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Team Leo & Gerry Dockx (Berlaar, BE) a rising star in the longer middle distance

Father and son Dockx have developed into a top class loft in the national longer middle distance competition in recent seasons. Their racing bird Jente won a 1st Nat. Never in 2013, and Tarzan was 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Young Birds Longer Middle Distance last season. They owe a lot to the iconic fanciers Gaston Van de Wouwer and Rik Cools.

Leo & Gerry Dockx, together with (grand)sons Niels & Dries

The hospitable Dockx family from Koningshooikt near Lier runs a dairy farm. This is a true family business, as both father and son Leo and Garry, and their wives Marleen and Leen are involved in the farm. They met Gaston Van de Wouwer in 2008, and this marked the start of an impressive rise to the top. They built a brand new pigeon loft based on the advice and the approach of Van de Wouwer, and quite a number of direct Gaston pigeons were transferred to their new loft as well. In fact, 90% of today's pigeon breed is based on the bloodline of Kaasboer.

Jente, 1st Nat. Nevers 11,579 young birds

The national breakthrough came in 2013, when Jente claimed a national first prize from Nevers (470km). Jente is a 100% Gaston Van de Wouwer and a granddaughter of Gaston's super class hen Tia. Click here to reread our report on their national win from Nevers. Jente appears to be a successful breeder as well; a son of Jente has won a 6th prize against 927 yearlings from Noyon (205km) in the early 2015 season.

Tarzan, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Young Birds GHF 2014

Leo and Gerry Dockx have more than one trick up their sleeve, having won the title of national ace pigeon last season. They started looking for new bloodlines in 2013, to be combined with their Van de Wouwer pigeons. They got into contact with Rik Cools, and they quickly started to get along really well, as was also the case with Gaston. About 15 pigeons were exchanged and the combination proved a great success: Tarzan, a 100% Cools pigeon, managed to win the title of national ace pigeon. Click here to reread our report on their national ace pigeon title.

Tarzan dynasty

Both the sire and the dam of Tarzan are direct Rik Cools pigeons. The sire, BE13-3076891, comes from the very best of Rik Cools: Schone Bliksem (top class breeder and a direct son of Gaby Vandenabeele's Bliksem), Pou-Pou (3rd Nat. Bourges, 4th Nat. Argenton, 36th Nat. Bourges,...), and Liesje (17th Nat. Bourges, 95th Nat. Bourges, comes from a grandson Wittenbuik of Vandenabeele). The dam of Tarzan, BE13-3076888, comes from a granddaughter of Bliksem of Vandenabeele, and from Nasdaq, 1st Nat. Souillac of M&G Casart. This bloodline was paired to a brother of Starly, 4th best pigeon of Belgium over three national races for Rik Hermans. This pair bred pigeons for the first time in the last breeding period, and four of their youngsters have already won a top three prize:

 - ‘Tarzan’ 069/14

1. Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB GHF 2014
Châteauroux    Nat.   27  22,818
               Nat.Z   7   4,935
La Souterraine Nat.   77  18,588
               Nat.Z  60   3,953
Tours          Nat.   97  24,097
               Nat.Z  52   5,185
Bourges        Nat.  238  30,180
               Nat.Z  79   6,802

- ‘Zus Tarzan’ 127/14

La Souterraine Nat.  139  18,588
               Nat.Z  99   3,953
Guéret         Nat.  200  16,619 
               Nat.Z  66   3,593
Bourges        Nat.1.042  30,180
               Nat.Z 332   6,802
Argenton       Nat.2.411  27,267
               Nat.Z 970   5,758

- ‘Nestzus Tarzan’ 068/14

Châteauroux    Nat.  165  22,818
               Nat.Z  64   4,935
Tours          Nat.  147  24,097
               Nat.Z  65   5,185
Argenton       Nat.  547  27,267
               Nat.Z 224   5,758

A breeding pair that breeds so many successful youngsters in its first season has a promising future ahead. The Dockx family successfully combines hard work, a straightforwad approach and a collection of solid bloodlines. This is the key to succcess, and we expect the Tarzan family to do great in the next few years as well!