Vermeerbergen – Wilms – Mostmans (Mol & Rijkevorsel, BE) excel from Argenton II with five pigeons in the national top 50

Last Saturday’s race was a real triumph for the successful Vermeerbergen-Wilms-Mostmans partnership, both in their lofts in Mol and in Rijkevorsel. They had no less than five pigeons in the national top 50, and 9 pigeons in the national top 130!

The Vermeerbergen-Wilms-Mostmans combination (from left to right)

This flight proved a tough but fair race with the top results divided across the entire country. It was a race suited for the healthiest and most fit pigeons, especially since the pigeons from Mol and Rijkevorsel have to cover almost the longest distance in Belgium (573 and 577km respectively). Due to the north-westerly wind, the fastest pigeons reached speeds of up to 1,200 m/min. The pigeons of the Vermeerbergen-Wilms-Mostmans partnership had a great day, winning the following prizes:

Vermeerbergen – Wilms (Mol):

Club – 410 young birds
1-2-3-12-13-14-20-23-38-41-42-54-55-…(26/45, including 10 per 10)
Oost-Antwerps Fondspel – 617 young birds
1-2-3-13-14-15-24-27-46-49-50-62-63-… (29/45, including 11 per 10)
Provincial – 1,964 young birds
8-9-10-40-41-44-106-117-186-195-198-…(27/45, including 10 per 10)
Zone B2 – 2,664 young birds
7-8-10-49-50-58-110-122-198-206-208-247-250-…(25/45, including 13 per 10)
National – 11,223 young birds
including 17 per 10)

Vermeerbergen – Wilms – Mostmans (Rijkevorsel):

Club – 262 young birds
6-7-10-11-22-24-25-28-…(13/36, including 7 per 10)
Provincial – 1,964 young birds
22-23-48-65-123-125-126-142-.. (13/36, including 8 per 10)
Zone B1 – 3,130 young birds
16-17-35-54-116-119-120-141-280-… (13/36, including 9 per 10)
National – 11,223 young birds
43-44-129-181-365-371-372-422-975-… (13/36, including 9 per 10)

Two strong teams in two different lofts

Luc Vermeerbergen has always been racing with the young birds. He was initially quite successful in the sprint and the middle distance, but he started to achieve great results in the national races later on as well. The Vermeerbergen-Wilms partnership was founded in Mol in 2011, and Kris Mostmans from Rijkevorsel joined the team three years later. The three agreed to race from two different locations: the first round of young birds in Mol and the second round from Kris’s loft in Rijkevorsel. The partnership turned out a great success, especially in the national young birds’ races. 2014 proved to be another splendid season, with two provincial first prizes from Tours and Guéret, as well as a zonal and provincial victory from Guéret (Marieke Nationaal). In addition, they won the title of 5th national Ace Pigeon KBDB longer middle distance with National Wonder, the pigeon that also became 1st Ace PIPA Ranking young birds over 5 and 6 national races. In addition, the pigeons from Rijkevorsel managed to win the title of 1st Provincial Champion sprint young birds. 2015 was a great season as well, with most notably an outstanding performance in Argenton.
Click here for the best results of 2015 for Vermeerbergen-Wilms-Mostmans (Rijkevorsel).
Click here for the best results of 2015 for Vermeerbergen-Wilms (Mol).

National Wonder won the title of 5th National Ace Pigeon young birds longer middle distance KBDB 2014
and became 1st Ace PIPA ranking over 5 and 6 national races.

Click here for his pedigree

Marieke Nationaal won a 1st zone and a 1st provincial Guéret 2014 young birds. Click here for her pedigree.

A closer look at the national top 50 winners

  • BE15-6089063 (17th national / 7th zone): the dam is inbred to top class racer and breeder Lucky Luc; the sire comes from Etienne Stassen's stock pair.
  • BE15-6089086 (18th national / 8th zone): the sire comes from the Wilms breed, the dam is a direct daughter of top class racer and breeder Lucky Luc.
  • BE15-6089135 (20th national/ 10th zone): the sire comes from Sterke Roger, the dam comes from the line of Gaby Vandenabeele
  • BE15-6089238 (43rd national / 16th zone): a full brother/sister of Marieke National, 3rd national/1st zonal/1st provincial Guéret 2014 against 16,619 pigeons
  • BE15-6089185 (44th national / 17th zone): the sire comes from the line of National Wonder. The dam is another daughter of top class pigeon Lucky Luc.

The 106th, 108th and 119th national are actually grandchildren of super breeder Lucky Luc, which proves to be an invaluable breeder indeed!

Super breeder Lucky Luc! Click here for his pedigree

To conclude

Luc, Robby, and Kris are three young bird specialists, and it seems their partnership has paved its way to the top at national level. Click here for their national top results between 2011 and 2014. There are three more national races to come this season, and their racing team appears to be in great form. We are looking forward to their achievements in the next few races.

One of the racing lofts in Mol