Unique result from Brive: Joël Verschoot and Jacques Verschuere share the first national prize from Brive 8,337 old birds

It is probably for the first time ever that two pigeons from a different loft achieve exactly the same speed, which means the two fanciers had to share the national victory! Another remarkable fact is that both winners had already won a national victory two weeks ago.

Even a photo finish could not settle the matter. Initially it seemed that no other pigeon could even come close to the pigeon of Joël Verschoot from Ingelmunster, who clocked his pigeon at 16:50’53”, covering 654.081km with an average speed of 1106.95 m/min. We believed Joël was on his way to a second national victory after his first prize from Agen-Bordeaux two weeks ago. Rudi Desaer was initially ranked second and Jacques Verschuere from Beveren-Leie had the third prize at 16:47. When the clocks were opened Jacques Verschuere noticed that his pigeon had been registered 31 seconds earlier than officially announced. His result was recalculated and it was concluded that his pigeon had landed at 16:46’29.1” for a distance of 649.212km. This resulted in the exact same speed as Verschoot’s winning pigeon. According to the regulations the speed of a pigeon is calculated with two decimal numbers (up to a centimetre), which means there were two national first prize winners in the old bird race from Brive.

Jacques Verschuere wins two consecutive first national prizes

Jacques Verschuere won his second consecutive national victory one week after La Souterraine. The winner from Brive was actually a full brother of his first national yearling from La Souteraine one week ago. What a story! It was his one year older brother that took the win from Brive.

- Geschelpte Brive BE11-3074052

’13 Brive    Loc    420 p. 1
             Nat  8,337 p. 1
’13 Argenton Loc    275 p. 1
             Prov 2,501 p. 5
             Zone 3,455 p. 12
             Nat 16,325 p. 510
’13 Fontenay Loc    191 p. 6
He had already won a first prize from L'Aigle as a yearling.

The national win from Brive was not his first success; he had already won quite a few important prizes! He is a grandson of the winner of the first provincial Châteauroux from his father’s side (GF: Blauwen BE00-3200650) and a grandson of the first provincial Angoulême from his mother’s side (GM: Vooruit BE03-3073170). The dam BE05-3119347 is a 75% Gaby Vandenabeele. They are the parents of two different national winners within one week, which is quite exceptional as well! Click here for the full pedigree of Geschelpte Brive.

Those that would like to know more about the pigeon family of Jacques Verschuere can read our previous report that was published last week after his national victory from La Souterraine in the yearlings' category. Two national victories in one week is quite uncommon as well, especially with two full brothers. He has the taste for winning now. This performance shows that the pigeons from Beveren-Leie are in great shape. Congratulations Jacques, this was truly an exceptional feat!

A second national win for Joël Verschoot this season!

We were visiting Joël on a cold afternoon in January when he told us winning a national first prize was one of his dreams and a main goal for the future. Six months later, in July 2013, he already has two national first prizes. Joël couldn’t have hoped for more, a dream has come true for him. In fact he had nearly won a third national victory: he took the second prize from La Souterraine shortly before his second win. This is quite an achievement!

1st Nat. Brive          8,337 old birds (op 13/7)
1st Nat. Agen-Bordeaux  5,283 yearlings (op 29/6)
2nd Nat. La Souterraine 9,548 old birds (op 06/7)

Joël won the national first prize but his other basketed pigeons did an excellent job as well. He did not have to wait long for his second pigeon to arrive: his number two finished only six minutes after the winner; this bird took a national fifth prize. These are his overall results from Brive:

Brive local  343 old birds: 1-2-14-26-48-100 (6/6)
      Prov.  1,513 old birds: 1-4-37-73… (expected top 100)
      Nat.   8,337 old birds: 1-5…

Brive local   201 yearlings: 5-34-35-45-55-57 (6/10)
      Prov. 1,235 yearlings: 28… (expected top 100)

We would also like to refer to our previous report about the national victory from Agen two weeks ago, in which we thoroughly discussed the pigeon loft of Joël Verschoot. Let’s take a closer look at the two first pigeons of Joël in the club in Rekkem that won the first and fifth national prize.

The national victory was won with his first nominated Cees BE11-3048658, which originates from the golden bloodlines of As from his mother’s side, just like the winner of the first national Agen in the yearling race.
Sire: Bleekwitpen Vd Eeckhout BE08-4188031
Originates from the General Champion KBDB East Flanders 2011 of Marc Vandeneechout from Kalken.
Dam: Aske I BE09-3135332
This is a half sister of the dam of the first national Agen yearlings 2013 and a half sister of Harry, Fred, Cecilleke, Mariatje, etc. She is also a full sister of Benoitje, Eva, Bijter, Bokser, etc. and a daughter of the excellent breeder As BE04-3176837 (1st Tours 533 p, 4th Brive 435 p. and 48th nat. 17,456 p, 5th Châteauroux 619 p. & stems from a crossing of the bloodlines of Georges Lidou, Gaby Vandenabeele and Rudi Desaer) x Blauwe Topkweekster 467 BE02-3016467 (a crossing of Georges Lidou x Eric Vermander).
Click here for the full pedigree of Cees and his list of achievements.

This is the list of achievements of Cees before he won his national victory (his prizes are won at least per 10):

- Cees BE11-3048658

’13 Brive     Prov  1,513 p. 1
              Nat   8,337 p. 1
’13 Argenton  Loc     513 p. 5
              Prov  2,501 p. 8
’13 Clermont  Loc     332 p. 6
’13 Fontenay  Loc     279 p. 13
’13 Montluçon Prov  2,360 p. 152
’13 Chateauroux     3,600 p. 289
              Zone  4,288 p. 292
’13 Tours     Prov  4,390 p. 234
’12 L’Aigle   Loc     145 p. 9
’12 L’Aigle   Loc     189 p. 14
’12 Limoges   Prov  2,867 p. 52
              Nat  17,735 p. 315
’12 Argenton  Prov  2,844 p. 219
’11 Gueret    Nat  14,362 p. 1337

The pigeon that won a fifth national prize is Jordi. This bird had also won a top prize from Brive last year. This is his list of achievements:

- Jordi BE10-3082496

’13 Brive     Loc     343 p. 2 (behind loft mate Cees)
              Prov  1,513 p. 4
              Nat   8,337 p. 5
’12 Poitiers  Loc     159 p. 1
              Prov  1,043 p. 12 (26/5)
’12 Brive     Loc     351 p. 2
              Prov  2,083 p. 9
              Nat  11,130 p. 27
’13 Limoges   Nat  14,271 p. 2586
’13 Tours     Prov  4,390 p. 581
’12 L’Aigle   Loc     190 p. 9
’12 Clermont  Loc     270 p. 16
’12 Poitiers  Prov  1,489 p. 166 (09/6)
’12 Limoges   Prov  2,594 p. 263
’12 Souillac  Nat   7,760 p. 1754
’11 Clermont  Loc     419 p. 20
’11 Orleans   Loc     685 p. 47
’10 Ablis     Loc     335 p. 29 etc…

He is, in turn, a son of top class breeder Deprez, in a crossing with pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele.

Sire: Deprez BE05-3088024
An excellent breeder and the sire of Jordi, Prof, Profeet, etc. He stems from De Kleinen 836/00 x ’t Crackske 042/04 (2nd Arras 129 p., 3rd Chartres 223 p, 7th Chartres 139 p, 9th Chartres 353 p, etc.).
Dam: ’t Bietje BE087-3103155
A daughter of Vital 364/03 (a crossing of Gaby Vandenabeele x Willequet via Vital Dheedene) x Blauw 844/01 (from Zoon Wittenbuik 254/98 Vandenabeele x Grote Blauwe Vital 963/99, another hen with Vandenabeele origins).

Click here for the full pedigree of Jordi and his list of achievements.

After his national victory of last weekend Joël Verschoot is now among some of the most successful fanciers. He had already won the title of 2nd general champion KBDB of Belgium in 2011 and General Inter West-Flemish Champion in 2012 and he is one of the most awarded pigeon lofts in Belgium. He has now managed to win a first national from Agen, a first national from Brive and a second national from La Souterraine. The man from Ingelmunster is without doubt a sensational fancier. Congratulations Joël and Dieter, this was really an impressive performance!