Van Toor brothers (Vlaardingen, NL) reap the benefits of a new generation of top class pigeons in 2014

The Van Toor brothers have been among the strongest pigeon fanciers in The Netherlands for several years, which they demonstrated again by claiming a national first prize from Sens in Sector II, and by winning two Olympiad title with Olympic Santa Ana and Olympic Tamara.

Every member of the Van Toor family is fond of pigeon racing

Team Van Toor consists of the 71 year old twin brothers Henk and Jan van Toor, who are both enjoying a well deserved retirement. They are both married as well: Henk is married to Anneke, his brother Jan is married to Marjan. Their three great-grandchildren Daan (10) and the twin brothers Lucas and Tim (8) are keeping pigeons in the home of their father Dennis (a son of Henk), and they all belong to a unique family of pigeon fanciers. The older generation races with the young birds and old birds in the sprint and middle distance, whereas the grandchildren are focusing exclusively on the young birds’ competition.

The two combinations had the honour of representing The Netherlands in the Budapest Olympiad, thanks to their impressive results. We give you an overview of their best results of 2014 in province 5 of Southern Holland Entente Rijnmond-Flakkee (the Van Toor brothers and Van Toor Jr. & Sr. have been put together):

31-05 Sens         419 km 3889 p. 1-2-4-6-30-37-etc.(11/16)
09-08 Peronne      241 km 3216 p. 1-2-3-6-8-11-16-21-25-27-etc.(51/82)
16-08 Morlincourt  277 km 2982 p. 1-2-3-4-5-6-9-10-11-20-21-22-47-etc.(59/79)
23-08 Nanteuil     328 km 2620 p. 2-3-5-7-12-14-15-26-35-36-38-etc.(49/74)
31-08 Mantes-la-J. 372 km 2134 p. 3-4-5-6-7-10-16-17-20-23-25-30-31-32-35-40-etc.(53/70)
07-09 Menen*       149 km  546 p. 1-3-5-6-7-11-12-15-17-18-21-32-35-38-etc.(37/68)
13-09 Sens         419 km 1771 p. 1-2-3-4-5-6-8-9-12-13-16-17-22-23-24-32-etc.(48/65)
*Entente Rijnmond 2000

The basis

This impressive collection of pigeons is largely based on a single stock pair consisting of NL00-1957240 Goliath paired to BE06-6148120 Las Vegas. The blue coloured cock Goliath originates from the bloodlines of JLN Houben (Itegem, BE), and he won a 10th NPO Morlincourt (14,794 p.) as a racing bird. The chequered hen Las Vegas comes from the Belgian combination of Heremans-Ceusters (Vorselaar, BE). She is a daughter of BE01-6455003 De Olympiade, paired to BE00-6141418 Diadora. These two exceptional breeding pigeons have actually played an important role in the success story of Leo Heremans and his partner Karel Ceusters. You can find an overview of all the top 10 results from the descendants of Goliath x Las Vegas here.

They all have the same quality: they know how to fly ahead of the rest in races of 100 to 420 km against thousands of competitors, preferably with head-wind velocities of 1,100 to 1,200 mpm. Youngsters Ozon and Volcano also showed that the van Toor pigeons perform successfully in a 240 km race with an average velocity of 1,700 mpm ny beating 3,215 other pigeons with a four-minute lead.

NL12-1599829 Olympic Santa Ana

Budapest Olympiad

The successful 2014 season was closed with a crowning achievement from the chequered hen NL12-1599829 Olympic Santa Ana, which headed the Dutch delegation for the Budapest Olympiad in Cat. B (middle distance). She was part of a team of hens that Henk and Jan raced in widowhood. The parents of Olympic Santa Ana are coming from the lines of Leo Heremans; the sire is BE10-6201658 Junior Olympiade, a son of Leo’s world famous Olympiade (Olympiad Pigeon Lievin 2003). The dam is BE09-6269366 Venus, an outstanding breeding pigeon for the Van Toor brothers. She is a granddaughter of such illustrious Heremans pigeons as Olympiade, Dochter Jan, Nieuwe Rossi and Eenoogske. Venus is also the dam of Esmee (8th Nat. sector 2 Ablis 8305 p.) and Tara (15th NPO Ablis 5600 p.). Click here for the pedigree of Olympic Santa. She has won for instance a first prize from Sens against 3889 p. - click here for a complete list of achievements.

National Sens

The impressive palmares of the Van Toor brothers got even more impressive in 2014, thanks to a first prize in the national race from Sens in sector 2 against 17,224 pigeons. Their national winner, the NL14-1042238 Olympic Fenomenale, is a son of NL12-1599013 New Vegas, a daughter of stock pair Goliath x Las Vegas. She is part of a proven breeding pair along with Home Run, the sire of Olympic Fenomenale NL11-1867924. The exceptional breeder Home Run originates directly from the Braad-De Joode combination (Woudrichem, NL), and his sire is NL08-3829000 Balteasar (1st Creil 7072 p.,) paired to NL10-3026451 Sister Leen, a daughter of Olympiad Pigeon NL05-0534554 Home Alone. Click here for the pedigree of Olympic Fenomenale. He took the win in the national race from Sens, besides winning many more top prizes. As a result, Olympic Fenomenale acted as first substitute for the Dutch selection in the Budapest Olympiad. Click here for a full list of achievements.

The twin brothers Lucas and Tim and their older brother Daan. They are the Van Toor brothers Jr.

The Van Toor brothers Jr.

Dennis, Henk’s son, is the father of three sons, and as it turns out, the two twin brothers Luc and Tim and their two year older brother Daan have a great interest in pigeon racing as well. They have more in common with their grandfather than just being twin brothers and being part of a combination with the same name. The three brothers were also part of the Dutch delegation for the Olympiad, thanks to their NL14-1041396 Olympic Tamara. This is something quite unique. The three brothers come from a previous marriage of their father Dennis, and they are really committed to their pigeon loft when they are with their father. It appears their young birds were willing to put in an extra effort in 2014; they were simply outstanding.


Olympic Tamara

The NL14-1041396 Olympic Tamara managed to gain recognition by winning a 1st Morlincourt 7682 p. and a 2nd Menen 5799 p. Click here for a complete list of achievements. She was third Olympiad Pigeon for The Netherlands in category F. The sire of Olympic Tamara is NL09-1126456 Prins, which is a son of stock pair Max x Nora of Jan Straver (Rotterdam, NL). The dam of Olympic Tamara is NL11-1724036 Alexia, which is in turn a granddaughter of the iconic Olympiade of Leo heremans. Click here for the pedigree of Olympic Tamara.

NL14-1042413 Kees, 2nd national ace pigeon young birds 2014


The young chequered cock NL14-1042413 Kees deserves special mention as well, finishing in second in the national ace pigeon championship young birds. His best result is a 17th place in the NPO race from Sens (4669 p.). The parents of Kees are Home Run (click here for a picture of Home Run) and New Vegas (click here for a picture of New Vegas). Kees is a brother of Olympic Fenomenale, which we just mentioned. It seems that a new stock pais taking shape in this loft. Click here for the pedigree of Kees.

To conclude

Pigeon racing means a lot to the Van Toor family. They know very well that constant improvement is key. They have an eye on the future, which is why they continue to refine their pigeon breed by introducing different bloodlines. Future will tell if they can manage to take their loft to the next level.