Benny Steveninck (Hamme, BE) discovers new top breeders in de Gueret and Sun

The bloodline of stock breeder Chipo turned Benny Steveninck into a world renowned fancier. Meanwhile breeding birds De Gueret (national winner Limoges) and Sun (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB) followed in Chipo's footsteps; they have now taken over the Steveninck breeding loft.

Benny Steveninck started keeping pigeons in 1998. Today, exactly 20 years later, he is one of the leading names in the longer middle distance and the light long distance. He is a world renowned fancier with several national victories and national ace pigeons to his name, and his prize winning birds have been sent out to pigeon lofts across the globe. Mister Chipo, as Benny is often referred to by fellow fanciers, developed a pigeon breed solely around winners and ace pigeons. In fact, he never sold any of his champions, and this is what makes the Steveninck pigeon family so valuable. His very own champions have laid the foundation for one of the world's most talented breeds, almost unmatched in provincial and national races of about 400 to 650 km.

Things really started to unfold in 2003, which was the year of birth of the amazing pigeon that became the team's number one stock breeder: ​Chipo. Chipo promptly won the title of 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance YBs in his year of birth, before showing his true potential in the breeding loft. The Chipo bloodline, with Chipo's illustrious sons Chihaut 98, Chihaut 100 and De Crack as its ambassadors, has outperformed its opponents on many occasions, and has repeatedly made history in the Benny Steveninck racing loft.

De Gueret, the new leading name

The national races of the longer middle distance and the long distance are as popular as ever in Belgium, and these happen to be the favourite races of the Steveninck breed as well. Benny's first national triumph came fairly quickly: just one week after the Antwerp based champion Bart Geerinckx claimed a 1st Nat. Limoges Derby in 2009 with a 50% Steveninck bird (the dam was a daughter of Chipo), it was Benny himself who claimed a national victory for the first time, beating 16,896 one year olds in the yearling's race from Limoges. His national winner was Gueret BE08-4216930, a great racing bird that had already won a 1st Prov. Gueret of 3,067 YBs as a young bird in 2008. His sire is a full brother of Chipo. This is quite a talented bloodline indeed.

-De Gueret BE08-4216930

 1st Nat. Limoges 16,986 p. ’09
 1st Prov. Gueret  3,067 p. ’08
19st Nat. Gueret  14,784 p. ’08

It was based on this palmares that Benny decided to give him a special spot in the breeding loft. De Gueret lived up to his expectations as a breeder, as he gradually developed into one of the most valued members of the breeding team.

De Gueret is now the sire of:

 4th Prov Chateauroux   562 p. –  1st Club 108 p. (with 045/12)
 5th Nat Chateauroux  2,780 p. (with 941/15)
10th Prov Gueret      3,670 p. – 68th Nat.    16,988 p. (with 045/12)
10th Prov Montluçon   4,830 p. – 33rd N. Zone 3.721 p. (with 045/12)
20th Prov Argenton    4,948 p. –  1st Club  471 p. (D. Gueret 094/10)
22nd Prov Chateauroux 1,299 p. – 154 Nat. 7,617 p. (with 941/15)
22nd Prov Vierzon       761 p. (with 067/11)
27th Nat Zone Gueret  2,352 p. (with 942/14)
28th Prov Chateauroux 4,740 p. (with 961/16)
29th Prov Bourges     1,765 p. (with 941/15)
38th Prov Vierzon     2,738 p. (with 067/11)
41st Prov Chateauroux 2,860 p. (with 941/15)
41st Prov Bourges     1,294 p. (Daughter Gueret 094/10)
54th Prov Tulle       1,998 p. – 322 Nat   8,621 p. (with 945/14)
60th Nat Brive        9,049 p. – 14. Prov  2,336 p. (with 945/14)
64th Prov Bourges     2,159 p. – 392 Nat  14,145 p. (Greg)
71st Nat Limoges     14,211 p. – 15. Prov  3,709 p. (Greg)
78th Prov Argenton    1,090 p. – 309 Nat   7,046 p. (with 067/11)
78th Prov Blois       2,077 p. (with 045/12)
99th Nat Zone Bourges 4,582 p. (with 894/10)
100th Prov Bourges    4,668 p. (with 942/14)
100th Nat Montluçon   9,462 p. (with 941/14)
1st Toury               263 p. (with 961/16)
9th-35th-40th-60th Prov…          – 36th-37th Nat. Zone (with 941/14)

For a bloodline to truly stand out it needs to be able to give multiple generations of equally talented descendants, and that is something that clearly applies to the De Gueret bloodline.

In his own loft Gueret is also the grandfather of:

1st Prov Argenton     4,707 p. –  2nd Nat 18,363 p. (with Chen)
1st Nat Zone Poitiers 2,688 p. (Speedy)
1st Prov Bourges      1,688 p. –  9th Nat 10,114 p. (Tess)
2nd Prov Chateauroux  3,751 p. – 48th Nat 18,604 p. (Tess)
2nd Prov Bourges      3,492 p. (Speedy)

De Gueret is now the full brother of at least 8 first prize winners in the loft of Benny and Karin, and that includes a 1st Prov. Blois 2,144 p., a 1st Nat. Zone 2,162 p., and a 68th Nat. La Souterraine. He is also a half brother of the sire of Son Lucky 77, two time winner of a 2nd Nat. Zone, and a 12th National 11,883 p.
He is also a half brother of Yue Ping 874/13 from his father's side, and this Yue Ping has won a 1st Dourdan 383 p., a 2nd Prov. Bourges 3,316 p., and a 31st, 41st and 71st National. He is also the half brother of the following prize winners from his mother's side:

-Jen: 10th Nat. Ace Pigeon Yearlings KBDB, 2nd Prov. Chateauroux 4,206 p.
-Lucky 77: 10th Best young bird of Belgium over 4 national races in 2010, and winner of 2 first prizes
-Yamina: 1st Nat. Zone Gueret 4,675 p. and 55th Nat. 20,383 p.
-Flo: 1st Prov. and 32nd Nat. La Souterraine 7,631 p. ’16, 26th Nat. La Souterraine 11,236 p.
-Nuw Lucky 77: winner of five first prizes, a 2-4-6 Prov., 6-16-30-31st Nat. Zone. She is also the dam of three first prize winners, and a 13-16-63-68th national
-Dubbel 28: winner of an 88th Nat. Gueret 2,745 p., a 92nd Nat. Bourges 12,607 p.
-‘978/11’: 3rd Prov. Argenton 4,464 p., and 55th Nat. 20,383 p.

The parents of De Gueret: 1st Nat. Limoges and 1st Prov. Gueret

References in other lofts with descendants of De Gueret

The descendants of De Gueret have not only excelled in their home loft. Many other fanciers have benefitted from this invaluable bloodline, leading to prestigious victories and ace pigeon titles at provincial, zonal or even national level. Here is a brief selection of references, just to give you an idea:

Team BDS were really successful with descendants of De Gueret

Team BDS (Ruiselede, BE)

Team BDS bred a fantastic racing hen from a daughter of De Gueret. She is called Karin, named after Benny Steveninck's wife. Here is the palmares of this fantastic hen:

-Karin BE13-3076165 (granddaughter Gueret – raced by BDS)

6th Ace Pigeon PIPA Ranking Longer Middle Distance YLs – 5 national races
4th Prov. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance YLs KBDB 2014
’14 Argenton II    Prov    413 p. 1
                   Zone    467 p. 1
’13 La Souterraine Zone  2,555 p. 13 (348 p. 1)
’14 Tours          Prov    411 p. 9
’14 La Souterraine Zone  1,173 p. 20
’14 Bourges I      Zone  3,461 p. 29
’14 Tours          Prov  2,964 p. 53
’14 Montluçon      Prov  2,321 p. 49
’13 Clermont       WVOU 10,654 p. 77
’13 Brionne        Prov  6,773 p. 90

Racing bird Tielt of Team BDS has done great as well, winning a 1st-4th-4th and a 13th Nat. Zone La Souterraine of 2,555 p.

Time Bandit (grandson Gueret) wins three first prizes for Martin De Poorter

Martin De Poorter (Sluis, NL)

He had a fantastic middle distance champion in his loft, called Time Bandit (a grandson of De Gueret, and a direct Team BDS). This pigeon has won three first prizes and several top results in the NPO and in provincial races.

-Time Bandit BE11-4245768

 2nd Prov Gien          3,776 p. – 1st Club   232 p.
 7th Breuil Le Vert     6,101 p. – 1st Club 1,078 p.
15th NPO La Souterraine 2,751 p. – 1st Club   105 p.
24th Breuil Le Vert     1,658 p. – 9th Club   462 p.

Chris Debacker bred two provincial first prize winners from a grandchild of Gueret

Chris Debacker (Beveren-Leie, BE)

He bred two provincial first prize winners from Tours from a grandchild of De Gueret.

Roger Debusschere bred great racing birds from direct youngsters of De Gueret

Roger Debusschere (Lokeren, BE)

Roger has several youngsters of De Gueret in his collection, and some of them proved to be outstanding breeding birds. One of their best descendants was basketed for 3 young birds' races as a young bird, and it won a top prize in each of them:

-Kleinkind Gueret BE15-4126429

16th Nat La Souterraine  9,760 p. –  2nd  Intprov 1,211 p.
45th Nat Chateauroux IV 10,442 p. –  8th  N.Zone  3,661 p.
30th Intprov Issoudun    1,665 p. – 304th Nat    11,984 p.

Sun: the bloodline of a national ace pigeon

You often have to show patience when it comes to developing a pigeon breed. One needs to look for good combinations, while trying to discover one or more stock breeders. It takes a bit of luck as well, but if you get yourself on the right track things can start to happen quickly. Besides De Gueret, Benny discovered another new breeding dam in Sun, winner of the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance YBs KBDB 2013 (with a 0.60007% coefficient) over 4 national young birds' races. Here is another look at her list of achievements:

-Sun BE13-4096962

 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance YBs KBDB 2013
 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2013
 2nd Ace Pigeon Belgium in the Europe Cup Dortmund 2013
 1st Prov La Souterraine 3,343 p. – 1st Nat. Zone – 22nd Nat 13,089 p.
 3rd Prov Argenton       3,942 p.
 7th Prov Chateauroux    2,759 p. – 118th Nat. 12,071 p.
44th Nat Bourges        18,478 p.

Sun is another inbred pigeon to Chipo, bred from grandson x daughter Chipo. Click here for Sun's full pedigree.

Sun, the new stock breeder for team Steveninck, once again confirms the theory that champions breed champions. Sun is now the dam of the following prize winners:

14th  Prov Chateauroux 3,788 p. – 176 Nat 14,672 p. (with 922/16)
16th  Prov Argenton    1,904 p. - 531 Nat 11,506 p. (with 922/16)
30th  Prov Chateauroux 5,877 p. – 261 Nat 25,710 p. (with 921/14)
35th  Prov Chateauroux   834 p. – 100 Nat  4,389 p. (with 922/16)
108th Prov Blois       2,147 p. (with 922/16)
134th Prov Chateauroux 4,740 p. (with 922/16)

The outstanding racing hen Sun put Benny and Karin in the international spotlight yet again, and her nest sister did even better. She demonstrated the enormous potential of this pigeon family yet again, winning the following prizes: 

-Nestsister Sun BE13-4096961

 1st Prov Chateauroux      909 p. – 10th  Nat  5,887 p. (1. Nat Zone)
 7th Nat Zone Montluçon  3,494 p. – 83rd  Nat 19,298 p.
14th Prov Chateauroux      544 p. – 127th Nat  3,933 p.
16th Nat Zone Gueret     1,719 p. – 153rd Nat  9,815 p.
17th Prov Blois          1,327 p.
28th Nat Zone Argenton   2,478 p. – 84th  Nat  9,228 p.
42nd Prov Argenton       3,396 p. – 108th Nat 13,629 p.
51st Prov La Souterraine 1,381 p.

This nest sister of Sun quickly showed to be a great breeding hen as well, as she is now the dam of:

16th Prov Chateauroux     2,311 p. (with 847/16)
24th Nat Zone Chateauroux 8,663 p. (1st Club 184 p.) (with 915/15)
52nd Prov Bourges         1,964 p. (with 847/16)
95th Prov Blois           4,517 p. (with 947/16)

Nest sister Sun is also the grandmother of a first prize winner in training flight 10 of the SAMDR in Sun City, South Africa.

The Sun bloodline is still fairly young, and yet she has already resulted in quite a number of top references and great achievements. We have already talked about the palmares of Sun and her nest sister, but that was just a start. The following is a brief overview of all the top 100 results at provincial, zonal or national level, won by the Sun pigeon family:

 3rd Prov Argenton       4,716 p. (youngster Sunshine 988/16)
 4th Prov Gueret         4,452 p. – 49th Nat. 16,262 p. (Sunny)
 7th Prov Chateauroux    2,311 p. (youngster Sunny 935/16)
 9th Prov Argenton       2,733 p. – 63rd Nat. 11,223 p. (with 974/15)
12th Prov Chateauroux    4,740 p. –  1st Club   138 p. (with 988/16)
13th N.Zone Chateauroux  8,584 p. – 68th Nat 26,695 p. (with 983/16)
16th Nat Chateauroux     4,389 p. (youngster Broer Sun 983/16)
17th Prov Argenton       4,716 p. (youngster Sunny 936/16)
17th Prov Chateauroux    4,740 p. (youngster Broer Sun 983/16)
24th Prov Chateauroux    3,788 p. (youngster Sunny 935/16)
25th Prov Chateauroux    2,367 p. (youngster Broer Sun 983/15)
31st Prov Chateauroux    4,740 p. (youngster Sunny 935/16)
33rd Prov Chateauroux    5,877 p. (Sunshine)
34th Prov Chateauroux    4,967 p. (youngster Sunshine 988/16)
43rd Prov Gueret         4,452 p. (Sunshine)
50th Prov Blois          2,147 p. (youngster Sunny 935/16)
56th Prov Argenton       1,904 p. (youngster Broer Sun 983/16)
58th Nat Zone Tours      3,829 p. (Sunshine)
59th Prov Bourges        7,395 p. (youngster Sunny 836/17)
71st Prov La Souterraine 1,784 p. (youngster Brother Sun 983/15)

This is quite extraordinary, especially after just three seasons. This bloodline has a bright future ahead.
The team's latest national winner, supercrack Pepchi BE14-4059809 ​(winner of a 1st Nat. Chateauroux 2,780 p. on 14 August 2017, a 1st Prov. montluçon 3,700 p.) is another granson of Chipo that is destined to be playing a leading role in the success story of Team Steveninck in the near future..

Chipo-Gueret-Sun, an invaluable bloodline

This is the breeding bloodline that has become one of the cornerstones of the Benny Steveninck pigeon family. This bloodline features in basically every prize winner and ace pigeon in this collection, and it is thanks to this bloodline that Benny Steveninck has become a world renowned player in races from 400 to 650km. Chipo, Gueret and Sun are the key to success for the fancier from Hamme, today and in the future.

PS. ​Benny is well aware that the list of references in this article is far from complete. Do you have a reference with descendants of De Gueret or Sun in your own loft? Feel free to send them in, so that we can complete this list, or put your achievement in the spotlight (e-mail: