Vredeveld-Leemhuis (Coevorden, NL) excels in the 2013 NPO races as well

The Vredeveld-Leemhuis partnership has impressed us again in the one day long distance. In 2013 they had several pigeons at the top of the results in all five NPO one day long distance races.

Their best pigeon won an 8th prize overall against 4,611 pigeons over five races. They did not miss a prize in any of the five one day long distance races, which is quite impressive.

Achievements of 2013

These are the results of the most important races for this partnership in 2013: 

25-05 NPO Breuil-le-Vert  old birds   473 km  12-13-21-46-48-69-90, etc. 4,564 p. (27/40)
08-06 NPO Sens 		  old birds   553 km  10-11-14-22-23-27-38-43-75, etc. 6,386 p.(29/40)
23-06 NPO Orleans         old birds   628 km  4-5-33-57-104, etc. 4,533 p. (23/38)
06-07 NPO Chateauroux     old birds   744 km  3-30-33-99, etc. 3,112 p. (19/30)
20-07 NPO Pithiviers      old birds   593 km  13-15-17-30-36-52-60-74-77-82, etc. 4,494 p. (32/40)
17-08 TT  Pommeroeul      young birds 322 km  2-3-23-97-99, etc.  6,885 p.(19/34)
01-09 NPO Morlincourt     young birds 430 km  5-6-12-83, etc. 12,197 p.(10/30)

They did very well in the other races as well, just take a look at their achievements:

20-04  Gennep          old birds   120 km  7-14-19-24-25-28-39-64-94-96, etc. 2,832 p. (46/94)
18-05  Nijvel          old birds   283 km  5-11-21-22-29-40-47-48-98, etc.  2,436 p. (29/85)
25-05  Pommeroeul      old birds   322 km  11-13-44-45, etc. 4,799 p. (19/24)
08-06  St. Quentin     old birds   394 km  1-4-17-19-20-28-29-31-32-56-57, etc. 1,222 p. (25/32)
22-06  St. Quentin     old birds   394 km  7-8-10-15-16-54-55-56-57-66, etc. 1,176 p. (14/25)
29-06  Peronne         old birds   402 km  9-33-43-55-71-82-88-92-102-103, etc. 1,288 p. (17/25)
24-08  Hapert          young birds 177 km  5-7-19-20-25-26-60-70, etc. 1,667 p.(24/33)
31-08  Wychen  old birds & young birds  118 km  3-4-5-6-8-9-10-16-17-18-20-63, etc. 10.186 p. (32/35)
08-09  Boxtel  old birds & young birds  151 km  17-30-31-32-84-87-90-102-109, etc. 9,242 p.(30/34)
15-09  Hapert  old birds & young birds  176 km  16-20-22-24-25-26-27-50-52-54, etc. 6724 p. (36/45)


This partnership’s best one day long distance pigeon is the NL12-5210186. This hen performed as follows in the NPO races:

Sens 		NPO  8-6-13  552 km    10 – 6,386 p.
Chateauroux 	NPO  6-7-13  743 km    30 – 3,112 p.   
Orleans 	NPO 23-7-13  628 km     5 – 4,533 p.

Her best result in 2012:

Morlincourt     NPO 1-9-12   430 km    13 – 5,731 p.

Her results in the sprint competition are even more impressive:

Wychen             31-8-13   117 km     3 – 10,186 p.
Lommel              8-9-12   186 km     7 –  9,059 p.
Boxtel		    8-9-13   151 km    30 -  9,242 p. 	

It seems that her ability to make a fast start comes in very useful in the one day long distance competition. Click here for the pedigree of the NL12-5210186.

The 737 NL13-5309737 is one of their best young birds. This hen managed to arrive home very quickly a few times and she had a number of excellent results:

Pommeroeul         17-8-13  321 km       2 - 6,885 p.
Morlincourt         1-9-13  430 km       6 – 5,379 p.
Wychen             20-7-13  176 km      23 – 4,302 d.

This excellent hen originates from a breed that has won many prizes in big races. Click here for the pedigree of the NL13-5309737.


A lot has been said about the approach of this partnership. To cut a long story short, Ham Vredeveld and Robert Leemhuis ask quite a lot from their racing pigeons. Their pigeons are raced every week from early April until the final race of the season, as is the case in many other lofts. In addition the pigeons have to complete two training flights of around 80km every week if the weather allows. This is also the case when the season is well on its way. The pigeons are put to the test very often so they have to be in good shape. That is why they are often given egg powder and electrolytes in addition to their regular diet. When the racing birds arrive home some grit and fresh minerals are provided as well. Their wonderful lofts are easy to maintain and they are very cleverly built. They have thought about everything and they have applied years of experience in this loft. It is needless to say that this has led to excellent results.

Love Pair

When taking a look at their achievements you cannot overlook the descendants of the famous Love Pair. One of the most successful pigeons of 2013 that originates from these bloodlines is the cock Payboy NL10-5011610. This blue coloured cock has won the following top prizes:    

Moeskroen/Menen (rayon)  320 km   1  –  2,110 p.
St. Quentin (rayon)      394 km   1  -  1,222 p.
Boxtel (afd. 10 Zuid)    151 km   4  – 10,968 p.
Pithiviers  NPO          593 km  30  -  4,494 p.
Morlincourt NPO          430 km  31  –  4,550 p.
Pithiviers  NPO          593 km  53  –  7,749 p.
Troyes      NPO          523 km  57  -  8,079 p.
Orleans     NPO          628 km  66  -  6,611 p.

Payboy was bred from the amazing Game Boy, which won the title of second national Young Ace Pigeon in 2001, winning, for instance, a 1st Beek 3,935 p, a 4th Hasselt 12,302 p, a 4th Hasselt 6,152 p. and a 10th Maaseik 6,926 p. Click here for the pedigree of NL10-5011610 Payboy.

The impressive performance of these two cocks is undoubtedly related to the golden Love Pair (Boy x Queen). This illustrates one of the key aspects in our sport: good quality pigeons. The Vredeveld-Leemhuis partnership knows very well that great pigeons are bred from great pigeons.