Provincial first prize from Argenton is the highlight of another excellent season for Benny Steveninck (Hamme, BE)

It goes without saying that Benny Steveninck from Hamme is having another brilliant season. Anyone who watches the longer middle distance competition and the long distance competition to some extent will have noticed the numerous top results from Benny's racing birds in the club and at provincial and national level.

Last weekend he put the icing on the cake in an already highly successful season, winning a provincial first prize from Argenton against 1,350 old birds. The provincial winner was also the fastest of all 3,584 pigeons from Argenton in East Flanders.

Chipo dynasty gives golden generations

It is no secret that top breeder Chipo is arguably one of the best breeding birds our country has ever seen, and his invaluable bloodline has become an integral part of Benny's pigeon family as well. It resulted in several generations of prize winners that have been able to perform consistently. These pigeons have proven invaluable both at home and in other lofts: stock breeder Chipo has shown his value in countless other lofts both at home and abroad. Meanwhile, 2017 is proving to be another memorable season for the Chipo descendants, having won several top prizes in the longer middle distance and the long distance this year.

An overview of the impressive Chipo dynasty (click to enlarge)

BE14-4059937 - 1st Provincial Argenton

It is hard to believe that Benny Steveninck had to wait until last weekend before claiming his first provincial victory of the season. His recent efforts eventually paid off in the race from Argenton, where he won a first provincial against 1,350 pigeons with chequered racing hen 937. She was the fastest of 3,584 East Flemish pigeons from Argenton. She is expected to finish in the top 40 at national level as well. This provincial winner is not a one trick pony: she had already won a 24th National (also from Argenton) against 7,416 old birds and a 45th National Gueret of 9,228 pigeons earlier on, which makes this her third national top 50 prize.

Her dam is a sister of Gueret, which won a 1st National Limoges and 1st Provincial Gueret. The dam won a 1st National Zone Montluçcon of  2,163 pigeons and a 4th National Zone Gueret of 1,101 pigeons. She is also a granddaughter of the parents of stock dam Chipo.

The sire of the provincial winner is a 100% Francois Tobback (Hofstade, BE) from his 4th National Ace Pigeon KBDB. The impressive pedigree can be found here.

Three talented one year olds

It would be almost impossible to give an overview of all of this season's prize winners. Instead we picked three one year old racing birds that illustrate the never-ending potential of Benny Steveninck's group of breeders.

BE16-4024980 - 2nd Provincial Argenton (5,038 pigeons)

This hen had almost won a provincial first prize in the first race from Argenton this season, instead having to settle for second against 5,038 yearlings. Other top results include a 40th Provincial Chateauroux (4,740 pigeons) and a 6th Toury (384 pigeons).

She is a daughter of New Lucky 77, a sister of Lucky 77 and daughter of the Dreampair. New Lucky 77 won a 44th National Gueret (16,988 pigeons), a 2nd Provincial La Souterraine (4,611 pigeons), a 17th Provincial Chateauroux (1,130 pigeons), a 37th Provincial La Souterraine (2,118 pigeons), etc. She is a granddaughter of Chihaut 98, a son of Chippo. The sire of the 980-16 is Broer Marieken, a direct Rik Cools. Take a look at her pedigree to learn more about her origins.

BE16-4024988 - 3rd Provincial Argenton (5,038 pigeons)

This hen took a bronze medal in that same race from Argenton. Other top prizes on her palmares are a 12th Provincial Chateauroux (4,740 pigeons, a 32nd Provincial Chateauroux (5,444 pigeons), a 2nd Souppes sur Loing (500 pigeons), etc.

She is inbred to super class breeder Chipo. He is a grandchild of Tibo from his father's side 13th National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB 2014 and 1st Provincial & National Zone Argenton / 2nd National Zone Poitiers, etc.) and a daughter of Sunshine from his mother's side (a full sister of Sun, 1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB YBs).

Sunshine won 3 provincial top 100 prizes: 33rd Provincial Chateauroux (5,877 pigeons), 43rd Provincial Gueret (4,432 pigeons) and 82nd Provincial Tours (5,637 pigeons).

Click here for the full pedigree of the 988-16.

BE16-4024809 - 2nd Provincial Chateauroux (2,435 pigeons)

This hen was close to winning a first prize as well, in the race form Chateauroux. She had already won a 24th Provincial Chateauroux (4,740 pigeons), a 7th Noyon (458 pigeons), a 44th Vierzon (698 pigeons), etc.

She is a granddaughter of Chipo from her mother's side and a sister of Pepchi, 7th National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBB 2016 old birds and the best old bird over 6 national races (PIPA ranking). Pepchi won a 7th National Montluçon (16,982 pigeons), a 16th National Tours (24,097 pigeons), a 25th National Argenton (9,228 pigeons), a 4th Provincial Bourges (1,204 pigeons), etc. This makes her a top class racing bird.

This hen is a 100% Koopman from her father's side: she comes from Mister Allennig (1st NPO Blois of 7,541 pigeons) x Peppermint (half sister Olympiad Pigeon Nitra 2009 Jerson). A detailed pedigree can be found here.

BE13-4096716 - Smart Lady: an exceptional racing hen

When asked about the best old bird in his racing loft today, Benny knows the answer right away: Smart Lady. She became 5th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Longer Middle Distance 2015, and her impressive palmares can be found below:

Smart Lady has won quite a few top prizes this season as well: she won a 72nd National Bourges (23,008 pigeons) - 15th Provincial Bourges (3,326 pigeons), a 137th National Chateauroux (20,412 pigeons) - 44th Provincial Chateauroux (3,538 pigeons), and a 42nd Provincial Chateauroux (2,860 pigeons).

She is a granddaughter of Miss Magic (Bart Geerinckx) from her father's side, and she is a half sister of top class racing and breeding bird Tibo from her mother's side. This means she is also a great-granddaughter of stock breeder Chipo. Click here for her full pedigree.

An impressive list of achievements

This team achieves great results in the middle distance, the longer middle distance and the long distance almost on a weekly basis, with the Steveninck racing bird developing into a highly versatile pigeon that feels at home in races between 300 and 750km and more. We could not possibly include all of the team's recent results in this article, so we tried to come up with a brief selection:

Middle distance:

13/05 Toury - 289 olds: 1-2-3-10-11-15-19-21-22-25-... (25/27)
20/05 Toury - 224 olds: 1-2-4-12-13-16-19-... (10/12)
20/05 Toury - 384 YLs: 1-3-5-6-13-19-28-29-30-33-... (27/35)
27/05 Toury - 139 olds: 1-2 (2/2)
27/05 Toury - 263 YLs: 1-16 (2/2)
10/06 Toury - 63 olds: 1-2 (2/2)
10/06 Toury - 135 YLs: 3-11 (2/2)
17/06 Toury - 66 olds: 1-19 (2/2)
02/07 Toury - 222 YBs: 1-3-12-19-21-22-... (15/25)

Longer middle distance:

Bourges Zone - 27/05/2017 - 6,738 olds: 9-10-31-54-125-228-398-...
Bourges Zone - 27/05/2017 - 7,286 YLs: 22-37-114-333-354-...
Limoges Zone - 04/06/2017 - 4,158 olds: 5-10-54-234-327-...
Chateauroux Zone - 10/06/2017 - 5,761 olds: 32-88-89-142-207-396-...
Chateauroux Zone - 10/06/2017 - 8,548 YLs: 12-23-118-286-339-436-...
Chateauroux Provincial - 17/06/2017 - 2,860 olds: 19-23-40-42-88-95-99-100-184-... (13/14)
Chateauroux Provincial - 17/06/2017 - 4,740 YLs: 12-17-22-28-30-31-86-134-166-
Brive Zone - 17/06/2017 - 2.437 olds: 15-34-54-109-368 (5/6)
Argenton Provincial - 24/06/2017 - 2,781 olds: 20-50-71-160-277-... 
Argenton Provincial - 24/06/2017 - 5,083 YLs: 2-3-17-21-31-40-97-152-238-361-399-...
Chateauroux Provincial - 08/07/2017 - 2,446 YLs: 2-7-16-28-47-96-119-157-190-...
Blois Provincial - 15/07/2017 - (preliminary results) - 948 olds: 12-73-86-...  (10/13)
Blois Provincial - 15/07/2017 - (preliminary results) - 1,705 YLs: 34-41-77-84-116-140-152-169-..(15/23)
Blois Provincial - 15/07/2017 - (preliminary results) - 3,000 YBs: 13-38-41-69-166-208-227-... (11/23)
Argenton Provincial - 22/07/2017 - 1,147 olds: 1-6-11-19-43-...

And if you can't get enough, click here for a closer look at the impressive list of achievements of 2017 up to now.

Towards new top results

Benny Steveninck's racing team has been in top form for several weeks now, both in their club in Baasrode (the former Reisduif Dendermonde) and in their Entente FCD (where they compete against some national champions from East Flanders and Flemish Brabant each week), and they are doing great at provincial, zonal and national level. The team has been winning numerous top results and excellent prize percentages all season. Their first provincial from Argenton last weekend is the first provincial victory this season. We have a few more interesting longer middle distance and long distance races coming up in the near future, and we would not be surprised to see this team add some more top results to their palmares - and perhaps another victory as well?