the dam of a 1st Pointoise (39,187 pigeons)

Starlet is quite a phenomenal racing bird; she won the following ace pigeon titles at national level in just two years' time:

 3rd Best sprint pigeon WHZB/TBOTB 201
 2nd Best sprint/middle distance pigeon in The Netherlands PIPA ranking 2016 (10 prizes)
 5th Best sprint pigeon in The Netherlands PIPA ranking 2016 (5 prizes)
22nd Best sprint/middle distance pigeon in The Netherlands PIPA ranking 2017 (10 prizes)
 4th Dutch Olympiad Pigeon Cat. G YLs 2017

She won the following top results in 2017 alone:

 1st Roye      6,051 p.
 1st Arras       827 p.
 3rd Pointoise 2,462 p.
 8th Peronne   5,056 p.
18th Arras     5,047 p.
26th Peronne   5,090 p.

By the end of the 2017 season Cor and Frank agreed to move her to the breeding loft. And as you can tell from the achievements of her daughter New Starlet, she is showing to be an important asset in the breeding loft as well. Click here for New Starlet's pedigree.

NL17-1229362 Noa, 2nd Pointoise (39,187 pigeons)

Racing hen Noa claimed a 2nd prize from Pointoise, and she has quite a remarkable pedigree as well. Her sire (NL16-501) is a grandson of the amazing Wondere Dirk of C&G Koopman (Ermerveen, NL). The dam of the 501 is a daughter of Super 041 of D&A Van de Vrede (Bergschenhoek, NL). This Super 041 has won a 1st Prov. Ablis (10,544 p.) and a 1st NPO La Souterraine (8,900 p.). The dam of Noa is NL16-442. Her (half) brothers and sisters have won a 1st Peronne (5,056 p.), a 1st Fontenay (3,308 p.), a 1st Roye (1,906 p.), etc.

NL15-1655796 Miss Perfect, 7th Pointoise (39,187 pigeons)

Super class hen Miss Perfect won a third prize from Pointoise for the team, and she has really lived up to her name. She wins 19 top prizes in 2017 alone, and she has 15 prizes 1 per 100 on her palmares. Here are her best results:

 2nd Quievrain     4,566 p. (after a loft mate)
 2nd Asse-Zellik   1,574 p.
 2nd Peronne       1,204 p.
 3rd Roye          2,796 p. (after 2 loft mates)
 3rd Asse-Zellik   1,338 p. (after 2 loft mates)
 4th Arras         2,414 p.
 5th Pont-St.-Max. 3,557 p.
 6th Pont-St.-Max. 7,586 p.
 6th Asse-Zellik     839 p.
 7th Asse-Zellik   2,322 p.
 8th Morlincourt   5,298 p.
 9th Peronne       5,056 p.
10th Pontoise      5,550 p.
10th Duffel        1,516 p.

She won the following titles in the PIPA rankings:

13th Best sprint/middle distance pigeon in The Netherlands PIPA ranking 2016 (10 prizes)
 7th Best sprint/middle distance pigeon in The Netherlands PIPA ranking 2017 (10 prizes)
 3rd Best sprint pigeon in The Netherlands PIPA ranking 2017 (5 prizes)

The sire of Miss Perfect is the '8000'. This son of Zeus (D&A van de Vrede) has been in Cor and Frank's collection since 2014. Click here for Miss Perfect's fantastic pedigree.

NL17-1229202 Black Lady, 1st Peronne (4,613 pigeons)

Black Lady wins a 1st Peronne of 4,613 pigeons, and she was also the fastest of 12,975 birds. The sire of Black Lady is Jonge Gerardus, a cock from the team of Henk Scheffel (Elburg, NL). She is related to some Heremans-Ceusters bloodlines from her mother's side, including Son Goochelaar and Granddaughter Blauwe As, as well as the highly successful Zeus bloodline. Click here for Black Lady's full pedigree.

To conclude

Cor and Frank are among a few very fanatic fanciers. They are willing to invest a lot in their pigeons, and they are always looking to improve their existing collection. You can tell from their achievements in recent years that they have been able to do so. Both Cor and Frank are still working, and it is Frank who looks after the pigeons most of the time. Every Saturday young club member Ard Slobbe (16) assists the two fanciers, and both Cor and Frank are really happy to have this passionate young fancier on board. Their results in the past few weeks clearly show that their racing team is in excellent form, and we reckon they will be winning races in the coming weeks as well.