Jos Goessen (Gronsveld, NL) looks back on an outstanding season with great references

Jos Goessen had another great season in 2015. The kind fancier from Limburg added two NPO victories to his palmares in just 14 days' time. This is quite a feat, which not many fanciers have been able to achieve.

Jos Goessen is happy to show us his champion

The foundation

We paid a visit to Gronsveld, the home town of Jos Goessen, and we quickly understood why Jos has managed to surprise us time and time again with his results. He has excelled in almost every discpline ranging from 70 to 700km with a well disciplined team, an excellent breeding strategy, and great dedication. Jos won two provincial first prizes in about two weeks' time in 2009 (in Province 4 Limburg), from Bourges and Argenton. His pigeon collection was sold a short time later due to a move. For the time being he lacked the time to run a pigeon loft. In 2012 he started a new pigeon family in his current home, and he built a brand new loft to house a few young birds. In 2015, only three years later, he was back in the game. In fact, he is even stronger than he used to. His opponents from the provincie of Limburg are keeping an eye on him. 

Jos's pigeons are particularly tough to beat in clear weather and with a strong headwind. "Caretaking has something to do with it but is mostly a matter of having top quality bloodlines", Jos explains. The pigeons that won a provincial first prize in 2015 were in fact two full brothers: Sagan & Froome, two descendants of the renowned De Argenton. De Argenton is also the sire of prize winners Yula and Arsjavin, who were really successful in 2008 and 2009. Click here to reread our reports on his recent victories.


Jos is a fancier who really enjoys his own achievements but he is just as happy when his pigeons perform well in other lofts. In 2015 alone Jos received the following references:

Frits Paulssen from Linne wins a 3rd Provincial Lorris in 2015 with a grandchild of De Argenton. 

Sjaak de Kooning from Zeeland won a 7th Provincial Fontenay young birds with a grandchild of De Argenton. 

Jos gave his good friend Florian Hendriks a pair of young birds bred directly from his De Argenton, to be used in the racing loft. The hen won a 2nd Troyes 1,800 pigeons and a 10th Reims 8,000 pigeons as a young bird. 

Lou Feijen from Limbricht won an impressive 2nd NPO Montluçon 3,884 p. with a 100% Goessen (great-grandchild of De Argenton). A brother of that cock won a 1st Lorris SPC against 980 p. and a 14th against 14,638 pigeons.

The Smeets Peeters Combination had a super class hen in the 2015 Natour competition. She won a 1-2-3-9 against an average of 1,000 pigeons. Her sire originates directly from Jos, and Smeets-Peters had borrowed him for a while. This pigeon is another grandchild of De Argenton. 

Jean Hornesch won the title of 1st Ace Pigeon Maasvallei 2014 with a direct Jos and a grandchild of De Argenton. That same pigeon also won the title of 2nd Ace Pigeon General and 2nd Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance. The sire of this cock is a direct Jos and a youngster of his renowned Bliksem.

Ide Hoefs from Rekem in Belgium won the title of 3rd Ace Pigeon Sprint Province Limburg. The sire is once again a grandchild of De Argenton. He is also a direct son of Yuly, which moved to China in 2010.

And then there is the super class hen Indy of Falco Ebben. This phenomenal hen won three teletext prizes, and Falco purchased her from Ad Schaerlaeckens. However, her dam is a direct daughter of De Argenton of Jos Goessens.

This goes to show that other fanciers have been really successful with the invaluable bloodline of De Argenton as well. This top quality cock born in 2003 continues to breed youngsters. Den Argenton is still full of energy, and he can now breed pigeons throughout the year. Jos thinks he would no longer be fertile the moment you take him away from his partners.

Jos is always looking for top quality hens, and he is particularly fond of the Vandenabeele pigeon breed. For instance, the dam of Sagan and Froome come from the loft of grandmaster Gaby. She was bred from Bettini x Joska, making her a grandchild of none other than James Bond! Prize winner Sagan has excellent origins as well; this pigeon won a first prize NPO and two 2nd prizes NPO, which means he is up there with such super class pigeons as Geeloger (Koen Minderhout) and Harry (Jan Hooymans).

Sagan, winner of a 1st NPO 8,122 p., 2nd NPO 11,852 p. and 2nd NPO 20,705 p.

More to come

Jos is a passionate fancier with quite a talented group of pigeons, which are kept in well equipped lofts. We are quite confident that this will not be our last report about Jos and his successful pigeon breed. Well done Jos!