A historic achievement for Pepchi of Benny Steveninck (Hamme, BE)

He had already come into prominence as the first prize winner in the PIPA ranking for 'best old bird across 6 national races 2016'. He does even better in 2017, with a 1st National Chateauroux 2,762 old birds. Benny Steveninck's first prize winner is the phenomenal Pepchi (BE14-4059809).

The Steveninck family is more than happy with their 1st National Châteauroux on 14th of August

The sport's great

How successful can one be in his field? There is always a large group of not so ambitious people who would be more than satisfied with their five minutes of fame.There is also a group of people that manage to get in the spotlight on a number of occasions. Lastly, there is a group of true champions, think of the likes of Jan Ceulemans or Paul Van Himst (two of Belgium's most famous football players). In cycling we have the likes of Bernard Hinault, and in pigeon racing we have for instance the name of Blauwe Vanoppen. But in each sport we have a select number of truly unique champions whose achievements continue to speak to the imagination for many decades: Pele and Maradonna, Eddy Merckx, Mohamed Ali and Usain Bolt. Their equivalents in pigeon racing are Bliksem, Kannibaal and Sony, as well as Teen and Kadet. These pigeons are living legends. Anyone who reads their name remembers their exceptional achievements. Another pigeon that can be considered one of our sport's great is Chipo of Benny Steveninck, which became 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Middle Distance in 2003 with the following prizes:

2nd Dourdan 1,316 p.
1st Dourdan   614 p.
1st Dourdan   571 p.
1st Dourdan   375 p.
1st Dourdan   231 p.

It takes more than just an impressive palmares to enter the gallery of the greats in pigeon racing. Equally as important, or even more important, are the achievements of its descendants. As we all know, Chipo has bred quite a few exceptionally talented sons and daughters over the years, and he now has a highly successful grandson as well: Pepchi has impressed fanciers across the world, as far as Asia.

Born to fly

Pepchi started to win early prizes at an early age: he came in 16th from Tours against 24,097 pigeons in his year of birth. He did equally well as a one year old with a 7th prize from Montluçon against 16,975 racing birds. He then took a convincing win in the PIPA ranking for 'best old bird across 6 national races' at the age of two. Among the results that led to this title was a 25th National Argenton of 9,928 pigeons. The full pedigree of Pepchi can be found here.

Supercrack Pepchi, Best Old Bird across 6 national races 2016 (PIPA rankings)
and now the winner of a 1st National Châteauroux 2017


Petchi joined the gallery of the greats in the middle of August. He was released from Châteauroux on Saturday 14th of August along with 2,779 other old birds and he landed on the board in Hamme exactly six hours, five minutes and 52 seconds later. It resulted in a national victory and a place in the history books. His grandfather Chipo felt proud when he saw the pigeon arrive home.


As far as we know, it takes two pigeons to breed a new youngster. In other words, Chipo did not breed this successful son on his own - he was paired to BE03-4328989. The 989/03 was one of a kind: she is the dam of a 3rd National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 2007 and 2008, as well as the dam of a 6th National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 2005. A daughter of the pairing of Chipo x 989/03 would eventually become the dam of Pepchi. The sire is a 100% Koopman from Mister Allennig (1st NPO Blois) x Peppermint (half sister Jerson, Olympiad Pigeon Cat. C 2013). Click here for Pepchi's full pedigree.

The racing loft that is home to quite a few champions