Green Xiang (China) is the new owner of the 1st Nat. Barcelona winner of Remy Speltdoorn

Remy Speltdoorn’s national winner from Barcelona in Belgium is to move to the lofts of Jixiang Xiang (most Europeans call him Green Xiang ), PIPA’s agent for China.

Green Xiang was especially impressed with the origins and the exceptional breeding line from which this national winner from Barcelona has been bred. This eventually made him decide to purchase the pigeon, after he had closely and carefully examined him.

It is fair to say that Remy Speltdoorn has been fortunate to have such a talented breeding line in his loft, and this line has laid the basis for a number of national and international achievements. This bloodline is probably his best kept secret in our sport today. In fact, many experienced fanciers have learned about the potential of this breed only recently, after the impressive achievements in the seasons 2013 and 2014.

The combination of Blauwe Havran BE96-2397499 (from the collection of S. Havran from Veltem) x Blauw Mommaerts BE96-2397479 (Mommaerts from Everberg) has been a top quality breeding pair for Remy Speltdoorn, and it has become the cornerstone in his breeding loft. This is basically his stock pair. They are the parents of several top quality pigeons, both in the racing and the breeding loft. We will discuss three of them, just to give you an idea of the value of this stock pair.

1.De Blauwe 617 BE01-2156617

A son of the stock pair. He became the sire of top quality crack Vale Remy, an invaluable pigeon in the career of Remy Speltdoorn, and a pigeon that put the value of this breeding line in the spotlight at international level. Blauwe 617 was paired to Rood 625 BE01-2156625 (a daughter of Rode BE99-2163388). Click here for the pedigree

-Vale Remy BE07-2060539

Best Belgian Long Distance Pigeon in 2013 (0.9733%)
1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Rhone Valley 2013 (with the lowest coefficient ever)
’13 Montélimar Prov    550 p. 1 (705 Km)
               Zone  1,754 p. 2
               Nat   5,952 p. 4
’13 Orange     Zone  1,117 p. 6
               Nat   3,874 p. 17
’13 Marseille  Prov    214 p. 1
               Nat   2,376 p. 28
             I.Nat   8,848 p. 80

After that season, Vale Remy was moved to the breeding lofts of Erik Limbourg in Brussegem, to join his Ace Pigeon loft.

2.De Blauwe 217 BE02-2208217

The sire of New Remy, 1st Nat. Barcelona of Belgium against 8,764 pigeons in 2014 for Remy Speltdoorn. This Blauwe 217 is also a son of Speltdoorn’s stock pair, and he was paired to Vale 626 BE01-2156626, a nest sister of the dam of Vale Remy. This means he comes from a similar pairing to that of Vale Remy, which resulted in a national victory from Barcelona You can find his pedigree here

-New Remy BE10-2209822

’14 Barcelona  Nat  8,764 p. 1
’12 Cahors     Nat  8,348 p. 87
’13 Brive      Zone 2,359 p. 134 

This pigeon will now be moved to the lofts of Mr. Green Xiang from China.

3.De Blauwe 42 BE01-2156642

A true champion, and a direct son of the Speltdoorn stock pair. He is winner of several top prizes:

2nd Primus Inter Pares Barcelona 2007
2nd Primus Inter Pares Barcelona 2008
’04 Barcelona    Nat 12,245 p. 72
’04 Montélimar   Nat  8,538 p. 142
’04 Marseille  I.Nat 19,627 p. 231
’05 Barcelona    Nat 12,998 p. 255
’05 Marseille  I.Nat 13,936 p. 349
’05 Montélimar   Nat 10,145 p. 485 etc…

This amazing racing pigeon is the grandfather of the winner of a 1st internat. Marseille 2014 for Lodewijck from Tielt-Winge. (click here for the pedigree)

-Vale Marseille BE11-2102144

’14 Marseille  I.Nat 12,158 p. 1
’14 Montélimar   Nat  3,868 p. 9
’14 Valence      Nat  6,449 p. 559

It is obvious that the national winner of Barcelona New Remy will be an invaluable addition for Mr. Green Xiang’s pigeon collection, not just because he is an outstanding racing pigeon, but because he stems from a highly talented pigeon family of ace pigeons and (inter)national prize winners. New Remy will spend some time in the breeding lofts of Batenburg-vd Merwe first, before making the trip to Asia. This means that a number of descendants can be bred from this national winner for the Belgian and the Dutch market. Congratulations and good luck to the new owner!