Part 1 of most read articles of 2013: doping, fraud and success

Just as in the past three seasons we end the year with an overview of our website’s most read articles (including translations). Today we give you numbers ten to six; the top five will be published tomorrow.

Note: this series will only discuss the most read news articles and reports on PIPA; we have not included our race or auction pages. If we had taken these pages into account we would have seen an entirely different top ten consisting solely of the most important races and auctions. This also became obvious in our visitor numbers; our website saw the highest number of visitors during our top auctions and throughout the racing season from May to September. 

10. Doping in pigeon racing in Belgium

The KBDB had ordered a South African doping lab to test samples from different Belgian pigeons, a number of which tested positive on doping. However, they could not announce the pigeon fanciers that were involved in the use of doping because the samples were anonymous. The national press had misunderstood and they reported that cocaine had been found in a number of samples. It was not cocaine but caffeine that had been found, which is obviously quite something else. 

It would not be useful to test the winners of the races (like in cycling) because the only substance that would be detected is cortisone. Most banned substances can only be found in samples taken shortly before basketing. You can re-read the Report of the General Meeting on 23 October to see how the KBDB is planning to ban the use of doping in pigeon racing.

9. Yong Lin (Ter Aar, NL) gets high marks in the (preliminary) final results of the WHZB 2013

Yong Lin has been very successful in the past few years: he did great in 20102012 and 2013, mainly with Verkerk pigeons. His widowhood system, a clear vision on feed and medication and the assistance of his son Jiabing have allowed Yong Lin to have five pigeons in the top ten, making him the best WHZB fancier in 2013!

From next year onwards this fancier will be competing in the NPO competition from a different location. Will he be able to confirm his status with another high ranking next season?

8. New zones are a point of discussion

In early March 2013 the KBDB had published new maps to establish the different zones. This was not to the liking of many and we saw a lengthy discussion in the article's comment section. It took 17,000 views and 208 comments to settle the matter.

7. Two Dutchman were suspended after basketing fraud

Fanciers F.A.A. Strijker and M.J. Strijker-Muis were immediately suspended in early September after their basketing fraud had been discovered. The pigeons were basketed in the club, after which they were taken out of the basket again instead of being transported. This allowed them to win a third and fourth prize in the teletext race from Morlincourt in district 10. The fancier involved was working at the computer in the club at that moment. He admitted the fraud afterwards.

It was later announced that F.A.A. Strijker will be suspended for five years with a three year probation period thereafter.

6. PIPA Elite Center and Hugo Batenburg purchase the first International Barcelona winner together

PIPA announced that the 1st International Barcelona 2013 New Laureaat of van Luc Wiels was purchased together with Hugo Batenburg. This is remarkable, because all Barcelona winners have been purchased by Asian fanciers since 1996. New Laureaat performed very well in the Barcelona classic in 2011 and 2012 as well, making him the second best Belgian Barcelona pigeon over the last three years.

It is remarkable that New Laureaat is a great-grandchild of Laureaat Barcelona, winner of Barcelona 1995, which was won by no other than Carlo Gyselbrecht. 

Tomorrow we present you with part two, the five most read articles of 2013.