Romania has a new one loft race: Europa Master Pigeons One Loft Race

The well-known Romanian fancier Danut Bacalu from Team Family Bacalu has been performing excellently in one loft races and studying their strengths and weaknesses since 2012. After working on his project for two years, he has now launched the Europa Master Pigeons One Loft Race.

Thoroughly analysing other one loft races to tackle future problems

Team Family Bacalu has been participating in one loft racing successfully since 2012. As participants, they were able to see how organisations manage the race and provide results and what problems they were faced with and how they tackled them. All that information allowed Mr Danut Bacalu to establish a one loft race which could tackle all those problems, or at least be prepared for them. A race by and for fanciers who are not afraid of competing with the best and who have faith in their own birds. A race which foresees in every single problem that could occur when participating in and organising a one loft race so every fanciers gets the best experience possible.

Mr Danut Bacalu: a reputed fancier who has won dozens of prizes over the past years such as a car in the Derby Arona race

Perfect racing conditions and location in Romania

The Europa Master Pigeons One Loft Race will be organised during the months of July, August and September because that is the best time to race pigeons in Romania, guaranteeing a most honest race. All pigeons will be trained daily if weather allows and their results, whether training or prize-winning races, will immediately appear on the Benzing Live website after the pigeon arrives so every fancier can follow the performances of his or her bird(s). In order for each bird to have equal chances, the organisation will darken the birds so they all have more or less the same wing for the final race. They will fly from south to north, often with head winds. Temperatures are around 25°C in mainly dry weather without daily or long periods of rain. The lofts are situated in the village of Baia in the Moldova river valley, between the Moldova river and the motorway connecting the north and south of Romania. So two important orientation points for the pigeons, in addition to perfect weather circumstances for pigeon racing.

Zoom in to see the exact location of the village of Baia, where the lofts have been constructed

What makes the Europa Master Pigeons OLR so unique?

Apart from the excellent racing conditions and loft location, the Europa Master Pigeons OLR has several other features making it unique in the one loft racing scene:

  1. A trustworthy main sponsor: IBS Builders Group SRL, the number one in Romania in constructing luxury houses.
  2. Eighty (!) percent of all participation fees goes to prize money.
  3. Twenty permanent surveillance cameras which will scare off possible robbers and ensure a greater safety for all birds entered.
  4. A secret code for each bird, only known by the fancier who sent in the bird.
  5. A professional staff experienced in quarantine, consisting of veterinary technicians, a veterinary doctor and a biologist.
  6. A separate one-week quarantine period per fancier, preventing a disease spread among newly arrived birds.

How can I participate and what does it cost?

Pigeons can arrive at the lofts from 3 March 2018 up until 30 April 2018. The entry fee is 150 euros/pigeon but if you send in five the sixth bird is registered free of charge. The prize money is guaranteed because a large number of pigeons have already been entered in this year's race. If you wish to participate in the race, please send your address and and the date you wish to send your birds to or +40 747 332 163 so the organisation can come and pick up your pigeons personally. They prefer that you keep your pigeons in quarantine at your place and that they pick up the pigeons at your house afterwards, for only 5 euros/pigeon, so the birds of each fancier are separated from those of other fanciers, limiting the chance of a disease outbreak. For more information, visit the organisation at Expo Houten on 3 or 4 March where the organisation will have a trade stand (no. 288) or check out the Europa Master Pigeons website.