Jan and Tom Iwens (Sint-Katelijne-Waver, BE) win several prizes per 10 every week with 1st National bloodline

Jan and Tom Iwens claimed their first national victory after just four years of middle distance racing. Racing bird 16 claimed a 1st National Argenton of 19,592 young birds, showing that the pigeon family of father and son Iwens has a lot of potential. The bloodline of this 16 was then reintroduced into their existing breed, which led to some spectacular prize percentages after just one season.

A flying start

Jan and his son Tom got involved in pigeon racing through Tom's late grandfather Albert Iwens. After years of sprint racing they switched over to the shorter middle distance in 2013 and eventually the longer middle distance. And how! They repeatedly featured in our top performances pages, where the standards are pretty high, before eventually claiming their first national victory in 2016 (from Argenton). This is a fantastic start to their pigeon racing career, the kind of start many fanciers would dream of.

Jan and Tom after their national win from Argenton

The 16, their 1st National Argenton 19,592 young birds

The most remarkable feat in their early pigeon racing career is without doubt their national first prize from Argenton, in honest conditions: windstill, a clear sky and temperatures ranging from 25 to 30°C. With 19,592 young birds and 27,284 pigeons in competition, racing bird BE16-6113416 was the only pigeon to break the 1,300 m/min mark. The 16, as their winning hen is called, had already won a top prize from Souppes-sur-Loing (14th of 605 pigeons, in her only middle distance race) and Noyon (a prize per four in the week prior to Argenton). She owes her name to a very special pigeon of grandfather Albert: "his best pigeon ever was also called The 16. Coincidentally, these are also the last two digits in the ring number of our national winner, which is BE16-6113416. This is a subtle reference and an homage to our grandfather", Tom proudly explains. Both her parents and two of her grandparents will be discussed below. Take a closer look at The 16's full pedigree here.

The 16, a jet plane named after the best pigeon of grandfather Albert

A pigeon breed based around The 16: countless prizes per 10

We are now almost one and a half years later, and the pedigrees of most of the team's breeding and racing birds are are now heavily based around the bloodlines of The 16 and his relatives. Focusing their entire pigeon breed around this national winner was a logical choice, and a particularly clever one as well. Countless prizes per ten have been won in the first season with this new bloodline. Take a look at Jan and Tom's best results in 2017 and judge for yourself. We will now take a closer look at the breeding and racing birds that have led to so many top results:

BE14-6247381 Sunshine: a great racing hen and the dam of a 1st National

Sunshine is a grandchild of Mistral of R&P Vervloesem from her mother's side. Mistral had already won a 1st Prov. Minden and a 2nd Prov. Châteauroux, and his dam was also the grandmother of 11 provincial winners in Great Britain. He was paired to the iconic breeder Kaasboer, and they eventually bred Sunshine's dam. Sunshine was a very talented racing hen with an excellent palmares:

  1st Club Souppes-sur-Loing 363 p.
  1st Club Châteauroux       177 p. (71st Nat. 25,710 p.)
  2nd Club Montluçon         174 p. (358th Nat. 16,982 p.)
  3rd Club Souppes-sur-Loing 345 p.
  6th Club Noyon             405 p.
254th Zone B1 Bourges      7,739 p.

Click here for all the results of Sunshineher full pedigree can be found here.

BE13-6094830 Vici: a super class breeder and the sire of a 1st National

Vici is a 100% R&P Vervloesem from sire Trikkie (1st Prov. La Souterraine and 13th Best young bird in the national races PIPA rankings) x daughter Olympic Flipper (4th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB and 2nd Olympiad Pigeon Cat. B). That daughter of Olympic Flipper is a half sister of Mieke (1st Prov. Châteauroux). Click here for the full pedigree of top breeder Vici.

Young bird Vici was obtained from Vervloesem for breeding purposes only. That was a smart move: five of his sons have now joined him in the breeding loft as well. In 2014 Jan and Tom paired Vici to their top breeder BE06-6351733, to breed two rounds of youngsters. Among them were three very talented cocks that went straight to the breeding loft in 2015, after their racing career. One of them was BE14-6247305, which won quite a few top prizes over the course of his racing career:

Tours (492 km)             Club:                   203 p.: 3rd
                           Provincial:           4.557 p.: 125th
                           National:            24.097 p.: 295th
Souppes-sur-Loing (353 km) Club                    374 p.: 1st
                           Union Antw. (olds):   3.403 p.: 19th
                           Union Antw. (YLs):    2,091 p.: 15th
                           Zone W (olds):        2,216 p.: 9th
                           Zone W (YLs):         1,315 p.: 7th
Quiévrain (91 km)          Club:                 329 p.: 16th
Souppes-sur-Loing (353 km) Club:                 164 p.: 9th

His nest brother De Nijdige, which is shown below, is one of the other three cocks that proved particularly talented.

BE14-6247306 De Nijdige: a future top breeder and half brother of 1st National (through Vici)

Like we said, De Nijdige is a nest brother of the aforementioned BE14-6247305. He comes from Vici, which is also the sire of a 1st National Argenton, and of top class breeder BE06-6351733. Click here for the full pedigree of De Nijdige.

De Nijdige bred three great racing birds in just two seasons:

  • 474/16: 7th Chevrainvilliers 73 p., 8th Souppes 605 p., 30th Chevrainvilliers 375 p., 173rd Zone B1 Argenton 3,674 p., 179th Zone B1 Châteauroux 4,398 p., 576th Zone B1 Bourges 8,989 p., 654th Zone B1 Bourges 7,364 p., 967th Nat. La Souterraine 16,613 p., etc.
  • 422/16: 1st Souppes 362 p. and 20th Souppes 621 p. (he died afterwards)
  • 583/17: 1st Quiévrain 334 p. and 1st Quiévrain 130 p. (raced with a youngster two weeks in a row)

Click here for the full list of achievements of the three pigeons.

BE13-6095202 Rambo: sire of top racing bird Rambo Junior and grandfather of 1st National (through Sunshine)

Rambo is another renowned breeder in Sint-Katelijne-Waver. He is the sire of Sunshine, which is the dam of a 1st National Argenton (The 16), and Sunshine's full brother Rambo Junior, a successful racing bird and winner of 8 prizes per 10 as a yearling in 2017. Rambo's achievements will be discussed below.

Rambo was obtained directly from Van Eynde-Goovaerts, and he is inbred to top breeder Kaasboer: one great-grandfather from his father's side and one great-grandfather from his mother's side are sons of Kaasboer. Click here to find out more about Rambo's pedigree.

BE13-6094806 Mistral Duivin: the dam of Rambo Junior and a grandmother of a 1st National (through Sunshine)

Mistral Duivin is the dam of top racing bird Sunshine and the amazing racing bird Rambo Junior, which means she is also the grandmother of the national winner The 16. They were both bred when paird to Rambo, although she bred several talented descendants with other partners as well.

Mistral Duivin was obtained directly from R&P Vervloesem, just like Vici, the sire of The 16. Like we said earlier, Mistral Duivin comes from Mistral x granddaughter Kaasboer. Mistral won a 1st Prov. Minden and a 2nd Prov. Châteauroux for Vervloesem, and he comes from hen that became the grandmother of eleven different provincial winners in Great Britain. Your blood never lies. Click here for Mistral Duivin's full pedigree.

BE16-6113441 Rambo Junior

Rambo Junior is a full brother of Sunshine, the dam of a 1st National, and a son of top class breeding pair Rambo x Mistral DuivinClick here for the full pedigree of Rambio Junior

Like we said earlier, Rambio Junior was able to win 8 prizes per 10 last summer. This is a great result, which only the strongest of racing birds can achieve in a single season. Have a look at his impressive coefficient across these nine races:

Argenton           National:  22,712 p.: 132nd
Châteauroux        National:  14,955 p.: 249th
Argenton           Zone B1:    3,674 p.: 136th (557th Nat. 11,503 p.)
Chevrainvilliers   Club:         275 p.:  22nd
Noyon              Club:         367 p.:  23rd
Noyon              Club:         376 p.:  37th
Chevrainvilliers   Club:         366 p.:  28th
Noyon              Club:         153 p.:  14th

Click here for an overview of these results with their respective doubles.

Great results with a successful foundation

Jan and Tom sold their racing bird 16 to a Chinese fancier after their national victory but they still have his sire, his dam and one pair of grandparent in their collection. "By reinforcing our own breed with these bloodlines we hope to get some top prizes in the near future, since winning prizes per 10 does not always cut it", Tom explains. And we are confident that these bloodlines will enable them to do so. Remember to take a look at the two full brothers/sisters that are currently offered for sale in our Collector's Items auction (part 1, items 18 & 19).