Anne van Meerkerk (Beets, NL) has been one of the leading lofts in Northern Holland and The Netherlands for several decades

Anne van Meerkerk has been a household name in The Netherlands for years. This pigeon breed, which is managed by a highly capable fancier, continues to shows its exceptional qualities in recent seasons, winning top prizes in races of 100 to 700km on a weekly basis.

He sold his entire collection of racing birds and breeders on PIPA in 2009 but he quickly managed to return to his previous level. He had bred a round of young birds from each of his top class pigeons that season, while also introducing new bloodlines of W&G Elzinga (Zwaagwesteinde, NL), Nico Jan Koenders (Westervoort, NL), Gerard and Bas Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL), Dick Postma (Leeuwarden, NL) and the Fanger brothers (Badhoevedorp, NL). He also traded/obtained pigeons of Brain Bolton (Merksplas, BE) and Jan Eskes (Streefkerk, NL). He combined these bloodlines with his own pigeons and he quickly managed to be back on top form, winning the title of 1st Pigeon Champion General in Rayon D of Province 6 in 2010. He did equally well in the following seasons, and his pigeons would overpower their opponents at times. He bred top class pigeons on a regular basis, which have won several first prizes at NPO level and in the province. We will be discussing some of his current best racing birds but we start with a summary of his best results and championship prizes in the past two seasons: 

Duffel             2,653 p.: 2-3-4-5-9-10-20-21-22-etc. (40/48)
Meer                 584 p.: 1-2-3-5-6-7-11-18-19-20-etc. (17/24)
St.-Job-in-'t-Goor   873 p.: 1-2-7-8-10-11-12-16-19-21-26-etc. (23/47)
St.-Job-in-'t-Goor 1,697 p.: 1-2-7-9-11-15-18-21-22-24-etc. (36/55)
Argenton             429 p.: 2-3-4-7-11-12-23-31-etc. (10/17)
Chateaudun         1,137 p.: 1-2-4-17-18-22-24-30-etc. (24/38)
Duffel             2,552 p.: 1-3-4-5-9-17-18-28-etc. (37/47)
Morlincourt        1,009 p.: 3-4-5-6-10-11-12-19-20-22-30-etc. (16/20)
Nijvel             1,706 p.: 1-2-3-4-8-9-12-20-21-24-etc. (25/28)
Championships 2014 Province 6 (1300 members)
3rd Sprint, 1st Middle distance, 1st middle distance, 1st Loft champion sprint, 1st loft champion middle distance
1st pigeon champion sprint (NL11-1616600)

Province 6 Rayon D
1st sprint, 2nd middle distance, 1st one day long distance. Best loft sprint/middle distance/one day long distance
NL11-1616600: 1st Pigeon champion sprint, middle distance, and 1st Pigeon champion old birds
NL12-1497722: 4th Pigeon champion old birds
NL12-1497672: 7th Pigeon champion one day long distance
NL13-1121209: 4th Pigeon champion middle distance
NL13-1121219: 6th Pigeon champion old birds
NL13-1121226: 6th Pigeon champion one day long distance

Championships 2015 Province 6 Rayon D
1e Dagfond, 2nd Natoer, 8th Olds and 9th General. Best loft one day long distance/Natoer
NL12-1497672: 2nd Pigeon Champion one day long distance 8th General
NL13-1121192: 7th General
NL13-1121209: 5th Olds and 5th General
NL13-1121237: 8th One day long distance, 9th olds and 2nd General
NL14-1848932: 4th One day long distance, 7th Olds and 6th General
NL14-1949015: 3rd One day long distance and 9th General

Anne did not take part in a number of sprint, middle distance and young birds’ races this season, due to a hospitalisation. The following pigeons have played a pivotal role in his racing team in recent seasons:


One of the, if not the best racing bird in recent years is NL11-1616600, winner of 54 prizes - click here for an overview. He also won the title of 6th Best Ace Pigeon WHZB/TBOTB in 2014. In Rayon D of Province 6 he won the following prizes: 10th best one day long distance pigeon 2010, 4th pigeon general and 5th best one day long distance pigeon in 2013, and best sprint, middle distance pigeon and pigeon general in 2014. He also won the title of 3rd best super sprint pigeon and 1st sprint pigeon in Province 6. Click here for the full pedigree.

NL13-1121192 Laatbloeier

This cock with a soft plumage only came to the fore at a later age, hence his name. One of the reasons was that Anne had skipped a number of races in 2013 and 2014 due to other priorities. Laatbloeier won the following prizes in the last three races of 2015:

1st St.-Job-in-'t-Goor  144 km 1,697 pigeons
2nd Minderhout          130 km 2,025 pigeons
2nd St.-Job-in-'t-Goor  144 km   873 pigeons

Click here for the full palmares of Laatbloeier. The sire of Laatbloeier is a grandson of Super G; an outstanding extreme long distance pigeon that was eventually sold to a South African fancier. The dam is a daughter of 'De Ontdekking' of W.&.G. Elzinga, which is in turn a daughter of 'Het Prutske' of Dr. Mariën. Click here for the full pedigree.

NL14-1848932 Classic One

The Classic One belongs almost entirely to Anne's old breed, originating from his best bloodlines: Teabiscuit, Super G and De 013 of Jelger Klinkenberg. The line of Kannibaal of Brian Bolton can be found on his grandmother's side as well. Click here for the full pedigree of Classic One. His pedigree shows that he has a great future in the one day long distance in future seasons. He won the following prizes as a one year old:

 7th Chateaudun  562 km 6,633 pigeons
 4th Vierzon     631 km   684 pigeons
 4th Chateauroux 678 km   585 pigeons
20th Bourges     637 km   910 pigeons

NL09-1023933 Just Excellent

The sire of Just Excellent is Allegro, in turn a son of Prijsman, winner of 55 prizes as a racing bird. The dam is Excellent Art, a daughter of De Bauer of W. & G. Elzinga. You can find the full pedigree here. Anne sold his racing and breeding birds on PIPA in 2009 but Just Excellent enabled Anne to return to the top in no time, winning the title of 1st Pigeon Champion General 2010 in Rayon D Province 6 as a one year old. She won 52 prizes in just four years' time, including:

1st Strombeek 191 km 10,960 pigeons
3rd Meer      122 km  3,468 pigeons
5th Nivelles  226 km  2,481 pigeons
2nd Soissons  377 km    955 pigeons
6th Nivelles  226 km  2,864 pigeons
3rd Orleans   560 km  1,184 pigeons
7th Duffel    168 km  2,243 pigeons
5th Nanteuil  412 km  1,376 pigeons
3rd Tours     653 km    629 pigeons
3rd Tours     653 km    621 pigeons
7th Nivelles  226 km  1,054 pigeons

Click here for an overview of all the prizes won by Just Excellent.


The last one is The 015, another cock from the line of Seabiscuit. Seabiscuit became 2nd Olympiad Pigeon Sprint in 2009. The dam of 015 is a direct Fanger brothers and a successful breeding pigeon in Anne's loft. Click here for the full pedigree. This one yera old has won 19 prizes in the course of 2015, and he showed his potential in the one day long distance competition in particular; he competed in five one day long distance races and he won a prize in each of them:

  4th Chateaudun  562 km 1.137 pigeons
  7th Argenton    711 km   429 pigeons
 10th Chateauroux 678 km   585 pigeons
 16th Vierzon     631 km   684 pigeons
153rd Bourges     637 km   910 pigeons


New talents

These pigeons, along with many other top class racing birds continue to demonstrate the level of quality in the pigeon breed of Anne and Peter de Lange, who takes care of the breeding loft. One of their latest discoveries is NL15-1599570, which showed its potential in the last race of the season. This young hen was given some time off after her first young birds' race, after which she was basketed for an additional four Natour races, with the longest but one race covering 144km. She was also basketed for the final race from Sens (501km), and she won a 1st against 215 pigeons and a 12th against 1,216 pigeons. The 570 is a daughter of the aforementioned 600 (6th Ace Pigeon WHZB/TBOTBG) x a granddaughter of Super G. Click here for the pedigree of 570/15. In fact, 24 young birds were basketed for that race over 501km, after having completed a race of only 144km. Surprisingly, only one of them got lost during the race. Impressive!