Dirk Moens (Grimbergen, BE) claims national win from Poitiers in Zone B2 with top class hen Zorba

After having already won the national victory from Bourges with his pigeon Miro against 33,229 old birds and yearlings, Dirk Moens now takes the provincial and zonal first prize from Poitiers with Zorba.

The veterinary surgeon from Grimbergen is having a great season, and his national win in Zone B2 against 2,708 pigeons from last weekend’s Poitiers did not come as a surprise. Dirk appears to be increasingly successful in the most demanding pigeon races. He won the national race from Bourges 2013 (click here to reread our report about his national win from Bourges I 2013) with a velocity of 1,153 m/min, and last week’s race from Poitiers was equally tough. Zorba BE13-2176706 took the win in Zone B2 with an average speed of 1,065 m/min.

Top class hen Zorba

As we said, the national flight from Poitiers was decided in tough conditions, and this means the winner is usually a pigeon with great talent. The blue coloured hen Zorba is no exception. As a young bird from the fourth round, she only did a number of training flights and two races in her first season. She came to the fore in 2014 with excellent results in tough weather conditions. This is her list of achievements for 2014:

Noyon 180 km:    22/92 p
Souppes 329 km:  2/355 p 
   Entente     6/2,084 p
Vierzon 447 km:  4/224 p  
        Prov 143/1,594 p
Blois 434 km:    4/357 p
         Prov 17/2,246 p
Bourges 451 km:  1/352 p 
         Prov 40/3,063 p 
          ZB2 25/5,666 p
Poitiers 589 km: 1/180 p
          Prov 1/1,169 p 
           ZB2 1/2,708 p 

As a vet, Dirk knows more than anybody else that it takes pigeons of excellent quality to win important prizes. He did not hesitate to invest in some of the best pigeons in Belgium. The sire of Zorba is a direct Filip and Nicolas Norman, an inbred to their stock sire Zorro. His sire is also a full brother of Cognac, 1st Nat. Tulle for Norman. The dam is a crossing of Deno-Herbots and René & Patrick Vervloesem: a half brother of Gina, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon extreme middle distance 2008 (Jos Deno) was paired to a sister of Trikkie, 1st prov. La Souterraine (Patrick Vervloesem). Zorba originates from great champions! You can take a look at the full pedigree here.

Best results of 2014

Noyon:        92 yearlings: 2-3-4-5-14-19… (11/32)
Noyon:            178 olds: 1-8-12-23… (11/25)
Noyon:       218 yearlings: 1-2-4-5-6-7-8-9-11… (19/42)
Noyon:       256 yearlings: 4-5-14-15-16-22… (17/40)
Souppes:          392 olds: 5-10-11-20-29… (15/24)
Souppes:     355 yearlings: 2-5-9-14-17-22-27… (21/39)
Noyon:             54 olds: 1-3-6-7… (6/14)
Vierzon:     224 yearlings: 3-4-9-12-16-17… (8/11)
Blois:       357 yearlings: 3-4-5-10-17-… (13/34)
Bourges:     352 yearlings: 1-2-6-11-13-15… (18/34)
Châteauroux: 309 yearlings: 5-16-48… (7/12)
Souppes:          153 olds: 2-3-31-32… (7/12)
Poitiers:    180 yearlings: 1-9-16-19… (8/21) 
     Prov. 1,169 yearlings: 1-49… 
       ZB2 2.708 jaarse: 1-…
Poitiers:      144 oude: 2-11-12… (5/6)

The pigeons of Dirk Moens are clearly in excellent form, and ready to defend their title of General Champion Middle Distance Brabant Union 2013 (in a draw with Lambrechts-Lismont)!