Johan, Tom and Rudi Devroe-Van Gaver-Vandeputte (DVV Pigeons) (Moortsele, BE) win PIPA ranking 'best yearling long distance (3 prizes)' 2015 with André

André (BE14-4102124) was truly outstanding this year. He had a great start to the season in the races from Montélimar and Brive, and he went on to win the national race from Jarnac. As a result, he wins the PIPA ranking for ‘Best yearling long distance (3 prizes)’.

DVV Pigeons with Marnik Van Gaver, Johan De Vroe, Tom Van Gaver and Rudy Vandeputte

BE14-4102124 André: 1st National Jarnac yearlings (4,557 pigeons) and winner of PIPA ranking 'Yearlings Long Distance (3 prizes)'

BE14-4102124 André

The eye of BE14-4102124 André

André was clearly in the best shape of his life when he won the national race from Jarnac. Not only did he claim victory against 4,557 one year olds, he was also the fastest of 8,436 pigeons overall. He did great in the weeks leading up to this race as well:

11/7 Brive       Club    202 p. 2
                 Zone  3,405 p. 26
                 Nat.  9,049 p. 118
27/6 Montélimar  Zone    164 p. 1
                 Nat.  1,512 p. 12

Click here for his palmares. Our full report about André's national victory can be reread here.

These top prizes have made André the number one in the PIPA ranking for best one year old in the long distance with three prizes.

Click here for the full PIPA ranking.

The national first prize from Jarnac and the zonal victory from Montélimar also resulted in the title of 4th National Ace Pigeon long distance yearlings KBDB 2015 for André. There is quite an interesting story to the successful career of André in the racing loft. Tom Van Gaver explains:

 “André was not really one of the loft’s favourites before the start of the season. In fact I had a hard time trying to get him to follow orders. He was kept in my second loft (loft B), where he would sometimes occupy four or five different boxes in winter. This pigeon was tough to control but eventually I managed to calm him down; I want my pigeons to listen to me. Every pigeon has a unique character and asks for a different approach, and I did get a hold on him at the start of the season. In the first part of the season he did not really stand out in the longer middle distance, although he still managed to win a prize every week. He was not one of my favourites but I decided to prepare him for Montélimar anyway. Meanwhile his neighbour got lost in a race, and a loft mate that was kept in a box below his had been dropped from the team. In fact I organize a selection round before going to the long distance, which takes place over the course of a few consecutive races: two sprint races, a middle distance race and six or seven longer middle distance races (two provincials followed by four or five nationals). This will usually separate the strong from the weak. The best pigeons will be kept aside for Limoges, where the team did a great job. The other two pigeons, including André, went to Montélimar. During his one-week break before Montélimar I gave André the box of his neighbour, which gave him enough energy to take a two hours’ lead in the zone!”

“I decided to have him cover a training flight of 300km the next week, to get him ready for Brive, where he would be competing alongside the pigeons from Limoges. Unfortunately the wind came all the way from the west in Brive, which made it impossible for us to win a national top result. We still have a decent result at club and zonal level. Two pigeons arrived home simultaneously: André and the pigeon that was kept in the box above him. This pigeon was very jealous of André’s level of performance. The two finished in first and second place in the club. Meanwhile another yearling had come to the fore in this racing loft: a pigeon that was kept diagonally above André’s box. Needless to say, there was a lot of tension between these three pigeons in loft B. Another neighbour of André showed to be in great form as well: Small Rudi, 4th Best Pigeon long distance in the PIPA ranking with three national top 100 prizes.”

“After the race from Brive the pigeons were in great form, and we decided to basket them for Jarnac as well. André could not sit still, and he and his upper neighbour would fly 30 minutes longer than the rest of the team on training flights. The other pigeons did 70 to 80 minutes on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the day of basketing for Jarnac, I was hesitant to release André. Fortunately got back just in time for basketing, and he was our second nominated. The baskets were being collected, and just when I checked the baskets with a few other fanciers, André, who has distinct black and white feathers, popped his head up and he nodded. This is a moment I will never forget. The release did not go very well, and Jarnac proved a difficult race. We were at the loft about an hour before the first possible arrival, and I started to get annoyed. I was seeing some friends that evening, and I wanted to make sure my pigeons had been looked after by the end of the day. Unfortunately there were still no arrivals on PIPA. I took the time to park our tractor in the garage, which my grandfather had asked me to do several times. When I returned I saw a black and white coloured pigeon circling the loft. André was home, and there had been no other arrivals so far. André was named after my grandfather André Van Gaver and the breeder of André’s dam, André De Coene – two different André’s.”

Sire: Valence BE12-4253572
Winner of a 1st club and 9th Prov. Valence 658 p., 97th Nat. St.-Vincent 3,037 p. and a son of Baluw BE10-4218862 (bred from a son of stock pair Schonen x Schichtige … x Limbourgduivein 941/06) x Blauwwitpen BE08-4002546.

Dam: Geschelpt De Coene BE11-4143356
A direct André De Coene from Son Jumbo BE09-4029332 x Souterraine BE10-4112826 (53rd La Souterraine 700 p.).
Click here for the full pedigree of André.

2015 was another splendid season for DVV pigeons

One national first prize and no less than five zonal victories were won in the different lofts of DVV pigeons:

1st National Jarnac 4,557 yearlings (fastest of 8,436 pigeons; loft De Vroe-Van Gaver)
1st National Zone A2 Gueret olds 4,003 pigeons (loft Rudi Vandeputte)
1st National Zone A2 Gueret yearlings 4,878 pigeons (loft Rudi Vandeputte)
1st National Zone A2 Chateauroux II olds 3,150 pigeons (loft Rudi Vandeputte)
1st National Zone A Montelimar yearlings 164 pigeons (loft De Vroe-Van Gaver)

They did great in the national championships KBDB as well, winning an impressive seven titles:

3rd  National Champion middle distance yearlings KBDB
4th  General National Champion KBDB
5th  National Ace Pigeon extreme long distance yearlings KBDB (with André)
7th  National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance yearlings KBDB
11th National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance old birds KBDB
13th National Champion middle distance old birds KBDB
14th National Champion longer middle distance old birds KBDB

DVV pigeons also dominated the provincial championships KBDB in East Flanders:

1st General Champion East Flanders
1st Provincial Ace Pigeon long distance young birds
2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon long distance olds & yearlings
2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon middle distance young birds
3rd Provincial Ace Pigeon middle distance old birds
5th Provincial Champion middle distance olds & yearlings
6th Provincial Champion long distance olds & yearlings
6th Provincial Champion middle distance young birds

We also included some of the most prestigious championship titles on their palmares:

1st General Champion OVV-FVOV 2015
1st General Champion Championships Bruges 2015
1st General Champion AJD in the Two Flanders 2015
1st General Champion long distance "Recht en Plicht Zottegem" 2015
1st General Champoin longer middle distance "Recht en Plicht Zottegem" 2015

The DVV Pigeons have won several top prizes in the different PIPA rankings as well.

An exceptional season

André was the star of this season, winning a 1st national from Jarnac and the PIPA ranking for best one year old long distance pigeon. The racing lofts of Devroe-Van Gaver-Vandeputte had an excellent season with no less than seven national championship prizes KBDB, along with several national, provincial and zonal top results. It shows that this combination has an outstanding breeding loft and a top quality racing loft, which enabled them to become a nationally and internationally renowned team.