Bart Geerinckx convinces PEC to co-invest in Nadine, the most expensive hen yet

The Chinese pigeon collector Kaier purchased Willy Daniëls's 1st National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Yearlings 2017 for a record-breaking 400,000 euro. Bart Geerinckx, who attended the sale, was so impressed that day that he convinced the PEC to buy into Nadine (formerly known as Selin) together.

Bart Geerinckx witnessed the auctioning of Selin (her name at the time) on 16th of August, and he got very excited that day: "her body is quite phenomenal", he was quoted saying. At the end of the day he talked to Kaier about a possible buy-in. "This is the type of pigeon that can really take my team to the next level", Bart said. Since Bart is on excellent terms with Nikolaas Gyselbrecht, owner of the PEC, and since the two have been involved in a number of joint investments in the past (for instance New Freddy), Bart took the idea of a co-investment to Nikolaas as well. After all, two national ace pigeons in two seasons' time bred from the same parents is something truly unique. After some deliberation, the PEC eventually agreed to join in, especially because this was an unprecedented occurrence. As a result, Nadine (formerly called Selin), is now in the hands of three different fanciers. 50% of the ownership of Nadine, named after Nikolaas's mother, will remain in the hands of Kaier, the initial buyer.

Nadine had already been paired to Gladiator and Blue Lagoon, and she will soon be paired to some of the very best breeding cocks of the PEC and of Bart Geerinckx as well. Their youngsters will be divided over the breeding lofts of Kaier, Bart Geerinckx and the PEC, in an effort to further increase the quality of the respective breeding lofts.

PEC-Team, Bart Geerinckx, Kaier & Son Leo. Bart is holding Nadine.

Sara, a full sister of Nadine, 1st national ace pigeon KBDB Longer Middle Distance 2016