Streel Edmond & Freddy, "Province of Limburg big winner this weekend in Belgium on the Internationaal Narbonne race"

Streel Edmond & Freddy (Vreren) 1st national Old pigeons
Thoné Jos (Niel bij As) 1st & 2nd national Yearlings

Limburg wins again
High speeds, supported by a rather hard wind out of the west are the perfect ingredients for the long distance fanciers to perform well if they live in the east of the country. This year the Limburg province doesn’t has any reason for complainting. Just last week Hendry Kuypers from Maasmechelen (also Limburg) won National Marseille, and now again two fanciers from Limburg win the two national categories out of Narbonne (South-east of France). The pigeons, 14.969 in total, were released Saturday morning at exactly 7.45am for a race of +- 800 KM. Those who looked at the French weather forecast knew that the pigeons should have nice weather for the whole trip. Not only Jos Thoné from Niel-bij-As raced super this weekend, with the 2 first International Narbonne yearlings, but also the sympathic Streel Edmond & Freddy from Vreren, a part of our oldest city of Belgium, Tongeren. They clocked their widower with ringnumber 5157565/05 at 7.18pm at a speed of 1248 m/m and distance 867 KM, this speed was enough to be the fastest old pigeon in Belgium. This wasn’t the only early pigeon at this loft because they also win 7th National Yearlings. When we visited Streel Edmond & Freddy, they already knew the result in their club: 1st – 2nd – 5th – 17th – 20th – 38th of 202 yearlings (6/14). 1st – 7th – 13th – 15th – 23rd – 33rd of 192 old pigeons (5/6).

“Den Dennis” International winner
Unfortunately we arrived one day late! Because the night before the Streel family had a big champagneparty and they weren’t 100% recuperated yet. The joy and happyness were overwhelming! That’s not so unlogical, you don’t win a national victory every day off course! What is more pleasant than sharing this joy with the whole family?

The pigeon who made all this happen is “Den Dennis”, as a yearling he was raced untill Orléans. As a two year old he got hurt seriously and had to stay home after the Brive race to get better. And now in 2005 the pigeon was in a fantastic shape! Here is the proof:
Provincial: Gien : 71st - 6328 pigeons - Limburg Brive: 145th - 2623 pigeons - Cahors : 9th - 1066 pigeons - Narbonne : 1st - 4921 pigeons.

A fantastic palmares which shows the strength of this pigeon. Where does this talent and strength comes from? We don’t have to search a lot… Just like many topfanciers, also the Streel combination had a superbreedingpair. If we take a look to the pedigree of this national winner we see that the father is from the Huub Vogten strain from Lanaken, which is mainly Van der Wegen blood. This strain is for 80% presented in the current breeding and racing loft. “Den Dennis” is a son of “Brother Pantani”, “Pantani” was one of the best long distance racers on the loft of Streel E&F. He never missed and won a.o. provincial Perpignan. The mother is a pigeon from Berke Willems(Eisden), he is a good friend of the Streel family. This mother is a daughter of the famous “St. Vincent” (2nd Nat. Acepigeon Long Distance 1993). This hen, born in 1995, is still one of the main breeding hens in the Streel loft. With such great pigeons on the loft it is almost normal that soon or later a national victory would be won. With this national race out of Narbonne we have two fanciers on the top of the resultlist which are respected already for many years because of their great performances. This national victory is for the Streel family without a doubt the most important victory in their career. Congratulations.

: 4 – 9 – 28 – 30 – 33 – 36 – 249 (7/8) 1066 p.
Montelimar : 8 - 23 (2/2) 1868 p.
Montauban : 24 – 49 (2/5) 859 p.
Pau : 3 – 49 – 50 (3/4) 344 p.
Barcelona : 38 – 144 – 244 – 299 – 367 – 486 (6/15) 2291 p.
Limoges : 27 – 33 (2/2) 635 p.
Bordeaux : 17-72 (2/2) 471 p.
Marseille : 23 – 57 – 102 – 161 (4/9) 655 p.
1e - 2- 5- 17 – 20 – 38 (6/14) 202 yearlings
1e - 7 -13 – 15 -23-33 (5/6) 192 old pigeons