Jos Goessen (Gronsveld, NL) shows his excellent form again in 2016 with three victories in his Entente

Jos Goessen had a very successful 2015 season winning two first prizes NPO in just two weeks' time. In 2016 he managed to add three first prizes in the Maasvallei Entente to his palmares. And his racing birds appear to be quite successful in other lofts as well.

Jos with one of his favourites

Three victories for Jos

The first race that Jos managed to win this season was the sprint race from Charleville (140km) against 1,234 pigeons. This first prize put him in 6th place in Entente CC Heuvelland against 4,177 pigeons, which is a great result as well. His winning pigeon was NL13-1500291, a son of King Kong x a daughter of Louie Vandenabeele. Click here for the pedigree. This was in fact not the first top result for racing bird 291; let's have a look at his palmares so far:

  1st  Charleville 1,284 p. (6th CC Heuvelland 4,177 pigeons)
  3rd  Montluçon      70 p. (32nd NPO 1,310 pigeons)
 11th  Gien          289 p.
 16th  Epernay     1,260 p.
 28th  Lorris        513 p.
 34th  Marche      1,174 p.
100th  Lorris        615 p.
124th  Sezanne     1,259 p.
227th  Sens        1,240 p.
237th  Rethel      1,178 p.
King Kong Louise, winner from Charleville

Jos claimed his second victory of 2016 in the middle distance race from Lorris (401km), where racing bird NL13-1500292 beat 617 opponents. He finished in 4th place in CC Heuvelland against 2,248 pigeons and in 13th place in Province 4 Limburg against almost 9,000 pigeons. The 292 is a direct son of top breeder Den Argenton x dochter Zoeff. He is also a full brother of Schaerlaeckensduifje, in turn the dam of Indy of Falco Ebben. But more about that later. Click here for the impressive pedigree of the 292. This pigeon had won quite a few top prizes already:

  1st Lorris        615 p. ( 13th NPO 8,888 pigeons)
  5th Chateroux     100 p. (168th NPO 1,797 pigeons)
  5th Limoges        60 p. ( 75th NPO 1,326 pigeons)
 26th Charleville 1,284 p. 
 36th Sens        1,240 p.
 43rd Gien          289 p.
 49th Lorris        513 p. 
 53rd Epernay     1,260 p.
 80th Rethel        837 p.
233rd Marche      1,174 p.
261st Sezanne     1,259 p.
286th Rethel      1,178 p.

Zoeff Argenton, winner from Lorris

The one day long distance race from Montluçon (548 km) was the third race that Jos managed to win, this time with NL12-1894129 Rudy Argenton, against 70 pigeons. He also won a 12th prize in Province 4 Limbourg against 1,310 pigeons. Rudy Argenton is a cock bred from a pairing of Rudy Maya Vandenabeele x daughter Argenton, which makes him a grandchild of Rudy and Argenton. Click here for the full pedigree. Rudy Argenton has been quite successful at provincial level:

 12th NPO Montluçon   against 1,310 pigeons
 48th NPO Bourges     against 8,278 pigeons
 74th NPO Limoges     against 1,326 pigeons
143rd NPO Chateauroux against 1,733 pigeons
189th NPO Argenton    against 2,694 pigeons
209th NPO Montluçon   against 5,185 pigeons
283rd NPO Montluçon   against 4,789 pigeons
309th NPO Montluçon   against 3,884 pigeons
476th NPO Argenton    against 2,253 pigeons

Rudy Argenton, winner from Montluçon

Super class breeder Den Argenton

Jos Goessen's Den Argenton has proven to be an invaluable racing bird and breeder. He won 3 teletext prizes in his racing career, thanks to the following prizes:

 2nd NPO Argenton against 2,200 pigeons
 7th NPO Etampes  against 5,763 pigeons
10th NPO Gien     against 3,600 pigeons

Super class breeder Den Argenton

As we said, Den Argenton has a proven reputation in the breeding loft as well: several of his descendants have won a number of top prizes, and he is in fact the sire of three different NPO winners.

1st NPO Bourges    against  5,122 pigeons with NL08-1869136 Yula
1st NPO Montluçon  against  3,884 pigeons with NL12-1894099 Froome
1st NPO Bourges    against  8,278 pigeons with NL12-1894136 Sagan
2nd NPO Phitiviers against 11,852 pigeons with NL12-1894136 Sagan
2nd NPO Lorris     against 20,705 pigeons with NL12-1894136 Sagan

Den Argenton has played a defining role in Jos Goessen's pigeon breed in the past couple of years, and his name features in the pedigrees of two first prize winners of 2016 as well: the race from Lorris was won by a direct son of Den Argenton, while the race winner of Montluçon is a grandson of him. The achievements of Sagan, Froome, Yula and Arsjavin clearly show that he is a top class breeder indeed. Jos created a nice overview of his breeding references:

Some of his best results of 2016

Jos is particularly fond of the one day long distance races. It has always been his favourite competition, and he has been quite successful at it as well. Remember his two victories in the NPO in 2009, and another two wins in 2015. But over the years his pigeons have shown to be just as strong in the other competitions. We included the results of his racing team in 10 races of 2016, just to demonstrate that his pigeons can excel in almost any distance. 

Marche       70 km  1,174 pigeons 4-9-11-12-etc.(19/12)
Charleville 140 km  1,284 pigeons 1-22-26-79-etc.(19/11)
Epernay     240 km  1,260 pigeons 12-16-20-53-etc.(18/8)
Lorris      410 km    614 pigeons 1-100 (12/2)             (13 NPO 8888 p.)
Lorris      410 km    514 pigeons 3-28-45-etc.(7/6)        (27 NPO 5467 p.)
Montluçon   548 km     70 pigeons 1-3-4-etc.(7/5)          (12-32-47 NPO 1,310 p.)
Chateroux   534 km    100 pigeons 5-19-20-etc.(7/4) 
Limoges     630 km     60 pigeons 4-5-11 (4/3)             (74-75 NPO 1,326 p.)
Marche       70 km  1,436 pigeons 5-6-7-etc.(31/18)
Rethel      180 km  1,285 pigeons 7-24-25-29-etc.(14/10)

Excellent results in other lofts

The pigeons of Jos Goessen have managed to stand out in other lofts as well. Jos: "Achieving great results in your own lofts is one thing but a good quality breed should also be able to stand out in other fanciers' lofts." It has been demonstrated repeatedly that other fanciers have also taken advantage of his pigeon breed as well. We take a look at the best results of the Goessen pigeons in other lofts this season:

  • Dhr. Wetzels: 2nd Ace Pigeon YBs Maasvallei with a 50% Goessen pigeon.
  • Dhr. Beekens: 2nd Ace Pigeon Natour Maasvallei with a 100% Goessen pigeon.
  • Dhr. Hoefs: 1st Ace Pigeon olds SS Maaskant with a 50% Goessen pigeon, ans 1st Marche D4 4,313 pigeons with a grandchild of Sagan.  
  • Comb. Smeets-Peeters: 1st sprint loft championship CC Grensstreek. The combination won no less than 10 victories in the entente with pigeons from Jos's new super class breeder De New Argenton.
  • Dhr. John van Heel: 1st Ace Pigeon YBs SS Roerstreek with a 50% Goessen pigeon. This youngster also won a 1st Gien and a 4th NPO Gien against 2,139 pigeons.
  • Dhr. F. Paulssen: He won a 1st Lorris against 1,015 pigeons (5th NPO against 7,291 pigeons), a 2nd Rethel against 1,024 pigeons (33rd NPO against 14,297 pigeons), a 9th Gien against 224 pigeons (87th NPO against 2,608 pigeons), a 4th La Souterraine against 126 pigeons (28th NPO against 1,241 pigeons) and a 99th NPO Limoges against 1,326 pigeons in that same Entente, with racing bird NL14-201 (grandchild Argenton). This is quite a palmares. 
  • Dhr. L. Fijen (SPC Sittard): He was General Champion SPC in 2016, 7th General Province 4 and 3rd Loft Champion middle distance Province 4. He won 4 victories in the Entente with descendants of Jos's pigeons: Argenton, Montluçon, Sens and Sezanne. One of the stars in Feijen's collection is The 659, a 100% Goessen pigeon and another descendant of Den Argenton. The 659 has won a 2nd, 16th, 29th and 69th NPO Province 4 in the one day long distance races.
  • Mr. F. Schijnen (SS Straaljagers): He won a 61st National Agen 6,887 pigeons and a 57th NPO Cahors 2,086 pigeons with racing bird NL14-275,​ a grandchild of Den Argenton. He also has a 1st Ace Pigeon sprint in his collection with the one year old hen 701, which won a 1st Epernay against 1,971 pigeons this season. But the most peculiar pigeon in his collection is The 348, an invaluable pigeon. This young hen was bred from a half sister of Sagan, and she won a 1st Charleville against 2,194 pigeons (and 2nd Province against 9,785 p.), a 22nd Sezanne against 1,249 pigeons, a 21st Rethel against 1,777 pigeons and a 27th Marche against 1,848 pigeons.
  • Falco and Wil Ebben: they have an outstanding racing hen called Indy (a granddaughter of Den Argenton), which won no less than 6 first prizes, including 3 teletext prizes. In 2006 Indy was moved to the breeding loft, where she is now breeding several top class young birds: Falco and Wil have won a 3rd and 4th Pigeon Champion YBs in District 2 Region 3 Province 8 GOU. Another youngster of Indy won a teletext prize in the race from Melun.

References from across the border:

  • Dhr. Ken Wise (Great Britain): 1st Exeter against 1,000 pigeons with grandchild Sagan.
  • Dhr. Capon (France): 2nd National Brive from a hen of Playboy Wittenbuik Jr.
  • Dhr. Marcus Schumacher (Germany): 2nd Ace Pigeon YBs of 18,000 pigeons with a hen bred from Rudy Jr. of Jos Goessen.

And what's next?

The pigeons of Jos have performed really well for quite a few years now, and not just in their home loft. Jos is determined to continue this path. We are keeping an eye on his pigeon breed, and we are confident that his pigeons will be winning numerous top prizes in the upcoming season as well. Jos, see you next time!