Who takes home the grandchild of New Laureaat in our PIPA Christmas quiz 2016?

Gaby Vandenabeele smashed his own record of highest average for a young birds' auction, raising 18,765 EURO per young bird on average in his most recent auction. This means we can now announce the winners of our 2016 Christmas quiz. Unlike last year the winner does not come from Germany but from The Netherlands.

Breaking records

Gaby Vandenabeele has organised four young birds' auctions on PIPA so far, and he managed to set a new record for highest average sale prize in a young birds' auction in two of them. In his latest auction he broke his own record of 15,030 euro per young bird, now raising a whopping 18,765 EURO on average. He now holds the first four places in the top-6 for highest averages in a young birds' auction.

Dutchman wins the top prize

This record breaking average sale price resulted in a 319,005 EURO overall revenue. Dutchman John Ruttenberg (Baarn) couldn't be happier; his winning guess was 319,250 EURO, or just 200 EURO off. He is the winner of a grandchild of New Laureaat from the successful Laureaat Barcelona dynasty. The second (8 PIPA items of your choice) and third place (six items) went to Duma Sorin (Blanchardstown, Ireland) and Dieter Schreel (Gits, Belgium) respectively, with a gues of 317,000 EURO and 321,703 EURO.

All the winners will be personally notified in the course of this week.

Thanks to all the participants!