He is back! Frederik Leliaert (Aardenburg, NL) wins a 1st Nat. St.Vincent ZLU 3,714 pigeons

This is quite a comeback! This is the second year since his comeback to the sport, and he has already managed to win a national first prize, the fourth in his career! He took a first prize in an extreme long distance classic with a late youngster of 2014, which is quite impressive.

The executioner from Zeeland, as he is often called by other fanciers, has lived up to his reputation. Some fanciers have suggested that the “wizard from Zeeland” would be a more appropriate nickname. This is the fourth national first prize in his short career as a fancier, which is quite an achievement.

The only Dutch pigeon on Friday

Frederik was closely following the early arrivals from St. Vincent on PIPA, and he was keeping an eye on the ZLU website as well, for a possible arrival in The Netherlands. However, no Dutch pigeons had arrived back home yet. Frederik and his team did some calculations and they agreed that he would have to clock at about 09:30pm when taking into account the earliest arrivals in France. Tension rose as they were hoping to see at least one of the 20 basketed racing birds (including 7 hens) arrive home already on Friday. A pigeon suddenly appeared near the loft: Tarzan entered the loft at 21:52’56” as the first pigeon from The Netherlands according to the ZLU. He had covered 915.836km with an average speed of 1008.7 m/min.

The team had an exciting few hours ahead but no other Dutch pigeon managed to arrive home before dark. They knew they had a good chance of winning a national first prize! Frederik did not get much sleep that night, because he could still be beaten by another pigeon.

As it turned out, no other pigeon from The Netherlands managed to do better. The team of Frederik was up for a celebration, while several more pigeons from St. Vincent started to come home at 7:29 – 7:44 – 7:49 – 8:00 – 8:30 (2x) – 8:38 – 9:27 and 9:38 pm. Frederik had just won the fourth national first prize in his career, which started in 2004.

He did it again!

It was Frederik’s Tarzan that won another national first prize. He is a late cock of 2014 (with 4 old primaries), ringed with an old ring of 2012. This is quite a heroic victory for the one year old cock, who managed to beat a group of experienced long distance pigeons in an (inter)national classic.

Tarzan was basketed on a weekly basis up until the race from Argenton, after which the entire team was given a week off before Agen. He showed great form in the race from Agen, winning a 891st against 6,638 pigeons. Two weeks later, he claims an impressive national first prize from St. Vincent in The Netherlands, being a late youngster of 2014. This is an exceptional feat!

The wing of Tarzan, notice the 4 old primaries

-Tarzan NL12-1663986

 1st  Nat St.Vincent 3,714 p.
891st Agen           6,638 p.

Sire: Inteelt Super Nolet NL12-4163125
Comes from a joint breeding with the loft of Gyselbrecht-Leliaert. He is bred from Super Nolet 635 NL04-0407635 (of Nolet & son from Axel) x own daughter Super Nolet 635 NL07-1873626 (mother of the12th Nat. Narbonne 7,027 p., a 182nd Nat. Libourne 8,269 p.). Super Nolet 635 is winner of:

 4th Nat Narbonne 2,563 p.
 8th Nat Bordeaux 4,220 p.
46th Nat Tarbes   3,601 p.

Dam: Saskia NL10-1754209
What’s in a name?  She is a full sister of Dees, Horus and Aton, bred from the stock pair of Dees van Kerkhoven.
Bekijk hier de volledige pedigree.

Tarzan was basketed with great motivation. The reason was that Frederik had placed a few small crates in the corners of his loft, which were sometimes turned upside down with a nest bowl inside (see picture). Tarzan had claimed one of these crates, and Frederik used this approach on the day of basketing as well. Tarzan wanted to defend his new territory and it explains why he did so well in the race from St. Vincent, claiming an impressive national first prize.

The crate with nest bowl

From zero to hero

Frederik Leliaert got involved in pigeon racing when his father found a wounded pigeon on the street. He gave it to Frederik, who took great care of it. This is where he started to become a true pigeon fancier, although his grandfather had been keeping pigeons as well. Frederik briefly started to lose interest in pigeons in his early teens, and he considers his career to really have started in 2003-2004, after taking over the loft of his good friend Dees van Kerkhoven. Dees was forced to quit due to personal reasons, and he needed to get rid of his pigeons. Frederik took over the lofts, as well as a collection of about 25 pigeons. He started to take pigeon racing more seriously, especially because the pigeons of Van Kerkhoven were very valuable. He was now really committed to the sport and it did not take long before he started to win top prizes. In fact, this was the start of a real success story!

3 x 1st National in 4 years' time (2007-2010)

It is the dream of many pigeon fanciers to take a national first prize one day, and to have the fastest pigeon in your country. Unfortunately only a handful of fanciers will ever manage to achieve this in the course of their career. This makes it all the more impressive that Frederik Leliaert has now won his fourth national first prize in just four years’ time (2007-2010), including an international first prize, with a limited collection of pigeons! Time for an overview:

1st International Bordeaux 7,213 p. 2007 with Dees, and 1st National 3,992 p. 
1st National Narbonne 3,816 p. 2008 with Dees
1st National Bordeaux  3,835 p. 2010 with Horus (a full brother of Dees)

Another pigeon worth mentioning is Aton, another full brother of Dees. Aton has won a 7th nat. Narbonne 3,849 p. last year, as well as a 104th nat. Bordeaux 3,835 p. Eduardo is another pigeon from the successful line of Dees (via a joint breeding with the line of Eduard), and winner of a 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon ZLU WHZB 2010. This shows that the parents of Dees, NL01-1971151 (bloodline of Rien van Dalen from Helmond) x NL01-1971144 (a 50% Ad Scharlaekens from Baarle Nassau) have proved an invaluable breeding pair for Frederik. This is indeed a golden breeding combination!

Frederik’s pigeon loft has been performing really well, and the PIPA management noticed this as well. As a result, Frederik was asked to become a fulltime loft manager for the pigeons of Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht. Frederik was running a pigeon collection under the name of Gyselbrecht-Leliaert between 2011 and 2013 in Belgium. His best result here was a provincial victory from Bourges. It was agreed in 2013 that he would no longer race pigeons; he would instead focus on different tasks within PIPA (PR manager for clients, taking care of the breeding pigeons of Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht and the PEC together with Sam, taking care of the transit pigeons with Georges, and looking after transport). This is why he made a comeback in his home loft in Aardenburg in 2014, which he did with great motivation and ambition. One year later he put in a great performance, winning a national first prize from St. Vincent. It seems he wanted to prove himself.

Golden line of Dees brings 4 national first prize winners

The breeding line of Dees has given many highly successful racing birds. This is an internationally renowned bloodline that has already won four national victories and the title of 1st national ace pigeon WHZB. It is worth mentioning that many of the pigeons from the line of Dees have been particularly successful in tough weather, or in races with speeds of about 1100 m/min, including last week’s St. Vincent.

-Dees NL05-1452924

1st Intnat Bordeaux  7,213 p. ’07
1st Nat Bordeaux ZLU 3,992 p. ’07
1st Nat Narbonne ZLU 3,816 p. ’08

-Horus NL09-1239246

1st Nat Bordeaux     3,835 JL ’10

-Aton NL09-1239239

7th Nat Narbonne     3,849 JL ’10
104th Nat Bordeaux   3,835 JL ’10

Further generations of Dees pigeons have continued to bring great results, and the strongest of them is the outstanding Eduardo, which was Frederik’s favourite pigeon. However, he died due to an injury in early 2011, after being transferred to Knesselare. This is the outstanding palmares of this remarkably strong pigeon:

-‘Eduardo’ NL09-3909177

1st Beste ZLU pigeon WHZB 2010
11th Nat. Narbonne ZLU  3,850 p. (904 Km)
17th Nat. Tarbes ZLU    2,950 p. (931 Km)
94th Nat. Bordeaux ZLU  3,835 p. (769 Km)

He originates from a grandchild of the stock pair, which means he belongs to the line of Dees as well.

-De ‘Jan’ BE11-4100613

 1st  Prov Bourges(457 km) 2012 –  3,470 p.
 5th  Nat. Bourges I       2012 – 16,859 p.
14th  Nat. Libourne        2013 -  6,646 p.
32nd  Nat. Limoges         2013 – 14,263 p.
 1st  Chateauroux (497 km) 2012 –    628 p.
22nd  Prov Chateauroux     2012 -  3,960 p.
112th Nat Chateauroux      2012 – 15,902 p.
 8th  Angerville           2013 -    231 p.
 8th  L’Aigle (333 km)     2012 –    104 p.
25th  Bourges (457 km)     2011 –  1,025 p.
108th Prov Vierzon         2013 -  6,420 p.
383rd Zone A Monluçon      2012 -  7,828 p.
309th Zone A Bourges       2012 –  3,409 p.

De Jan was raced in the lofts of Gyselbrecht-Leliaert in Knesselare.
Click here for the pedigree of Jan.
The fresh national winner from St. Vincent Tarzan completes the list of successful Dees descendant, being a son of Sister Dees.

Vliegen is de boodschap

Frederik is often called the executioner from Zeeland, because he can be very hard on his pigeons. You can reread our previous article if you would like to know more about his approach. He baskets his pigeons every week until Argenton (two weeks before Agen), irrespective of the weather conditions. The next step is to take part in an international classic every two weeks, including the ZLU from Bordeaux-Agen, St. Vincent, and Narbonne. That was the schedule for 2015 for old birds (two year olds) and the yearlings. Some might find this to be quite demanding but Frederik thinks this is the best way to select your strongest pigeons. Your best racing birds will make it to the end of the season, in a survival of the strongest!

This is the foundation for his solid pigeon breed and his four national victories!

Congratulations to the wizard from Zeeland!