Jos Cools (Grobbendonk, BE) gets spectacular results with a very small team

The season did not begin well for Jos Cools, who fell victim to theft over the New Year period. His best breeders were stolen from him, leaving Jos with no other option but to transfer a selection of his racing team to the breeding loft. But it turns out that a top quality breed will never fail to deliver, no matter what.

Losing your life's work

Sadly enough PIPA has had to report about similiar incidents in the past as well. It still happens all too often that criminals gain access to the breeding or racing lofts of a carefully developed pigeon breed (or at least part of it). Jos Cools was unfortunate enough to experience the same shortly after New Year’s Day, when thieves took off with some of the best pigeons in his breeding loft. Fortunately enough some of the older pairs were kept in a neighbouring loft, and as such did not get stolen. Still, the theft was a hard blow: some national ace pigeons were taken, which meant a sizeable loss for the existing breeding team. This breeding loft was home to several national and provincial ace pigeons, and winners of national and provincial sprint victories. A theft in your pigeon loft is obviously a disastrous incident for any fancier. Jos had no choice but to transfer part of his racing team to the breeding loft, in an attempt to keep the legacy of his sprint breed alive. But it also meant that Jos had to lower his ambitions for his season compared to previous years, knowing that he is used to working with just a small number of racing birds. Nevertheless, he was able to get some great results, despite having to move his best old birds to the breeding loft. All in all, he was able to end the 2017 season on a positive note.

Some excellent results

Here is a look at some of the excellent results of this limited team of racing birds in the Tienverbond Entente:

Noyon (217km) - 14/05/2017 - 1,057 yearlings: 5-7 (2/2)
Noyon (217km) - 21/05/2017 - 983 yearlings: 4-190 (2/2)
Noyon (217km) - 21/05/2017 - 483 old birds: 2-14 (2/2)
Noyon (217km) - 28/05/2017 - 351 old birds: 2-48 (2/2)
Noyon (217km) - 30/07/2017 - 2,694 young birds: 2-95-... (4/9)
Quievrain (113km) - 03/07/2017 - 1,142 young birds: 6-14-28-82-... (9/14)

The stars of last season

As we know, a top quality breed will always deliver, no matter what. Even though some of his best racing were stolen from him, he was still able to get some good results with the racing birds that were not transfered to the breeding loft.

BE15-6208035 Zoon Chipring

This is without doubt a top class bird. He was co-winner of the National Championship Sprint Young Birds KBDB in an excellent 2015 season, and he went on to become 16th National Ace pigeon KBDB Sprint in 2016. He wins the title of 1st Ace Pigeon Noyon in the club in Grobbendonk in 2017; his best results from Noyon this season are a 2nd of 483 pigeons and a 3rd of 351 pigeons.

As his name suggests, he is a son of Chipring, co-winner of the title of 4th National Champion Sprint Young Birds in 2011, and a great-grandson of stock sire Winnteou. The dam is a direct daughter of stock pair Miel (a grandson of Leo Heremans's Di Caprio) x Octavia. His full pedigree can be found here.

BE16-6246031 As 31

This pigeon won a 5th of 1,057 yearlings and a 4th of 983 yearlings in Noyon in 2017, and he became 1st Ace Pigeon Noyon in the club in Grobbendonk. The sire is a direct Dirk Van Den Bulck, while the dam is another daughter of stock pair Miel x Octavia. Click here for the full pedigree.

BE16-6246046 - Broer As

This is a full brother of the aforementioned bird, and quite a talented one as well. He has won 17 prizes in 18 races, including a 7th of 1,057 pigeons from Noyon. You can find his full pedigree here.

Sheer dominance in the club championships

Jos Cools had already won quite a few national and provincial championship titles, and 2017 would have been no exception, if it weren't for the robbery. Still, Jos was able to dominate the championships in his club in Grobbendonk, even with such a small group of racing birds. He did quite well in the demanding Tienverbond Union as well. Here is an overview:


1st General Champion Noyon
1st Champion Noyon Old Birds
1st Champion Noyon Yearlings
1st Champion Noyon Yearlings
1st General Champion Quievrain + Noyon
2nd Champion Quievrain Yearlings
4th Champion Quievrain Young Birds


4th  General Champion Noyon
3rd  Champion Yearlings Noyon
7th  Champion Olds Noyon
6th  Champion Yearlings Quievrain
10th Champion Young Birds Quievrain
19th Champion Young Birds Noyon

Heading towards 2018 in high spirits

As we said before, a top quality breed will never fail to deliver. And there is no doubt that the lofts of Jos Cools still boast plenty of top quality birds. Such successful fanciers as Dirk Van den Bulck and Danny Van Dijck have repeatedly visited the loft in Grobbendonk, to strengthen their own breed with the invaluable Cools bloodlines. And things went the other way around as well: Jos had some excellent results with pigeons from fellow fanciers Dirk and Danny, as well as from Gustaaf Berckmoes, Charles Corthout, Miel Van Den Brande and Rik Hermans. Jos has always attached great importance to his friendships and he will continue to do so. We are confident Jos will find his way back to the top, and 2018 might well be his best season ever. His opponents will need to be on top of their game, although Jos would not want to hear that.