Ryks Kristine (Donk, BE) wins 1st national Argenton against 27,267 young birds

Kristine Ryks claims the national victory from Argenton II 2014. Her winning pigeon was clocked at 14:04’15”, and she was not only the fastest young bird, but the fastest pigeon in the race overall. She is a 100% Johny & Yves Jonckers, the two fanciers that assist Kristine with taking care of her pigeons’ health and nutrition.

Ryks Kristine (Donk, BE) claims 1st National Argenton against 27,267 young birds

History was made on Saturday afternoon just after 2 o’clock. Den Argenton arrived at his home loft in Donk, Herk-de-Stad at 14:04’15”, after completing 552.182km with a velocity of 1418.58 m/min. He was not only the fastest young bird, but the fastest of a total of 35,404 basketed pigeons. Remarkably, he was 12 m/min or an impressive three minutes faster compared to his closest rival, a pigeon of Emiel Engelbos (Halle‑Booienhoven). Remarkably enough, the winning pigeon lost one minute when trying to enter the loft. This is quite an overwhelming victory by today’s standards.

Den Argenton

The great looking chequered cock BE14-2064334 is now called Den Argenton. He is a very quiet pigeon in the loft, but he is quite difficult to pick up. He was raced from the nest along with the others, and basketed with a young bird of 14 days old. Den Argenton was basketed as first nominated, which indicates that Kristine expected a lot from him. He had already won a few prizes before claiming a national victory, which we will discuss below.

This pigeon has only competed in 7 races so far, winning a prize in six of them. However, he has the bad habit of wasting 2 to 3 minutes before actually entering the loft. It is also remarkable that he did only one middle distance race before competing in Argenton.

2 x Momignies, followed by Mettet 419 p.:  43rd
27/07 Soissons (209 Km)           742 p.:   2nd
03/08 Soissons (209 Km)           758 p.:   5th

He was the first to arrive home from Soissons, and yet he lost the first prize to one of his own loft mates, simply because he waited two minutes before actually going inside.

10/08 Lorris (390 Km)                 No prize

He could not win a prize in the race from Lorris one week before Argenton, but this time he entered the loft immediately, because he wanted to be with his eight days old youngsters as quickly as possible. This is why he was basketed as first nominated the following week.

The pedigree of Den Argenton tells us he is a 100% Johny & Yves Jonckers (Drieslinter – BE) with excellent origins.

His grandfather from his father’s side is De 070, which was quite a successful longer middle distance racing pigeon. This 070 is the brother of De 801 (BE09-2002801) of Johny Jonckers, winner of the title of First Ace Pigeon Western Europe longer distance in 2011. You can find his list of achievements here. His grandmother originates from the loft of grandmaster Gaby Vandenabeele.

His grandfather from his mother’s side is De 709, another great star from the Jonckers family. He is one of Johny’s most frequent winners. He has won countless prizes per ten in races totalling a distance of thousands of kilometres. He is also the brother of Magda (BE12-2030127) of the Herbots brothers, winner of a 5th national ace pigeon shorter middle distance as a yearling last season. The Herbots brothers purchased her from Johny & Yves as a young bird.

As they say, good quality pigeons are bred from good quality pigeons!

The fancier

Kristine started keeping pigeons only five years ago, together with her husband Rob Loomans. They agreed to race under Kristine’s name, because her father Roger Ryks was a successful fancier for many years, racing pigeons from Donk as well. Their collection consists of 25 pairs of olds and yearlings raced in total widowhood. An additional 100 youngsters were bred to be raced from the nest. 80 of them are still in the team.

Almost all of their pigeons (90%) originate from the breed of Johny & Yves Jonckers. They obtained their first round of 20 late youngsters of Jonckers in 2012, and several eggs were obtained both in 2013 and 2014. Besides, they have invested in pigeons of Vandenheede, Erik Limbourg and Marc Vanonckelen.

Medical guidance and nutrition

Johny Jonckers acts as a mentor for Kristin and Rob, providing advice on medical guidance and nutrition. Johny also shows them which mixtures (of Beyers) they should use.

They pay an annual visit to their vet Norbert Peeters (As, BE), and they follow the schedules as set out by Johny. Kristine and Rob do not provide any preventive treatments, but there was a treatment against tricho shortly before the first races. Kristine and Rob like to keep things simple: the pigeons get honey and tea in winter, but not during the season.