Gaby Vandenabeele (Dentergem, BE) opens the door to his treasury at the end of 2015

June 2015. For the first time ever, Gaby Vandenabeele sold birds on the Internet. A milestone, a huge success and the beginning of a closer co-operation between Gaby and PIPA. It resulted in a new one-off auction that will run at the end of this year. We present to you a spanking new catalogue in which Gaby's 24 highly exclusive diamonds up for offer are listed.

Daughter Ilse and Gaby Vandenabeele examining star breeder Rudy

Milestone in June 2015: the first internet auction ever

Never before did Gaby Vandenabeele sell pigeons on the Internet. He set the first step at the beginning of June 2015 and chose PIPA as his partner. The sale of ten highly exclusive birds was a great spectacle. Gaby offered fanciers the rare possibility of acquiring direct offspring from star birds such as Rudy, Super Romeo and New Bliksem.

It was written in the stars that this auction would break records. With an average sale price of 15,030 euros for each of the ten diamonds, a new record was set. A sign for both PIPA and Gaby to cooperate more closely in the future.

The result? A new top-quality auction, running from Monday 21 December 2015 till Sunday 3 January 2016, which is again characterised by its highly exclusive offer. Up for auction are pigeons from the best birds of the world's number one strain and from unique pairings bred by and made by the maestro himself Gaby Vandenabeele:

-9 children from Rudy
-5 children from Super Romeo
-3 children from New Bliksem

next to children of other star breeders such as Returned Bliksem, Rambo II and Mr. Magic.

A new highlight and another unique event because of the offer of supreme-quality birds which can, if not through this auction, only be acquired after several months of waiting. That's how big the Vandenabeele birds are in demand.

Vandenabeele birds, a guarantee for success

The Vandenabeele birds played a huge role in numerous 1st National prizes, 1st National Ace Birds and tons of other victories worldwide. Everyone knows that. Offspring from the Vandenabeele strain guarantee success in pigeon racing. They are real winners, no matter where they are raced. For over 30 years they have proven it. Not in the least at Gaby's own lofts in Dentergem. Gaby collects wins at the highest level by the dozen. This is the proof: 7 x 1st National and 99 x 1st Provincial prizes.

A new milestone is coming up: the 100th 1st Provincial prize. That is one of the Vandenabeele strain's challenges in the near future. Achieving a new success, just like Super Romeo (1st Nat. Ace Bird KBDB Long Distance Yearlings) and New Bliksem (1st National Tulle 2014 from 5,731 yearlings) did in the past years. Both were bred from gold nugget Rudy, the superior son of Bliksem! It is therefore certain that the dynasty of the illustrious stock breeder Kleinen, his son Wittenbuik and Wittenbuik's grandson Bliksem has new successors: Rudy (a direct son of Bliksem) and both of his sons Super Romeo and New Bliksem. They are the golden basis, or the ‘golden t(h)ree’ as Gaby likes to call them, of the world's most successful breeding loft in the last quarter of a century.

Be sure to note this auction in your agenda for the quality up for offer is unequalled.

Check out the auction catalogue of Gaby Vandenabeele here.

This catalogue lists the 24 diamonds, all of them bred from Gaby's current breeding icons, that are for sale on PIPA at the end of this year. They are offspring of a golden dynasty of winners, the height of 30 years of pigeon racing at the world top.

The auction runs on PIPA from Monday 21 December 2015 till Sunday 3 January 2016.

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