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Mr. Bourges Karlo Van Rompaey (Sint-Truiden, BE) claims two national first prizes in 2015 after many national top results

Karlo Van Rompaey has been doing great in recent seasons: he won no less than 69 top 100 prizes in the past three years, as well as 23 provincial top 5 prizes in the past 4 years. This is quite a palmares for this talented young fancier, especially because he focuses mostly on the national and provincial top prizes.

Exchanging pigeons with Verreckt-Ariën

Karlo got passionate about pigeons through his grandfather Jos. He spent most of his holidays in the pigeon loft of his grandfather, before starting to keep pigeons on his own in 1988, in his parents' chicken house. His love of animals also led to him earning a degree in veterinary medicine in 2004. He honored his grandfather in 2005, winning a 1st national Bourges with BE03-5181206, which was then given the name of Jos.

Exactly ten years later Karlo achieved another great result from Bourges, winning no less than two national first prizes: 1st Nat. Bourges I 2015 against 18,864 old birds with Prima Dora and 1st Nat. Bourges II 2015 against 14,449 yearlings with Hattrick, which is named after Karlo's third national victory from Bourges. These two national victories are partly the result of a decision he made in 2010. This was the year when Karlo and the Verreckt-Ariën combination from Limburg (Karlo was their veterinary surgeon) decided to exchange pigeons. One year later the combination split up and it was agreed with Pascal Ariën to keep the exchanged pigeons in the breeding loft in St. Truiden. The Van Rompaey breed appeared to be a great match for the Verreckt-Ariën pigeons, and this eventually led to two national first prizes from Bourges this season: the two winners are in fact 50% Verreckt-Ariën and 50% Van Rompaey.

Karlo and his wife Inès after the national first prize from Bourges II last summer

Three invaluable breeding pairs

Most of the top results in Sint Truiden have been won with pigeons from that same Van Rompaey and Verreckt-Ariën combination. We take a look at the three invaluable breeding pairs of this pigeon family.

Lange Leon (BE11-5035753) x Crême au Beurre (BE09-5000270)

Lange Leon is a grandson of the stock pair of Verreckt-Ariën: Dikke Lowet (BE97-6499247) x Lang Lowet (BE97-6499255). This black coloured cock is in other words a direct Verreckt-Ariën. His name Leon refers to his sire 096/96 Leon, which is the sire of several provincial first prize winners and the grandfather of many national top prize winners, including a 1st National Argenton. Click here for the pedigree of Lange Leon. Crême au Beurre is a granddaughter of Jos, 1st National Bourges 2005, from his mother's side. Click here for the full pedigree of Crême au Beurre.

Lange Leon and Crême au Beurre have bred many great descendants together. They are for instance the parents of:


  3rd Nat. Châteauroux 12,005 p.
 38th Nat. Nevers 11,579 p.
 72nd Melun 1,700 p.
122nd Orleans 1,460 p.

These were promising results but unfortunately this hen got lost in the race from Guéret as a young bird.


This cock has won many top results in the national races, including three top 50 prizes and much more:

  9th Nat. Chateauroux 5,884 p.
 41st Nat. Gueret 9,815 p.
 46th Nat. Tours 3,947 p.
116th Nat. Argenton 4,498 p.
699th Nat. La Souterraine 9,136 p.
881st Nat. Bourges 24,019 p.

In 2014 he also finished in 4th place in the PIPA ranking for Best Belgian pigeon in the national middle distance races (7 prizes).