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Douwe and Peter Soepboer (Burgum, NL) close a splendid season with the title of 3rd International Olympiad Pigeon One Day Long Distance in Budapest

Douwe and Peter Soepboer had another great season in 2014, especially thanks to Olympic toe, which won the title of 3rd International Olympiad Pigeon One Day Long Distance in Budapest.

Douwe and Peter in front of one of their lofts

The combination of D. and P. Soepboer consists of Douwe (66) and his son Peter (39). Douwe is a retired carpenter who got involved in the sport through a school friend. Douwe has been keeping pigeons for over half a century, and he has been taking care of his racing birds all on his own. Peter is self employed; he looks after the team's breeding pigeons while also dealing with administrative matters. The combination has three lofts, one of which is used to keep a group of 16 hens. There is a second loft above the garage that houses 24 cocks, and a third loft in which about 50 to 60 youngsters are kept. Both the cocks and the hens are raced in total widowhood, with one partner staying at home. Their pigeon breed consists of pigeons from the Atema combination (Noordbergum, NL), Pieter Veenstra (Drachstercompagnie, NL), Maurice Hasendonckx (Bouwel, BE) and Fernand Marien (Tielen, BE). These bloodlines were obtained directly. As you can see, the loft of Douwe and Pieter is based on some of the very best breeds in Belgium and The Netherlands. Douwe has become quite an experienced fancier, and so his achievements in recent seasons did not come as a surprise. The following championship titles in important competitions have been won in 2014 alone:

Entente in the Union (+/- 300 members)
Sprint 2nd not nom. - 1st nominated
One day long distance 1st not nom. - 1st nominated
Young birds 2nd nominated
General 3rd not nom. - 1st nominated
1st Emperor General (4 consecutive times)

Province Friesland'96
Sprint 7th not nominated
One day long distance 1st not nom. - 1st nominated
Young birds - 1st nominated
General long distance 10th nominated
General sprint 11th not nom. - 10th nominated

The combination achieved an impressive number of top prizes and great overal results in 2013 and 2014:

Orleans  652 km   562 p.: 1-2-7-11-18-etc. (7/8)
Sittard  241 km 2,498 p.: 2-8-9-19-31-32-33-55-57-61-70-75-95-97-etc. (33/39)
Sezanne  523 km 1,243 p.: 1-3-10-19-25-40-54-55-115-etc. (17/20)
Tongeren 269 km 1,151 p.: 1-5-8-16-39-46-49-58-62-80-86-88-95-etc. (26/28)
Gien     655 km   574 p.: 1-3-5-51 (4/7)
Sittard  241 km 1,077 p.: 1-2-3-4-15-23-30-33-40-64-66-81-88-95-98-99-etc. (23/29)
Gennep   169 km 1,504 p.: 1-2-3-4-10-11-12-13-14-16-23-25-26-34-37-38-45-46-72-76-etc. (38/40)

As you know, it takes a group of top quality pigeons to achieve such excellent results. The leading name in their current team is without doubt Olympic Toe, a son of stock cock NL07-1183604 that closed his racing career with a title of a third int. Olympiad Pigeon One Day Long Distance in Budapest. Several brothers and sisters of Olympic Toe have shown that NL07-1183604 is indeed an outstanding breeding bird. We would like to present to you this magnificent pigeon and some of his youngsters.

Stock cock NL07-1183604

The 604 is without doubt the stock sire in the Soepboer loft. Click here for a full pedigree. This cock proved himself as a first class racing bird before becoming an invaluable breeder. He became 1st Ace Pigeon in ACG 7 in the province of Friesland'96, having won the following prizes:

Boxtel     1st 3,167 p.
Hasselt    2nd 1,623 p.
Achene     3rd   293 p.
Blois      5th   877 p.
Pithiviers 8th   179 p.

After his successful racing career he quickly turned into the indispensable breeder he is today. It would be impossible to discuss each and every youngster of him but some of them are definitely worth a mention.

NL11-1162778 Olympic Toe

The most important youngster is of course Olympic Toe - click here for the full pedigree of Olympic Toe. This pigeon has won an incredible number of top results in just a few years' time. He was left behind in the disastrous race from Pommereoul as a yearling but it turned out he had been found 10km away from the loft. He had only just survived the race and Douwe decided to no longer basket him that season. He was basketed seven times in 2013 and 2014, and he managed to win six prizes (6 top 20 prizes NPO):

Gien     1st 5,688 p.  2nd NPO  5,121 p.
Sezanne  1st 3,371 p.  9th NPO 10,063 p.
Sens     1st 1,626 p. 20th NPO  5,592 p.
Orleans  1st   525 p.  7th NPO  4,502 p.
Bourges  1st   224 p.  9th NPO  2,519 p.
Sens    12th 8,716 p. 20th NPO  8,269 p.
Zutphen  1st 2,600 p.

This resulted in the following titles:

7th TBOTB One Day Long Distance 2013
8th WHZB One Day Long Distance 2013
1st WHZB/TBOTB One Day Long Distance 2014
1st Dutch Olympiad Pigeon One Day Long Distance 2014
3rd Int. Olympiad Pigeon One Day Long Distance Budapest 2015

The dam of Olympic Toe is NL09-1647200 Daughter Sissy.

Daughter Sissy is a 100 % Pieter Veenstra pigeon that originates from Veenstra's Sissy. This hen became 1st Nat. Hen WHZB 2009 and 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance Fondspiegel. Click here for the full pedigree of Daughter Sissy. Daughter Sissy is also the dam of NL12-1632806, winner of a 2nd prize from Sittard against 2,039 pigeons.


This son from NL07-1183604 is a half brother of Olympic Toe. This racing cock has won the following prizes:

Chalons & Champagne     7th NPO 4,296 p.
Quievrain               5th     1,116 p.
Quievrain              14th     3,377 p.
Tongeren                9th       940 p.


This is another outstanding pigeon and another half brother of Olympic Toe, having been bred from NL07-1183604. He became 1st best sprint pigeon WHZB/TBOTB and 4th sprint Champion Province Friesland'96. His best results include:

Tongeren   1st 1,151 p.
Sittard    8th 2,498 p.
Quievrain 15th 2,261 p.
Menen     19th 1,845 p.
Quievrain 22nd 1,116 p.
Tongeren  27th   929 p.

In addition, the NL14-1440212 Luuk finished in 10th place at the Belgian Master 2014. He is also a direct son of the 604, which demonstrates once again the value of this breeding loft.