Jacquemin Francois, "National winner Bourges (2007) Old Pigeons"

Francois Jacquemin - Battice

Year after year a classic in the middle distance! With a total ( youngsters + yearlings + old ) of nearly 60.000 pigeons, Bourges lives up to it’s reputation of being an important race. In the category old pigeons, which is what this coverage is about, there were 12.503 competitors! A complete package. The winning pigeon, a blue two year old cock was the fastest from the whole of the group old pigeons with a velocity of 1394,98 meter / minute.

This is a nice small village near Luik; two years ago a national victory was celebrated; that time by Jean & René Coenen, from Montélimar national. It was a question of a millimetre spurt! That time it was about a small fancier…just like now, and it pleases us that also small fanciers regularly  have a chance by the top prizes.

Petit Arnaud
Francois Jacquemin is the lucky owner of the winner, named “Petit Arnaud”. This young man is only 21 and can now add a national victory to his honours list, there are not many fanciers who can say that !

Francois is a furniture maker by trade; together with his wife Ann-Sofie and Francoi’s father, Serge, they hadn’t expected this victory, and that’s why they are ecstatic with this magnificent achievement. Young Francois began racing pigeons in 1999. The basis of his loft are pigeons from Bruwier, Nouwen-Paesen, Robert Van Eycken, Eugène Simon, De Keyser-Dethier, René Voose, …

Pedigree National Winner

The father of the national Bourges-winner is a direct Robert Van Eycken pigeon, born in the year 2000 ; 2144123/2000. In turn, he comes from 476/91 x 122/99 ( daughter Bugno).
The mother of the winner is a pigeon directly from René Voose, 2004/1013381

Medical matters
The medical side of things is in the hands of the veterinary surgeon from Limburg Ferdi Vandersanden, where there are regular checkups ; two weeks before the pigeons were basketted for Bourges a visit was made to the veterinary surgeon Vandersanden, which resulted in the pigeons being given a 3 day cure for the head.

Small number – big success
With an overall result of  9 from the 12 from Bourges the young Luikenaar has performed well ; with 4 old pigeons he achieved 1st and 73rd national ; there were also 8 yearlings entered for Bourges.

We will undoubtedly hear more from Francois in the future!
Good luck on behalf of the PiPa-Team !