David Vermassen (Gavere, BE) has a super class breeder in his collection with Black Hawk

Black Hawk (1st National Brive 2013) was not only an outstanding racing bird, he also proved an invaluable breeding pigeon for David Vermassen!

2013 was an exceptional season for David Vermassen, who won the title of General National Champion KBDB that season, along with a national first prize from Brive 6,842 pigeons. It was this national winner, the BE12-4184493 Black Hawk, that developed into the number one pigeon in the breeding loft. The top class racing bird Black Hawk proved equally talented as a breeding bird.

BE12-4184493 Black Hawk, 1st National Brive yearlings 2013

Pedigree Black Hawk

We go back in time, to the successful 2013 season. David's Black Hawk won a 1st national against 6,842 yearlings in a tough race from Brive (a hard north-easterly wind and high temperatures). The winning pigeon travelled 660km with a velocity of 1,105m/min; these weather conditions were particularly suited for the strongest pigeons. Still, Black Jack was not a one trick pony, since he had already won a 2nd in the zone from Montluçon against 4,766 yearlings two weeks earlier. This is his palmares as a racing bird:

Argenton National: 383/25,940 young birds
Vierzon Provincial: 49/4,058 young birds
Gueret National: 204/16,988 young birds / Zone: 52/7,174 young birds

Noyon: 12/644 yearlings
Angerville: 23/431 yearlings
Angerville: 28/488 yearlings
Vierzon Provincial: 126/2,982 yearlings
Montluçon Zone: 2/4,766 yearlings
Brive National: 1/6,831 yearlings

Our previously published report on the national victory of Black Hawk can be found here.

Meanwhile Black Hawk has continued to breed highly talented young birds. He is the sire of the following prize winners:

-‘165/14’: 2nd Provincial Vierzon against 3,573 pigeons, 5th Provincial Villemandeur against 5,156 pigeons,  etc.

- ‘606/15’: 4th Provincial Blois against 4,590 pigeons, etc.

- ‘077/14’: 13th Provincial Blois against 1,751 pigeons, 56th Provincial Bourges against 2,124 pigeons, 5th Souppes against 224 pigeons, etc.

- ‘008/14’: 59th Zone Gueret against 4,878 pigeons, etc.

- ‘166/14’: 75th Provincial Villemandeur against 5,156 pigeons, etc.

The second generation of descendants has also been quite successful:

- ‘747/15’: 36th Zone Chateauroux against 3,661 pigeons

- ‘742/15’: 95th Provincial Issoudun van 2,874 pigeons

- Etc.

Top pair BE11-4241435 Mandela x BE10-4102956 Zita (parents of Black Hawk – 1st National Brive)

The parents of top class racer and breeder Black Hawk are Mandela and Zita. Mandela is a son of Nestor, from the line of Marc Van Haute x Royal Girl, winner of a 31st National La Souterraine. Besides Black Hawk, they bred several more prize winners:

1st Noyon against 279 pigeons
4th Fontenay against 436 pigeons
8th Noyon against 504 pigeons
10th Fontenay against 265 pigeons
10th Peronne against 206 pigeons
14th Provinciaal Poitiers against 4,023 pigeons
26th Zonaal Tours against 6,327 pigeons
27th Provinciaal Blois against 832 pigeons
58th Provinciaal Bourges against 2,675 pigeons
78th Zonaal Tours against 520 pigeons

Top pair BE08-4091304 Casper x BE08-4096020 Gueretje

The loft of David Vermassen is home to more than just one top class breeding pair. Another great combination in this loft is Casper x Gueretje. Casper won a 47th Prov. Orleans against 5,510 pigeons, a 16th provincial Blois against 1,944 pigeons, etc. Gueretje won an 11th prov. Gueret against 3,067 pigeons, etc. They are the parents of:

- ‘Medart’ 276/11: 1st Provincial Vierzon against 2,738 pigeons, 41st National Limoges against 14,271 pigeons, 74th National Chateauroux against 15,902 pigeons, 72nd Provincial Tulle against 1,605 pigeons, 95th Provincial Brive against 1,637 pigeons, 98th Provincial Argenton against 3,161 pigeons, etc.


- ‘Croket 1’ 145/14: 1st Provincial Villemandeur against 6,060 pigeons

- ‘Destiny’: 1st Angerville against 488 pigeons, 23nd National Bourges against 11,883 pigeons, 15th Zone Issoudun against 671 pigeons ,37th Zone Argenton against 1,036 pigeons, 3rd Dourdan against 870 pigeons, etc.

- ‘Irma’ 211/11: 2nd Provincial Montrichard against 3,091 pigeons, 4th Zone Argenton against 6,979 pigeons, 7th Zone Issoudun against 671 pigeons, 25th Provincial Orleans against 309 pigeons, etc.

- ‘210/11’: 3rd Noyon against 763 pigeons, etc.

- ‘Zeno’ 073/14: 5th Provincial Vierzon against 3,575 pigeons, 53rd Provincial Villemandeur against 5,156 pigeons, etc.

- ‘Croket 2’ 144/14: 26th Provincial Villemandeur against 6,060 pigeons

- ‘174/13’: 26th Provincial Orleans against 5,975 pigeons, 93rd Zone Bourges against 4,055 pigeons, etc.

- ‘Luther’ 584/12: 77th Interprovincial Vierzon against 8,394 pigeons, 3rd Angerville against 488 pigeons, etc.

- ‘173/13’: 79th Zone Montlucon against 3,408 pigeons, 112th Interprovincial Vierzon against 3,848 pigeons, etc.

To conclude

David Vermassen really stepped up his game in 2013, the year in which he won the title of General National Champion KBDB and a national first prize from Brive. He is now a top player at national level, running a well balanced breeding loft that includes the outstanding Black Hawk (1st Nat. Brive), Mandela & Zita (the parents of Black Hawk) and Casper & Gueretje (parents of several provincial and national champions). David has a bright future ahead, since the second generation of descendants has proven to be highly talented as well. We think he is bound to win another national top prize sooner or later.