Auction weekend closes at 295,575 EURO! De Smeyter-Restiaen raises 5,225 EURO per pigeon

10 auctions closed this weekend, selling 162 pigeons for 295,575 EURO in total.

De Smeyter-Restiaen – 8 pigeons – 5,225 EURO/pigeon
Joost picked eight pigeons for his PIPA auction, and six of them will stay in Belgium.
Super Child Cas was sold to a Belgian fancier for 9,200 EURO; Very Best Ace goes to Taiwan for 6,200 EURO

The 8 pigeons were sold for 41,800 EURO

Astère Vergotte – 24 pigeons – 2,183 EURO/pigeon
Astère sold his best 24 racing birds, 24 racing hens with a proven record.
We take a look at the most expensive ones:

Alice BE13-4156302: 12,200 EURO to Taiwan
Lissa BE14-4189053: 8,000 EURO to a Belgian fancier

The 24 raised 52,400 EURO in total.

Kat & Son brothers – 50 pigeons – 1,003 EURO/pigeon
The Kat & Son brothers sold their best racing birds and breeders in auction due to a move.
The most expensive pigeon was Tom Dumoulin NL15-1570892, which was sold for 5,000 EURO

The 50 pigeons raised 50,150 EURO in total.

Anthony Maes – 8 pigeons – 1,481 EURO/pigeon
This group of pigeons of Anthony Maes attracted many Belgian fanciers, as no less than 6 of a total of 8 pigeons will stay in Belgium. The other two will find a new home in China. The most expensive pigeon was a Daughter Papillon BE15-3070297, which was sold for 2,900 EURO. The 8 pigeons raised 11,850 EURO in total.

Team Schlief-Stiens – 10 pigeons – 1,313 EURO/pigeon
The Schlief-Stiens combination joined this year's Olympiad in Budapest, and they decided to auction 10 pigeons that were related to their Olympiad pigeon. The nest brother of Olympiade 008 was sold to Taiwan for 3,200 EURO.

The 10 pigeons were sold for 13,125 EURO.

Norbert Ally – 11 pigeons – 1,905 EURO/pigeon
Norbert Ally won a national first prize from Montauban with Neymar this season. In this auction they sold a number of youngsters and other close relatives of Neymar.

Their most expensive pigeon was sold to Taiwan for 4,400 EURO, and the 11 young birds sold in auction raised 20,950 EURO in total.

Jos & Lars Vercammen – 12 pigeons – 1,708 EURO/pigeon
Jos and Lars Vercammen were selling 12 young birds from their best breeders. Five were sold to Poland, five to China and one to Kuweit.
​The most expensive pigeons were Inbred Son Mustang and Treasure Elektro, which were sold for 2,500 EURO to China and Taiwan respectively.

The 12 Vercammen pigeons were sold of 20,500 EURO.

Sky Chen – 19 pigeons – 2,639 EURO/pigeon
A special collection of pigeons was sold in auction, and they have all been sold to Taiwan and China. We take a look at the highlights of this auction:

Son New Freddy BE15-6020157 was sold to China for 12,400 EURO.
Chanel Sixteen BE15-6288003, bred from F16 x Chanel Nr.5, was sold to China for 6,200 EURO

The 19 pigeons raised 50,150 EURO in total.

F&J Vandenheede – 11 pigeons – 2,323 EURO/pigeon
The pigeons from Freddy's collection, offered for sale by the Vandenheede brothers, have all been sold to China and Taiwan. The most expensive of them was Oliver, which was sold to China for 5,000 EURO. The 11 pigeons from the Freddy collection were sold for 25,550 EURO.

Kurt Van Praet – 9 pigeons – 1,011 EURO/pigeon
​No less than 7 out of 9 pigeons were sold to Taiwan and China. The most expensive pigeon was a Brother Laura, which is also a grandson from 'Kaasboer'. He was sold to China for 4,200 EURO.
The 9 pigeons raised 9,100 EURO in total.