Arie and Enne Dijkstra (Oudwoude, NL) are now successful at international level as well

Enne and his son Arie Dijkstra have had quite a lot of success with their descendants of Leonardo and Tinkerbel. Enne won, for instance, a first National Champion One Day Long Distance in 2012 and Arie Dijkstra had a great successful season as well, one year after his PIPA auction in 2012.

Descendants of the Dijkstra pigeon breed have performed very well in international one loft races as well, especially the Million Dollar Race.

Father and son

Enne and his son Arie have been racing pigeons from two different lofts for the past ten years. They both live in the town of Oudwoude, approximately 300 metres away from each other. Father and son raced from the same loft until 2003 and they were a successful partnership back then, winning for instance:

1st Nat. Champion NBvZ
3rd Nat. Ace Hen Vredesduif
3rd Nat. Hens WHZB
5th Nat. Hens WHZB

Enne uses a maximum of 15 pairs of old birds and he breeds no more than 10 to 20 young birds for his own racing loft every season. He does not have much more than that. Some young birds from his son Arie are often added to his collection as well, making for a total of 30 young birds. In fact all of Enne’s pigeons and their respective parents originate from Arie’s loft. The highlight in Enne’s career is his title of First National Champion One Day Long Distance in 2011.

Arie sold most of his old birds on PIPA in February 2012, including all of his best pigeons. The young birds from 2011 and 2012 were kept in the loft. Arie was able to regain some of his old birds from his stock pairs in 2012, because some of the buyers had decided to quit the sport. Eventually his stock pair Leonardo x Tinkelbel returned to his loft as well and this means most of his original breed was retained.

The bloodlines

Initially, his breed consisted mainly of pigeons from Jacques Tournier (Lommel, BE), in combination with the Janssen brothers bloodline (Arendonk, BE), before adding pigeons from De Smeth-Mathijs and Flor Engels later on. Over the years his pigeon family has developed into a proper breed that is heavily influenced by the old Tournier basis, which is crossed as often as possible.

The Van Dijkstra pigeons are particularly successful in races over 100 to 1000km with a lot of headwind. His primary breeding pairs are:

  • Big Boom x Evita (their descendants have won over 100 first prizes)
  • Leonardo (a son of Big Boom x Evita) x Tinkelbel
  • Lichte Morlincourt x Daughter Dikke Blauwe (parents of Tinkelbel)
  • Late v.d. Strik x Daughter ’t Grijs Orléanske (De Late v.d. Strik is a brother of Big Boom)

The results and the stars of 2013

Click here for an overview of the best results of Arie and Enne Dijkstra in 2013.

Leontien, top class pigeon of Enne Dijkstra and co-winner of the National Championship One Day Long Distance NPO 2011

Successes in other lofts

The best thing about the successful pigeons of father and son Dijkstra is that they can show their quality not only in their home loft so we will take a closer look at the best results of the (Arie) Dijkstra pigeons in other lofts as well. The following results have been won in the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2012 and 2013 with Dijkstra pigeons:

  • 1st International Ace Pigeon Grand Averages 2013 (with Purdey van Eßer-Klaas). The sire of this pigeon is Fantom from Lichte Morlincourt (De Late vd Strik x Dcht. Grijs Orléanske) x Annette (Big Boom x Evita).
  • 2nd International Ace Pigeon Grand Averages 2012 (with Maggie Maiden of Leideman/Spithoven). The sire of this pigeon is Friso bred from Leonardo (Big Boom x Evita) x Tinkelbel (Lichte Morlincourt x Daughter Dikke Blauwe).
  • 6th International Ace Pigeon Grand Averages 2012 (with Limbo Line of Jan Hooymans). Blauwe Arie from Leonardo (Big Boom x Evita) x Tinkelbel (“Lichte Morlincourt x Daughter Dikke Blauwe) is the sire of this ace pigeon.
  • 3rd Final Race 2013 with Purdey of Eßer-Klaas
  • 20th Final Race 2012 with Maggie Maiden of Leideman/Spithoven

The following results were won in the NPO or district races in 2012 and 2013 with descendants of Leonardo x Tinkelbel or Big Boom x Evita:

1st NPO Orléans (Peter Crans)
1st NPO Tours (Albert Timmerman)
1st Prov. St.-Quentin (Albert Timmerman)
1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance District
1st Prov. Champion Sprint District (Homma brothers)
2nd NPO Orléans (Leideman brothers)
2nd NPO Morlincourt (Albert Timmerman)
2nd NPO Argenton (Peter Crans)
3rd NPO Orléans (Beverdam combination)

These results clearly prove that the Dijkstra pigeons an perform at a top level in other lofts as well. Congratulations Arie and Enne!