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Nico Van Noordenne (Hardinxveld-Giessendam, NL) shows his potential in the race from Peronne

This is obviously not the first strong result from the talented fancier from Hardinxveld. And yet, we were truly impressed with his pigeons’ performance in the race from Peronne on the 6th of June.

Nico had basketed 24 pigeons, 22 of which have managed to win a prize, including a 1-2-3-5-7-8-9-10 against 1,848 pigeons. This illustrates once again the vast amount of talent in Nico’s pigeon loft. Last year we were quite amazed by his Torero (NL01-5151021), 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance NPO 2004, this time we pay tribute to his pigeon Amazing Surprise (NL10-1700776).

Amazing Surprise won a 1st NPO Tours against 10,490 pigeons and a 3rd Mantes 3,123 pigeons. She is a daughter of Blauwe Belofte NL05-1413802 (2nd/814 Pont-St.-Max., 3rd/701 Creil and 4th/4,761 Strombeek) and X Surprise NL03-1157119 (1st Ace Pigeon ZH-Oost 2004). She was paired to No Limit (NL09-1204107) and became the dam of an 5th and 8th Peronne 1,848 p. Click here for the full pedigree and palmares of NL14-1071915. Click here for the best results of NL14-1071848.

Van Gastel

When we take a look at Nico's eight best pigeons, we come across the bloodline of the Van Gastel family. The third prize was won by a descendant of Van Gastel 006, while the 7th and 9th place were won by two youngsters of Gastel 199 (NL07-1942199). Van Gastel 199 is a grandson of Rinus' Winner (NL-02-1787880), 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance WHZB 2004. Winner is in turn a grandson of Rocket (NL96-9669302), 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Sprint 1999 with a 1st Creil 2,581 p., a 1st Chantilly 2,366 p. etc.

Click here for the pedigree of Van Gastel 199


We also take a closer look at the winner from Peronne, the NL14-1071833, which is inevitably related to Torero. The 833/14 has won a 16th NPO Nanteuil 16,722 p. a 42nd HZO Quievrain 3,771 p. and a 48th ZHO Morlincourt 2,307 p. The sire is Alonso (NL06-1088 - 205), a son of the renowned Torero. Click here to reread our article about Torero. Alonso won the title of 1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance ZHO 2007, as well as a 1st prov. Creil 13,852 pigeons.

Another important bloodline in the pedigree of the winner can be found on his mother's side. Kasai's Witje (NL09-1204140) is one of the most talented pigeons in Nico's collection. The sire is Kasai (NL98-5809093), a 100% Vandenabelee through Colijn-Ganus. Kasai won a 1st Houdeng 6,626 p., a 1st peronne 6,289 p. and a 1st Creil 2,673 p. The dam 'Witje 975' (NL08-3821975) is a pure Ludo Claessens, which illustrates that the  combination of a Belgian and a Dutch bloodline can lead to great success. Click here for the full pedigree of 833/14.

Nico thinks good quality pigeons are at the basis of a successful loft, and this clearly applies to his own loft as well. It makes him one the strongest fanciers in The Netherlands in modern day pigeon racing.