The modern-day Gyselbrecht pigeon (Knesselare, BE) continues to perform at world class level at the long distance

It is quite remarkable how the Gyselbrecht pigeons continue to play a key role in the extreme long distance races. The star of 2013 was without doubt New Laureaat of Luc Wiels, winner of an international victory from Barcelona. New Laureaat originates from the Gyselbrecht bloodline via his dam.


A basis of top quality Vanbruane pigeons from Lauwe

In 1984, the late Remi and his sons Andre and Carlo paid a visit to the great champion and Barcelona specialist Andre Vanbruane from Lauwe and it was then that they laid the foundation for their exceptionally strong extreme long distance breed. The superior, heavily inbred bloodline of Andre Vanbruane was suddenly brought into contact with new and unfamiliar bloodlines (Van der Wegen, Brouckaert, Denys, Cobut etc) in the lofts of Gyselbrecht and these combinations resulted in a spectacular number of highly talented pigeons. The pigeon family of Remi Gyselbrecht made it to the top of the long distance competition at international level in no time, probably without even realising it. The Gyselbrecht family developed into number one Barcelona specialists, winning a First International Barcelona 1995 and a Second National Barcelona 1999, as well as a long list of first prizes in the region and top 100 prizes at national level! They started to perform at an exceptional level in the mid-1980s and they were able to maintain their level of performance until today, 30 years later! You can read a brief history with some of the important names from their early days here.

New Laureaat

Remi, Andre and Carlo won the first international Barcelona in 1995 with their Laureaat Barcelona, in one of the most wonderful Barcelona races in history: great weather, not a single cloud between Barcelona and home and there was a slight headwind along the entire course. These were obviously excellent weather conditions and it was a Barcelona race anyone would dream of. A tough but fair race!

History repeats itself and the 2013 edition of Barcelona had a lot in common with the race of 1995: last season saw an old fashioned Barcelona with comparable weather conditions. It was Luc Wiels from Brabant who claimed a great win in one of the best Barcelona races ever, and it is no coincidence that the winning pigeon originates from the excellent bloodline of Laureaat Barcelona of the Gyselbrecht family. We saw in his pedigree that his dam is a granddaughter of both Laureaat Barcelona and De King, two highly successful Barcelona winners from Gyselbrecht. Click here for the pedigree of New Laureaat. This excellent pigeon has moved to the breeding lofts of the PIPA Elite Center and Hugo Batenburg, who managed to obtain this pigeon together with Nikolaas Gyselbrecht. This means that a highly renowned pigeon could stay in the hands of the Gyselbrecht family!

The stars of 2013 raced from their own lofts

New Laureaat clearly illustrates that the Gyselbrecht pigeons and their direct descendants continue to play a key role in the international long distance competition. People familiar with the history of the Gyselbrecht pigeon family will know that the breeding pigeons used to be housed in the lofts of Carlo. Their descendants were then raced from the lofts of his father Remi in Knesselare, and from the racing lofts of Dr. Andre in Ruiselede. This means that quite a few grand distance champions and great breeding pigeons have been ringed by Dr. Carlo, after being bred in his loft in Knesselare.

Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht has always tried to keep the level of performance as high as possible, which he did with great success, thanks a number of carefully selected reinforcements and crossing with top class pigeons. Today, the Vanbruane bloodline is still the key component in this pigeon family, 30 years after the first Vanbruane pigeons were introduced in Knesselare. They are super strong and indestructible, with a lot of dedication, strength and explosive power. These pigeons are at their best in the most demanding weather conditions, when they can really stand out from the others. The tough 2013 season was a particularly interesting year for them, and that explains their impressive results last season. We show you some of the best achievements of the best Gyselbrecht champions of 2013:

-De Jan BE11-4100613

This is the leading figure and a great champion in the Gyselbrecht-Leliaert pigeon family in Knesselare. He was a fantastic racing pigeon and particularly strong in hard weather conditions. This made him one of the candidates for a national ace pigeon title long distance KBDB in 2013. He was ranked third best pigeon of Belgium over two national long distance races until just before the final national long distance race from Tulle. Unfortunately, he could not manage to win a necessary third top prize in the race from Tulle. This was partly due to the light weather conditions (with a velocity of 1400/min). He finished somehwere in the middle of the pack. Tulle was also his final race, because he is now part of the Gyselbrecht breeding team. This is his list of achievements:

In 2012:
Bourges I   Prov  3,470 p. 1
            Nat  16,859 p. 5
Chateauroux Club    628 p. 1
            Prov  3,960 p. 22
            Nat  15,902 p. 112
L’Aigle     Club    104 p. 8
Montluçon   Nat   7,828 p. 383
Bourges II  Zone  3,409 p. 309
In 2013:
Libourne    Prov  1,480 p. 6
            Nat   6,646 p. 14
Limoges     Prov  3,610 p. 6
            Nat  14,263 p. 32
Angerville  Club    231 p. 8
Vierzon     Club    818 p. 15
            Prov  6,420 p. 108

Click here for the pedigree of De Jan.

-Kristof BE12-4163182 

This is a very promising pigeon in the yearling team of Gyselbrecht-Leliaert. He won quite a few prizes in 2013:

30/6 Agen 806 Km    171 p. 6 (1084 m/min)
            Prov  1,011 p. 29
            Nat   5,283 p. 119
          I.Nat  10,579 p. 271
13/7 Brive 679 Km   233 p. 28 (988 m/min)   
            Prov  1,458 p. 138         
            Nat   6,842 p. 460   
26/7 Narbonne 890Km 125 p. 1 (1186 m/min)
            Prov    935 p. 14     
            Nat   3,942 p. 42  
          I.Nat   7,859 p. 65

-Nathan BE10-4258537

Nathan was bred in the lofts of Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht in Knesselare but he was raced from the lofts of Degrave-Gyselbrecht in Wemmel. His dam, Nathan Laureaat hen BE08-4270165, is a hen that was inbred to Laureaat Barcelona; she is a double grandchild of this first international Barcelona, bred from a pairing of half brother x half sister and a son x daughter of Laureaat Barcelona (click here for the pedigree of Daughter Sampras Laureaat). His sire originates from the bloodline of Laureaat Barcelona as well. Nathan is winner of:

Barcelona   Prov  1,205 p. 3
            Nat  10,542 p. 11
          I.Nat  25,294 p. 16
Perpignan   Prov    451 p. 28
            Nat   5,613 p. 337
          I.Nat  15,106 p. 676

Click here for the pedigree of Nathan

-Martin BE12-4163053

This outstanding pigeon was also born in Knesselare and he was raced in Wemmel, in the lofts of Degrave-Gyselbrecht. This pigeon has managed to win thee top results in the long distance and grand distance yearlings in just four weeks. These are his best results this season:

2nd Ace Pigeon of Belgium Long Distance Yearlings over three races (PIPA ranking)
Brive       Zone  2,036 p. 49
            Nat   6,842 p. 219
Narbonne    Nat   3,942 p. 61
          I.Nat   7,859 p. 93
Tulle       Zone  2,376 p. 34
            Nat   6,972 p. 75

Click here for the pedigree of Martin

A new direction in 2014

The Gyselbrecht pigeons are still very popular among fanciers, which is thanks to a carefully created breeding stock (you can reread the history of the Gyselbrecht pigeon breed here - in Dutch) and a well considered breeding strategy.

Dr. Carlo is also making plans for the future. From 2014, the pigeons will no longer be raced from their own racing lofts. This is a regrettable decision but they had few other choices given the circumstances. The young birds that were bred in the breeding lofts of Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht will be housed and raced from other lofts from now on but we are confident that the modern-day Gyselbrecht pigeons will maintain their position at the international top of the grand distance, like they always have!